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A Troublesome Affair pdf A Troublesome Affair , ebook A Troublesome Affair , epub A Troublesome Affair , doc A Troublesome Affair , e-pub A Troublesome Affair , A Troublesome Affair c7357ec75fb Against The Historic Backdrop Of The US Punitive Expedition Into Mexico In , A Troublesome Affair Is A Mystery With Intricately Connected Characters Caught Up In A Turbulent Current Of Racial And Military ConflictRueben LeCroix, A Highly Decorated Negro Sergeant, Is In The Guardhouse At Fort Huachuca, Arizona, Accused Of Raping And Attempting To Murder A White Officer S Wife Morgan Westphal, A Civilian Private Investigator, Is Surprised When He Is Asked By The Regimental Commander To Investigate The Crime As A Civilian, Morgan At First Has No Wish To Become Involved In What He Believes Is A Purely Military Matter With Unwelcome Racial Overtones He Changes His Mind After Being Told LeCroix Is The Man Who Saved His Life In Cuba During The Spanish American War Years Before Feeling Morally Obligated To Help LeCroix, Morgan Puts Aside His Intense Dislike Of The Sergeant, Overcomes His Latent Racial Prejudice And Ignores His Doubt The Accused Is Not As Innocent As He Claims To Be Morgan S Investigation Barely Starts When The Regiment Is Suddenly Deployed To Mexico As Part Of The Punitive Expedition In Pursuit Of Pancho Villa By The Time Morgan Is Able To Identify Sophia Parmenter S Assailant, He Will Make A Long, Solitary And Dangerous Horse Back Ride Deep Into A Turbulent Mexico, Risk His Life During A Deadly Encounter With Mexican Bandits And Re Examine His Feelings Concerning Racial Equality

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    Excellent historical fiction mystery, especially if you re a buff of Arizona or military history.

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