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    It s Froggy You can t go wrong.

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    Froggy Goes to Camp by Jonathan London Kindergarten Read Aloud, this children s book showing the attempt to change the group s mind about camp and the adventures you can have learning something new.

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    Perfect for your little camper

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    Cute froggy book However, I didn t like some of the things they did at camp, for example the food fight.

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    Read with my SMART kinder who I d been forewarned was hard to engage She enjoyed the sound effects written into the text.

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    Froggy is headed to summer camp but is a little nervous How will it turn out preschool and up nice primer for camp

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    GRL LDRA 20

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    Cute Good for talking about camp or summer or embarrassing moments From Schaeffer s

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    We went camping this weekend, so couldn t resist this book.

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    Froggy wakes up very excited to go to Camp Run A Muck, so much so he jumps on his bed and bumps his head On the drive to Camp Froggy realizes he forgot his sleeping bag and then his swimsuit, each time his dad turning the car around to go back home When he finally gets to Camp Run A Muck, Froggy remembers he doesn t know anyone, all of his excitement gone On the first morning, Froggy is in charge of serving breakfast, only to accidentally drop eggs on the director who is also his school principle And even though he passed his swimming test, he shot the director with a bow during archery On the second day he forgot to wear his swim trunks wearing his underwear instead and splashed the director But in the end, now matter how many accidents Froggy had, his director and bunk mates all had fun, ending the trip around a camp fire.When kids arrive at camp for the first time, not knowing anyone or what to expect, many are nervous These emotions tend to come out through accidents Froggy is no exception to this One of the great things about camp is that it is okay, and even expected, to mess up and make mistakes Jonathan London shows these qualities of camp beautifully No matter how many times Froggy messed up, shot or splashed his director, he was welcomed at the camp.Another fun aspect of this book are the sounds created by Jonathon London zap zip zoop zup zut zut zut You can t help but yell these out loud while reading them and I am an adult, so just imagine how fun these would be for children Froggy Goes To Camp is a fun, enjoyable and exciting book for children to read in preparation about camp It helps calm fears and worries that almost every child has.

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