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    Red String of FateI have moments when I find it difficult to put a book down One such moment happened today, as I devoured every single one of the 464 pages in a span of a few hours Others could not understand why I would actually spend much of my precious reading time on Philippine fiction, much less those that emanated from a sharing platform like Wattpad While I respect their opinions, I actually feel bad for people whose biases deprive them of the opportunity to discover literary gems Red String of Fate is one such gem I came across it at a bookstore as I was looking for Wattpad titles at the request of my niece I figured that if a story tugged at the heartstrings of than 7M readers, then it was a story worth telling I wanted to be told the story The writing used a dialectal mix of Tagalog and English, or what we refer to in the vernacular as Taglish The style was a bit rough in the edges, lacking the verbose composition of bestsellers, but it somehow still told a beautiful story, that had me in tears half the time Alexa Lianna Carbonel is an heiress to a flourishing law practice, who was left by her father when she was six, and lost her mother when she was eighteen Lia Carbonel is her hostile and older half sister, who was dealt a bad hand in life Lee Ann Carbonel is her younger sister, whose mother died of childbirth Three sisters who have spent 16 years apart, brought together by their father who is seriously ill Alexander Sandoval is a lawyer and the son of a family friend, who has thrown the lives of the 2 older Carbonel sisters, asunder I love you, Ate I will love you until pigs learn to fly Alexa to LiaThis is a story of love between a man and a woman But than that, it is a story of love among siblings, and that of a father for his daughters The use of simplistic language, no matter the extent, did not in the least, dilute the depth of emotion the story conveyed If you are looking for a story that speaks of a love that forgives, then this book is for you It would be remiss of me however, if I do not suggest that you grab something to wipe your tears away, because you will need it.

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    What I like abt this book is how the author delivered every scenario From choices of words to grammars and punctuation marks I m very particular when it comes to typos and grammatical errors I mean why would you post something full of errors Plus the entertaining side of every chapter because of the writer s choice of words I liked it No scratch that I loved it.

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    Got a copy of this yesterday then was able to finish it today I liked how Alexa and Alex was portrayed in this story , mas nakilala ko silang dalawa and na appreciate ko na kung bakit super duper PDA sila lagi sa Bedroom Negotiations Super love ko sila dito and from now on, fan mo na ko girl hahaha Hoping to read Lee Ann s story and to finish BN na din Congrats

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    The Carbonel Sisters trilogy is difficult to review as there are many aspects that pull the book into shreds For one, the trilogy talks about family a father having children with three women, and how his sickness brings the three sisters together to reconcile and to discover what makes them similar than different.The criticisms about sex in the book is valid, but hey, this is erotica after all If you ve read MMFY, this is the author s all out attempt in doing one I wouldn t deny that there were times that I felt irritated, asking myself if sex was the only point of this story, but then if you evaluate the book as erotica , the author is actually smart enough to intertwine it with a deeper plot.My big issue though is the woman protagonist, Alexa There s a side which makes me feel okay with here, but there s a side which isn t, which I can t explain why.

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    Considering that the book s main point is about family, I found it weird that the reviewer before me Kaye only saw the sex part of the book Are you sure you ve read it I loved the book I loved Alexander Sandoval and how steadfast he was in pursuing Alexa Carbonel I loved how the relationships between the main characters and supporting characters are so intricate that you cannot help but feel for them I loved that it started hot but it gradually mellowed down and tackled the complicated connection between the sisters I loved how capable the author was in extracting every emotion I must have used a box of facial tissues while reading the story It was one of the best Filipino books I ve read Good job, Miss Author

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    02 13 15Why is it that there re no reviews for this book Okay, let me start by saying that I did liked it There were no butterfly inducing parts for me, and Alexander s character was a little unrealistic But as an erotic romance book, it does deserve points.UPDATE 02 20 15I just realized something I read Lia s book, Bedroom Negotiations, and saw a certain pattern the lead guy just suddenly grabs the lead girl out of nowhere and everything leads to sex I mean, what does a girl have to do to have some build up Ever heard of rising action Almost all the readers have probably The author I don t think so Gosh, I hope Lee Ann s book won t be like the other two that ll be just too weird for a fifteen or sixteen year old.

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    Maganda at malinis ang pagkakasulat Makikiagaw na rin ako kay Alexander Sandoval Dati nakokornihan ako sa mga taong halos magpapakamatay na dahil sa fictional character pero matapos ko itong mabasa ay para na akong baliw kasi gusto kong merong totoong Atty Alexander Sandoval na pwede kong agawin kay Alexa Gusto ko na hindi perpekto yung lalaking bida babaero, playboy, maloka sa babae Gustung gusto ko talaga ng trademark ni ms pajama na mga babaeng palaban at dahil kay Alexa Carbonel ay naisip kong mag law Wala na akong masabi without giving out spoilers Great read.

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    How could you like someone if you are always arguing with each other

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    3.5 stars Really.

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