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    A story about doing the best you can for the family you have and holding on to the people that make you happy Also goes down as another off my 2016 Bookworm Bingo Challenge A book by a female author.Sam has been pushed into living a life she wouldn t have picked for herself at such a young age She has pretty much been the sole carer for her brother Paul s two small children, Mark and Allison, for the past five years because he couldn t cope with them after the death of his wife A one time party girl and now a full time mum life has certainly dealt her, and the children, a tough hand Her whole life now is about the children, so much so that she pushed away the one guy who wanted so much When they come face to face again after so much time you can still see the feelings they hold for each other bubbling just under the surface, they just need the right spark to set them off.Jake is willing to try again as long as he can get of Sam this time around He knows she has the children to cope with but he wants to be with her as well as them if only she d let him She needs to learn to trust him with her heart and know that he has only ever had her best interests at heart The closer Sam lets Jake in this time the she wants to push him away as she doesn t want to draw him into her messy situation Takes her a while to finally figure it out though that that s just where he wants to be Right in the middle of everything, figuring it out together He wants to be in their lives hers and the children s They are a family and when he finally gets them he has no intention of ever letting them go again.I did sometimes want to shout at Sam for her reactions to Jakes advice about Paul and the children though Which was usually spot on and what she later came round to thinking herself I think that on some level with Sam not confronting her brother about his behaviour sooner, like Jake suggests, she was enabling him with his lack of responsibilities She never wanted to cause a scene or make him uncomfortable and it s not until she gets pushed into a corner that she breaks and realises how much help he really needs Then there s when Jake says that the kids are hers and that she isn t just playing mum but that she is mum, she just freaks out and tells him to leave Yes I can see that Jake didn t fight for her enough after that disagreement, and only fought harder once he had a push in the right direction, but her reaction was a bit out there I think it was that he hit a nerve than her not really believing it herself I mean she keeps telling herself that she isn t their mum but the first words out of her mouth when she thinks that they are going to be taken away from her are don t take my babies.Now I m not saying I didn t like this book because I did but it just took me a while to really get into it I think it was due to the fact that the POVs kept changing so quickly between Sam and Jake, sometimes halfway down the same age, so it didn t always flow You would be reading one part thinking it was Sam then have to re read when you found out that it was Jake.All in all though this book is full of strong willed characters that pull you along the journey they go on Family drama, love, friendship, everyday struggles of life this heart warming book has it all.3.5 out of 5 starsI received this ARC from Give Me Books for my honest review.https readingnook84.wordpress.com 2

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    I have always thought Cristy Rey was an exceptional writer, this book took it to a whole new level of talent The gift that has been given to Rey is one I am glad she is sharing with the word I was given this book in exchange for an honest review But I must warn you this book will cause tears Cristy Rey has yet again captured my heart with this phenomenal story The emotions that pour off the pages will grab onto you and not let go Many times I fought back a flood of tears People look at you funny if you completely blubber in public Sam and Jake have the kind of love that is endless Beautiful and strong Their relationship withstood some unbelievable circumstances Evil and lost are the words that come to mind when I think of Paul It amazes me how someone can write such beauty and yet still find the perfect nastiness to counter it This truly is a remarkable story that everyone should read.

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    I received this book in exchange for an honest review Definitely better than OK This was so hard to put down This author gives you a strong female lead, Sam She is supposed to help her brother out with his children after his wife dies However, she ends up being so much Sam is in her early 20 s, still a child herself but has been thrown into the roll of sole caregiver for her niece and nephew Her brother is and non existent We follow her on her journey in finding herself and the struggle of figuring out what s right, what she wants, and what she needs to do She finds strength and friends with some unlikely people This story has it allfamily drama, new love, strong friendships, all with real struggles Her journey is an incredible one and amazing to follow Here is your one warning.tissues may be required Must read

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    The book started out a bit confusing I felt as though I was walking in in the middle of something, but keep reading The confusion quickly clears up and the book is so good The emotions are so complex and the book takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride The characters are well developed and you keep rooting for Sam Overall, a really good read.

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    I absolutely LOVED this book The story was so well written, I was dragged into Sam s sad tale I cried for her when she was overwhelmed, and cried again throughout the story What a fantastic read this was Grab the box of Kleenex, your drink of choice, and prepare to be swept up into a wonderful story.Fantastic book Cristy Rey Definitely worth 5 stars

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    This is the story about a young woman who goes to help her brother care for his children after his wife passes away Everyday the brother becomes withdrawn to the point he disappears completely The story line was dramatic but highly realistic I just hated that Sam, the sister, was so weak for most of the book and didn t demand change sooner.

