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  • Kindle Edition
  • 239 pages
  • A Walk Through Fire
  • Felice Stevens
  • English
  • 05 September 2019

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    I was very, very excited for this one, considering author Felice Stevens debut novel Rescued was one of my favorite reads this year I did enjoy A Walk Through Fire, but not nearly as mush as I enjoyed Rescued.A Walk Through Fire is the story of a lonely, recently divorced man name Dr Drew Klein He makes buckets of money as a plastic surgeon and has decided to open a free clinic to help young, abused teens find help when their parents and the foster system fails them He feels this new project will give his life meaning.Dr Klein s wife s divorce lawyer in Asher Davis, the discarded product of the foster system, now successful beyond his wildest dreams He has no close friends and no family and goes from meaningless hookup to meaningless hookup, believing he is unworthy of anyone s love When he hears about Drew s clinic, he wants to help and try to make a difference to atone for what he feels is a complete failure he has made of his life.The set up makes for a colossal hurt healing comfort extravaganza Right Drew is not gay, so we have a great GFY situation too Lots of nice sexual tension I m gonna spoiler tag here, just to be on the safe side view spoiler But once these two hook up, they split up right away and allow their passion to cool for several months Drew even picks up a new relationship and the feelings between the two seem non existent When they do pick it up again, they end up hurting several people in the process and Ash gets a bit wishy washy and tries to break it off again right away It made me itch a little bit The comfort scenes were awesome, when they were revealing their pasts to one another, but now it felt a bit forced and unnatural hide spoiler

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    3 3.5 STARSAsher Davis is a successful lawyer He has power, money and everything anyone dreams, but he is so unhappy Abused for years physically and sexually by his foster father, who was supposed to care for him and to love him like any parent, Asher is damaged After so many years, he is still struggles with his guilt of leaving his foster brother behind He not only has anxiety attacks when he remembers his childhood, but he cuts himself because he thinks he needs to suffer A lonely man, he doesn t have a family or close friends Asher doesn t do relationships He s a player, hooking up occasionally with different men, believing he s unworthy of anyone s love.Dr Drew Klein is getting a divorce, after his cheating wife realizes she doesn t need a man who helps others for free He is plastic surgeon, but he wants to help others in a different way, so he decides to start a clinic where to treat underprivileged kids Drew feels lonely, empty even if he has a wonderful family and great friends He doesn t want to get involved with other woman at the moment, getting involved with someone being the last thing on his mind.Asher and Drew met when Asher decides to get involved helping these poor kids Asher was also Drew s wife s divorce lawyer He feels attracted to Drew from the start, even if he knows Drew is straight Drew knew all his life that he is straight, but an event makes him question his sexuality.What comes next is a series of events that will change both Asher and Drew and eventually a HEA.Obviously I didn t loved this one, but I like it enough Both main characters are likeable and I liked how they connected with each other Their connection is strong and palpable I really felt for Asher He s not a bad man, just a damage one He has a big heart, he wants to help others and he wants to find his foster siblings With Drew he is caring and supportive at times with Drew and with Nana, Drew s grandmother, he s so sweet.Drew is a great brother, grandson and friend here He wants to help everybody, but most of all, he wanst to help Asher He is patient and supportive with Asher, trying to help him in any way Also, the GFY aspect is well done in this story I liked most of the side characters Drew family and friends, except maybe Jordan But in the end I felt for him What I didn t like entirely was the plot At times it was over the place I won t say much, but that s how it felt for me Also I didn t like that view spoiler 1 Drew starts at some point another relationship with a woman Even if he was not interested in her, I didn t like it I like the main characters to be only with each other 2 Why someone had to die in the end I didn t understand For Asher and Drew to start appreciate what they have Because Jordan was prick and he had to pay for it hide spoiler

