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    It s Not the Cans The Best Nutrient Balance for a Stronger and Healthier You provides what no canned production will an in depth survey assessing how nutrients actually work in the body to promote better health, and a specification of exactly which nutrients work to improve different conditions.It s not a diet plan in the conventional sense in that its broader purpose is to help readers not only identify nutrient deficiencies that often go undiagnosed, but where nutrients may be found, whether they be in pills or in foods It also includes the dangers of having excessive amounts of a particular nutrient in a diet as with all good health plans, the focus is on restoring balance than overload.Generally nutrients are covered in school and easily forgotten about by non athletic, average adults who go to work and come home to lead a life where good health may be taken for granted until something goes wrong but, in fact, attention to nutrients and understanding of their function and acquisition should be a life long process.One would expect that such an in depth coverage would come from someone already working in the health or culinary profession but Bryant G Lusk worked in aviation technology for nearly thirty years, and nutrition was the last topic on his mind for a book until sudden but relatively small medical issues racing heart and foot cramps at night prompted him to consult a physician who found nothing wrong and dismissed him.Plagued by increasing symptoms, Lusk undertook his own investigation and his perseverance revealed a lack of potassium and magnesium in his diet Despite physician tests that said everything was nominal, Lusk undertook his own program and healed himself.Thus began an intensive study of nutrients, backed by an expertise in performing extensive research and analysis albeit on aviation systems As he introduced nutrient rich foods back into his diet, many of his underlying health concerns obesity, asthma began to vanish as well No miracles are promised, so readers looking for quick fixes are advised to turn elsewhere This is a serious nutrition book that requires the attention of readers interested in absorbing its wealth of information on how nutrients actually work and what methods achieve balance It s Not the Cans packs two punches understanding the role of nutrients in health, and understanding where they come from and how to restore balance with a nutrient rich program It IS that simple and something health readers tired of weighty tomes, impossible promises, or quick and dirty diet plans will welcome as a refreshing breeze of lasting practicality and information in a genre overloaded with unproven miracles and fads.

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    It s Not The Cans offers a wealth of information regarding critical nutrients and their impact on health in a very intuitive and understandable way Each chapter paints a vivid picture of the impact of common nutrient deficiencies that often go undiagnosed You will also read descriptions of how key nutrients interact within your body in ways that most people are not aware By the end of each chapter, you will be able to recognize and reverse key nutrient deficiencies to increase your level of fitness and health.

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    This book is very informative and for people out there who are following diet plans that doesn t work, this book s insights might be your big break

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It’s Not the Cans download It’s Not the Cans , read online It’s Not the Cans , kindle ebook It’s Not the Cans , It’s Not the Cans 4a14ed76a72a Nutrient Balance Is Often The Missing Link To A Stronger And Healthier You Maintaining Nutrient Balance Ensures A Strong Foundation For Every Component Of Your Body At The Cellular Level Through It S Not The Cans, Author Bryant Lusk Empowers You To Identify Key Nutrient Deficiencies That Have Been Shown To Contribute To Multiple Health Issues In It S Not The Cans, Bryant Displays Methods For Reversing Specific Nutrient Deficiencies That Can Yield Noticeable Results In Just A Few Days To A Few Weeks Neither A Weight Loss Fad Nor An Experimental Gimmick, It S Not The Cans Offers Fact Based, Peer Reviewed Information Concerning Specific Nutrients And Their Impact On Health This Approach Does Not Focus On Extreme Measures Or Dramatic Lifestyle Changes It Is Centered Upon Nutrient Balance For Strength, Energy, Focus, And Overall Well Being