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    Closest Thing to Okby Cristy Rey3.5 StarsSam DeCastro is not your average girl A partied out, college drop out with no real goals in life, she lives in the spare bedroom of her widowed older brother Taking care of the kids her brother can t seem to notice.After losing his wife, Sam s brother spiraled out of control He got so caught up in work that he couldn t care for his two young children and needed help Desperate to get out from under her parent s thumb, Sam stepped in as legal guardian for her niece and nephew.It s been five years Don t make me choose I ll always pick them Jake Turner works for the school and after a failed first attempt at a relationship with Sam, he s not taking no for an answer He wants to be in her life but needs to prove to her that she can have than being a caregiver Doomed to life of surrogacy, she could never truly have anything for herself On the other was Jake, full of possibility but deserving of so much than she could give I was really torn on how I wanted to review this book So I m going to try something a little different The Good Rey has a knack for the killer one liners After finishing the book I went back to view my highlights and it was incredibly hard to pick just a few to use in terms of a review straight for the heartstring jugular Like an oversized jacket she d inherited, the role never quite fit, even if it defined her Jake is an absolutely sweetheart, even when I just wanted to simultaneously shake the entire DeCastro family Sam for being blind to his commitment, her brother for being such an ungrateful A HOLE and her parents for supporting her brother in his gallivants, while not appreciating that Sam gave up her life to take care of these kids The Bad While I loved the one liners, the actual narration of the story was really hard to follow The point of view switched from Sam to Jake and not always at obvious spots sometimes even mid page I caught myself having to re read paragraphs just to clarify who the narrator was talking about I think this book was mislabeled as a romance Yes, it was a story about two people trying to find a way to love each other despite their situations, but this wasn t so much a romance, as it was just a really sad story I teared up And that s a lot coming from me Like an oversized jacket she d inherited, the role never quite fit, even if it defined her All in all, had I known about where this story would go, my expectations would have been a little different If you need a good gut wrench, or you just want to be angry at non existent characters, this is the way to go.

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    One of the things I like about Rey, is the depth of emotion she captures in her work It is one thing to tell the reader what a characters is feeling, another to show it but Rey goes one step further and makes the reader FEEL it She manages to rip your heart out and twist your guts in knots with each powerful, emotionally charged scene In OK, the anger, resentment, and despair Sam feels is palpable throughout the novel as is Jake s devotion and emotional upheaval I was given an ARC of this one and I don t know if the problems I found made their way into the published version or not but here is what I found that effected my rating In the beginning, some of the paragraphs were confusing and problematic I ll be honest and tell you it looked like editing issues Some sentences seemed to have been edited but the original words were still there as well so the sentence had two beginnings or confusing endings There were also issues with some of the paragraphs especially in the beginning of the book On a few of them, I don t know if the paragraphs were poorly structured or if it was a matter of incorrect pronoun usage Others, I believe were just poorly edited The only reason I mention these types of issues is because they were noticeable and interrupted the flow of the story I did like the characters and enjoyed being sucked into the emotional roller coaster of their world even if Sam and Jake s tale wasn t a happy go lucky love story The dichotomy of Sam s emotions, i.e determination to be there for the kids vs her desire to escape, is as real as it gets Anyone who has had to grow up too fast or take on responsibilities before their ready, can relate to these emotions But despite the difficult path her life has taken and her desire to be free from the unfair burdens, she can t imagine her life being any different While poor Jake knows what he wants and what is possible but remains stuck between pursuing what he wants and letting Sam have what she believes is best.I also love the title I mention this because it relates so well to the theme of the book The character aren t striving for the perfect life, they are simply struggling to reach the point where they are OK with their lot in life So, it is easy to see the brilliance in the title.Overall, I say this book is a 4 star read because the realistic portrayal of the difficulties of non traditional relationships you know the kind that doesn t just effect the two lovers definitely outshines the editing issues.