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    0.99 on 7 17 17 3.5 This book was high in emotions and angst There were events that took place in both MC lives that were heartbreaking They both have issues they need to overcome from their past and both are quite lonely in life Drew lost his parents in a car accident and has been silently dealing with guilt from it considering they were visiting him after he expressed how lonely he was and how much he missed them Drew has two really great best friends, a sister he s close to, and a grandmother he adores, but he s lonely He s never found someone that has made him feel complete He has once again found himself in a failing relationship but this time it s made worse because he married her During their divorce proceedings is where he meets his future, Ash Ash has a troubled past were he was abused and traumatized by his foster father When he was 18 he ran away leaving behind his two younger foster brothers He has worked hard and is now a very well off lawyer Ever since he became financially able to he s been searching for his brothers He feels an extremely large amount of guilt for leaving them behind and his way of dealing with it is to punish himself I won t say how he does it because I feel it will give too much away Ash is very much alone and lonely He doesn t have any friends besides Peter and even he is kept at an arms length He doesn t do relationships and has many conquests But one look at Drew and his whole world changes.There are many struggles these two men go through to be together Mostly it s within themselves But with Drew fresh out of a marriage and never being with a man has his family and friends a little hesitant to believe that him and Ash are serious It doesn t help that Ash pursued one of Drew s best friends in the past and he has nothing but negative feelings towards Ash and is constantly in Drew s ear listing all the reasons why Ash is a bad idea Drew doesn t listen and wants Ash But Ash is hard to claim since he doesn t know how to open up He s been a lone wolf for so long that he s scared of letting anyone close enough to see his scars and just how messed up he truly is So they try to be friends It works for awhile But things happen that throw them together again and emotions run high and they just can t keep denying themselves the other one These men have a very deep emotional connection that was very sweet to read about I loved the clinic and the work that Drew, Ash, Drew s best friends and sister were doing It s inspiring for sure I really liked the grandmother as well What I didn t care for was all the crying and the cheese So.Much.Cheese Maybe it s just me cause even though I love a good romance I really can t stand all the mushy crap that comes with it I m just not that girl It makes me roll my eyes while reading and when I witness it in person it makes feel very uncomfortable to the point I want to laugh which makes it awkward LOL Happy reading, dolls xx

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    Might contain spoilers I had high hopes for this one BUT no expectations as I ve been having bad luck for so damn long I am surprised at the potential the book had and I am a little disappointed with story However it was still alright Book one in Through Hell and Back centers around ruthless and high powered attorney Asher Ash Davis in his thirties and Dr Drew D Klein in his thirties 34 36 Asher, my son Let go of your past It s the only way you can take control of your future Rise above your pain Don t grow old, alone and unloved like me Find someone to share your life with You ve been the greatest source of comfort and joy to me I wish you love and peace in your heart With a horrible and horrific past that still haunts him, Ash has buried all emotions and hides behind his blank face and coldness Starting helping out at a clinic for abused young men and women, forces his past to come forth and it doesn t help that he s attracted to Drew, owner of said clinic, who is also straight Drew makes him feel like no other has ever made him do and Drew has his own past that he s struggling with Can both of them battle their demons and see a future I want you so fucking much I m ready to explode I don t know why, and I don t care I ve wanted you for what seems like forever, and tonight I m not letting you go until I make you mine And, baby, you will be mine, make no mistake about it Overall, the story, as I said, had real potential However, I struggled with liking the main character, Drew for most of the book He I had expected a whole lot from, but actually got the opposite With a fierceness he didn t know she possessed, Nana grabbed his arm I m worried after our talk he might do something bad to himself You think I m too old that I don t understand the ways of the world I know he s a homosexual, gay Why should that matter to me But something s not right with him He s a very depressed man Promise me after dinner you ll go check on him For me Although there was nothing less he d rather do than play babysitter to Asher Davis, he agreed, because he d do anything for his grandmother SELFISH Where s that guy everyone is saying is so selfless and kind Here Nana is worrying her heart out of Ash, because she sees what others don t he s got so many horrible demons to battle ALONE, and Drew thinks of it as BABYSITTING He s a owner of a clinic for abused young men and women, yet he doesn t want to help Ash Selfless my ass I want it all He shocked himself, hardly recognizing his own strangled voice, distorted by desire, need and fear.Ash stared up at Drew, eyes wide and diamond bright Let s go to bed, baby And when Ash smiled, Drew knew right then his heart would be broken if this man left him in the end. I also hated Jordan, Drew s gay best friend I want to smack him so hard that he ll see the mark for days A judgmental man you would have to look long for He s so mean to Ash, just because he made a pass at him YEARS ago HE DOESN T EVEN KNOW HIM Arrrgh, I get so damn mad Nana was awesome though She s the kindest, fiercest person you can meet She s so adorable and is Ash s biggest supporter I loved her She didn t judge, like other character did Ash though, made the book worth reading I adored him My heart broke for him and I just wanted to protect him Him and Nana made this book good enough to enjoy it I was also disappointed at the build up after Ash and Drew got together The book was good until that point, and after that it was kinda boring, still cute though, but boring I also want another book with Ash He wanted Ash He cared Lying here with this man, listening to him open his heart, made him realize how much he cared for and wanted Asher Davis He swept the hair off Ash s brow and kissed him I think you might be worth everything to me Quick basic facts Genre A Contemporary Romance M M Series Series Standalone , Book OneLove triangle view spoiler No hide spoiler

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    4 Stars Feel the future, live it, and embrace who you are Accept that you are needed, wanted, and loved What can I say about this book There are a bunch of things that I can tick off on a list as to why this book shouldn t have worked for me.but you know what.it did And the best way I can explain it is that something in the writing just had it for me An addicting quality that drew me in easily I ve read plenty of books that had all the right ingredients endearing characters, great plot, good writing, etcBut for some reason I just never felt a spark However, this book hooked me and had me connected to the characters from the very beginning If it weren t for sleep, I probably would have read it in one sitting.Now don t get me wrong, this book is in need of some serious editing The dialogue is CHEESYwe re talking a big ol block of cheddarthe transitions are choppy, the flow is awkward at times, and there s a bit too much redundancybut again, I don t care, somehow it doesn t bother me as much as it should Drew was an adorable hold up, I might be gay character He s kind of my favorite typethe one who really doesn t care There s no inner monologue of introspection or deep reflection of what does this mean He just followed his heart and that was that I never thought I d want to be with a man, but when I stopped thinking with my head and let go with my heart, there wasn t anyplace I wanted to be than there with you last night Asherwhat can I say I love me an asshole He was crass, rude, arrogant, pushy and downright huggable His entire facade is a mask to hide the damaged and scarred man underneath A man that somehow cracks open with Drew s touch His backstory was heartbreaking, but didn t wholly define him Even if he couldn t let go of his past, he still managed to find a way to rise above it and pay it forward The steam.no complaints there.the steam was great The cast of secondary characters were fantastic Especially Drew s grandmother, Esther She was the sage voice of reason when too many emotions began to cloud judgment I probably would have rated this higher if it weren t for two things that I, unfortunately, just simply couldn t overlook.1 Jordan Umm, yeah..I don t understand what his deal was There s absolutely no reason for how far his hate of Asher went His anger filled rants were just plain ol mean His reasoning behind his mistrust made sense, but he just took it too far 2 The drama at the end I m not sure if it was added as shock value, or a way to set up the second book there could have been at least a dozen other ways to do that , but this didn t feel authentic to the story at all And frankly, it weighs the book down in an unnecessary way So there you have it My rambling review.