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    Received a copy in exchange for an honest review Her pale freckles standing out .and her freckles..There was a lot about Sam that Jake loved, and if pressed, he couldn t really think of something he didn t love, but her freckles..Those he loved the most 5 stars This book was great, it had a strong female lead and the storyline was so well written and such a joy to read.At eighteen years old, Sam DeCastro moved to Tallahassee to lend her recently widowed brother a hand in caring for his two small children Five years later, Sam is their sole caregiver, and her troubled brother increasingly fades from their family picture Not a mother to the children that she raises Not a wife to the brother that she s shackled to Not a daughter to the parents that hardly loved her as a kid Not a cookie cutter example of the perky PTA parent not with her tattoos and penchant for heavy music, twenty three year old Sam has practically no social life, no college degree, and no room for love in her life.Jake Turner is the counselor at Canopy Hopes where Sam s niece and nephew attend school Jake had Sam once, and then he lost her Six months later, when they reunite for a parent teacher conference, sparks reignite With Jake back in the picture, Sam must decide what she wants for her own life Stay trapped in a platonic marriage with an absent husband of a brother Strike out on her own, leave the kids behind, and never look back Jake isn t sure that Sam sees a happy medium, but he wants her to He knows that, if she doesn t, there won t be any room for him in her life.This book is way better than Ok The storyline is so wonderfully written and Sam is such a strong female lead character it s hard not to love her This is such an exceptional book, it was so hard to put down, I read it in one sitting I don t even want to give too much away, you ll just have to read the book to understand the love that comes from the pages Received a copy in exchange for an honest review Read and reviewed by Melissa for Alpha Book Club

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    Ok, I am telling you, this book surely gutted me Cristy Rey conveys her seriousness and thought provoking side with her latest book offering The Closest Thing to OK is about a woman who carried the burden of her family at such an early age, depriving her of all the fun and innocence a youth was entitled to.Sam had to be the mother to her absentee brother s children, a feat that wasn t easy to do, especially when she had a shitty childhood to begin with Jake, her hero and had always had a place in her heart, but Sam wasn t really 100% sure she d want him to share her burdens.Somehow, somewhere, there was a little piece of heaven waiting for Sam and Jake, they were just too blind and confused to see it For all they know, they themselves together are the closest thing to OK.Sam and Jake are unforgettable characters They got this kind of attitude that draws and grabs readers attention They made my heart swell and hurt and smile and ache I ve got watery eyes by the end of the story, and there was this knot in my throat I didn t know how to untie from all the feelings I invested in this book.In the end, Cristy Rey succeeded in making her readers cry and an ugly cry, at that , laugh a bit, and think about the meaning and purpose of life She is a gifted writer and she got me all choked up, but in a good way.I ll end this with a thoughtful quote from Jake Love unselfishly that s it That s the how and the why Love unselfishly and love without question That is love.

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The Closest Thing to OK summary pdf The Closest Thing to OK , summary chapter 2 The Closest Thing to OK , sparknotes The Closest Thing to OK , The Closest Thing to OK ce30312 At Eighteen Years Old, Sam DeCastro Moved To Tallahassee To Lend Her Recently Widowed Brother A Hand In Caring For His Two Small Children Five Years Later, Sam Is Their Sole Caregiver, And Her Troubled Brother Increasingly Fades From Their Family Picture Not A Mother To The Children That She Raises Not A Wife To The Brother That She S Shackled To Not A Daughter To The Parents That Hardly Loved Her As A Kid Not A Cookie Cutter Example Of The Perky PTA Parent Not With Her Tattoos And Penchant For Heavy Music, Twenty Three Year Old Sam Has Practically No Social Life, No College Degree, And No Room For Love In Her LifeJake Turner Is The Counselor At Canopy Hopes Where Sam S Niece And Nephew Attend School Jake Had Sam Once, And Then He Lost Her Six Months Later, When They Reunite For A Parent Teacher Conference, Sparks Reignite With Jake Back In The Picture, Sam Must Decide What She Wants For Her Own Life Stay Trapped In A Platonic Marriage With An Absent Husband Of A Brother Strike Out On Her Own, Leave The Kids Behind, And Never Look BackJake Isn T Sure That Sam Sees A Happy Medium, But He Wants Her To He Knows That, If She Doesn T, There Won T Be Any Room For Him In Her Life Perfect Standalone Novel For Readers Who Enjoy Strongfemale Protagonists And Independent Women Contemporary Women S Fiction Realistic Romance Books About Adult Friendships, Family, And Self Discovery Second Chances And Emotional Stories With Happy Endings HEA

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  • The Closest Thing to OK
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  • 07 January 2019
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About the Author: Cristy Rey

Cristy Rey is the author of the urban fantasy Incarnate series She also writes and publishes unconventional romantic women s fiction She d say she writes the books Jane Austen would have written if Jane had been a riot grrrl Cristy lives in South Florida where she spends most of her days in a library and most of her nights surrounded by cats.