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    Oh lord that was intense I devoured this book and read it from beginning to end Did I like Ash and his smarmy attitude Nope not really.BUT it all made sense the I ll get you before you get me vibe Drew on the other hand was patient, warm and kind however he was a real pushover and needed to step up and be his own man This was a real journey discovery of life for these MCs and their family and friends and this honesty resonated with me Yes there were moments of frustration and annoyance but for me these guys clicked I think I just admired their ability to work through it all Everyone deserves peace eventually

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    Five brutal heart breaking starsOh Felice Stevens you know how to wrench every bit of emotion from someone This book is brutal and heart breaking but it s also uplifting and heart warming.It s about pain and loss, joy and hope, second chances at life and new beginnings It s about finding family and learning how to let yourself be loved.Asher and Drew are a magnificent pairing, both men bowing under the weight of their past, both men capable of bearing the weight of the other s fears.That I could get teary about what happens to one of the secondary characters is testimony to the world building skills of the author.

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    I really liked this book There was a lot going on and I don t want to spoil anything and a lot of things that could have bothered me, but it all came together and worked for me Both men have issues, especially Asher Past abuse and guilt over those that he left behind when he left the foster care system have caused him to shut down emotionally Drew is getting divorced and is also consumed by guilt When Ash gets involved with the clinic that Drew and his friends are starting to help abused teens, he sees a side of Ash that doesn t match up to the player image The two men begin a shaky friendship that eventually leads to an even shakier physical relationship There are so many ups and downs, but the two slowly begin to open up and Ash forms an interesting relationship with Drew s beloved and completely awesome grandmother.The book is full of drama, angst, some childish behavior, meddling friends and lots of up and down emotions, but when the two men were really together it was all worth it While not a cliff hanger, there are plenty of story lines left open I m really looking forward to the next book.

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    2 STARS cuz..I HAd ISSuEs WiTH ThIS BoOkThis love story was sweet But.I had issues..My issues.1 I really couldn t feel the chemistry at first meet but, thank goodness they eventually connected with sweetness 2 I was a little lost with due to some IMO missing info 3 The writing stylehummmm, some parts of the story felt like present tense other parts not This style did not work for me 4 view spoiler unnecessary killing of a character hide spoiler

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    I m calling this at 41% DNF There are just too many things that are inconsistent Plus, I still can t stand Ash.No rating, but if I was, so far it s a two star read for me.

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A Walk Through Firecharacters A Walk Through Fire, audiobook A Walk Through Fire, files book A Walk Through Fire, today A Walk Through Fire, A Walk Through Fire 0bd35 Years After Running Away From An Abusive Foster Family, Asher Davis Still Inwardly Struggles With The Guilt Of Leaving His Foster Brothers Behind He S Climbed To Unimaginable Heights As A Ruthless, High Powered Attorney, Creating A Life Of Power And Control He Takes Whatever And Whoever He WantsBlaming Himself For The Death Of His Parents, Dr Drew Klein Retreats Into A Shell Of Loneliness, Merely Going Through The Motions Of Life After A Disastrous, Short Lived Marriage, Drew Decides To Leave His Lucrative Medical Practice To Set Up A Clinic For Abused Young Men And Women The Decision Has Repercussions Than Drew Could Ever Imagine When The Dark And Sensual Ash Davis Volunteers To HelpAlthough Drew Isn T Gay, Ash Is Inexplicably Drawn To Him He Vows To Simply Bed Him And Forget Him Like He S Done With Every Other Man However, Drew S Sweet And Caring Nature And Unexpected Passion Stun And Frighten Ash, Who Questions His Right To Any Happiness At All And When Ash Befriends An Abused Young Man Who Unwittingly Draws The Clinic Into Danger, Threatening Drew S Safety And That Of His Beloved Grandmother, Ash Discovers That There Is Nothing He Won T Sacrifice To Protect The Love He Never Thought He D Find

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Felice Stevens has always been a romantic at heart She believes that while life is tough, there is always a happy ending just around the corner Her characters have to work for it, however Like life in NYC, nothing comes easy and that includes love.She lives in New York City with her husband and two children Her day begins with a lot of caffeine and ends with a glass or two of red wine She s