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    Now that the secret that Gianni was hiding is out in the open it has only made them closer Not just physically but emotionally Gianni visits Leah s family and that only makes the feeling of love that grow even stronger At the same time Ava continues on her destructive part Took get Gianni back or to just make him pay We end this installment with a big cliffhanger Will this be something that Leah and Gianni s relationship can survive Although Gianni realizes that he cares for Leah and asks her to express her emotions without repercussions will he finally be able to do the same

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    Love, Love Leah and Gianni together and this story gets hotter and hotter I love what they have been doing in the playroom and the mask was sexy as hell Ava still in the mix is interesting to see where this is going and in this book you get a glimpse of what she is capable of I am hooked and can t get enough Can t wait to read what will happen next.

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    Gianni has met Leah s family and now knows where her heart is After one of the scenes Leah wrote in her first journal, Gianni asks her to start another journal that he would read So while he s gone on a short trip she does Sadly while he is gone Ava started trouble and the media is flying with it Claiming there are pictures Leah is scared Will this year them apart Great read.

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    The anticipation each book brings just keeps building The height of emotion and sensation has nervous energy spiraling through my veins.This book begins with Gianni and Leah overcoming one huge obstacle in their relationship yet we know there is so much coming in the storm that Ava is brewing That woman is insane With that said we are learning new information about Ava but I have a feeling the author has some deep secrets she is going to impart on us somewhere down the line I can t believe Ava had the gull to approach Leah in the coffee shop, with her security there Gianni and Leah are trying to prepare for the inevitable by preparing her family of what might be Their scenes continue to escalate along with Leah s feelings I find it amusing that Gianni still has not figured out what the feelings are that are nagging at him There is a lot going on here again and as we near the end of this book all crap hits the fan Leah is left to deal with it on her on until Gianni returns but the author hints that there is to come on the horizon So now, I m shaking with anticipation and eager to move on to book 9 Two to go and this series will be complete Part of me is excited with that knowledge the other sad that it will be over She teases and tantalizes our imagination, then hooks you in like a addict and I m not sure how I will come down from so much stimulation A absolutely great series

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    Emily Jane Trent writes stories that grab you and transports you directly into the story with all of its characters.Once again Gianni and Leah take you on an emotional roller coaster, Leah may not know it but she is inching closer to breaking Gianni and his hard shell when it come to love, or so it seams Outside sources are bound and determined to rip Leah and Gianni apart and Gianni is doing everyting in his power to make that from happening Leah has faith in Gianni but things are happening beyond their control to make her doubt all of the things Gianni has told her,Will their ove be strong enough to endure all life has to throw at them Every emotion is utilized when i read this story and it is going to be bittersweet when it is completed I now want to visit Portland due to the graffic detail EJT uses to decribe everything from the sights to the food and wine and especially the hot and steamy scenes between Gianni and Leah.They have overcome so many obstacles in their relationship will they be able to handle public scrutiny and judgements from others EEEEEEEp LOVE LOVE LOVE Gianni and Leah

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    I want your pleasure, Baby.Oh, those pesty ex submissives So, Ava doesn t seem to want to go away, in fact, she s making a huge pest of herself Ava is making life for Leah very difficult e mails, stalking, threats and Ava wants her Dom back Gianni is not a to pleased with Ava s demands, threats accusations He suggests to Leah that they do a weekend visit with her parents in Portland so that they can get to know him before all hell breaks loose Gianni feels comfortable around Leah s parents and they love Gianni New information comes to light on Ava s private life thanks to Dawson, Gianni s security chief Things are not what they seem with what Ava wants to reveal to the media What a tangled web we weave.Gianni and Leah get hotter and hotter, always reaching for a higher level in the playroom A place that Leah feels the most connected to Gianni Gianni makes a suggestion to Leah on sharing her feeling , through her writing Waiting patiently for Book 9

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    Leah and Gianni continue to rebuild their trust in each other After Gianni s admission to reading Leah s lost diary, she has come to realize this was not such a bad deal He has been realizing all her fantasies and even making them better than she dreamed He is so attentive of all her needs, and she loves him so much Ava is still plotting and stalking This woman is bad news Everyone who has had any contact with her agrees there is something not right about her I am still looking for the major hit she is going to spring on Gianni and Leah In Ava s delusional mind I believe she is delusional she is probably betting if Leah is gone she can move right in with Gianni The scenes Gianni and Leah construct in the playroom are just getting hotter and hotter There is no limit to Gianni s creativity in his love making Don t you wish he could be for real I am I am looking for an older version of Gianni I wonder where I could find such a man Sigh

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    When Gianni goes on a business trip it seems that he is gone forever this time.is it because she is staying is his apartment and it feels empty that he is not there which was his suggestions so he knows she is safe from Ava or is she..or is it because she is trying to write a new journal for her feeling that she know he will read Can she put all of her feelings and fantasies on paper know he is going to read it or will she leave half truths When all is quiet on the Ava front you know the snake is going to bite and she bites big this time She does it at the right time too When Gianni is out of town leaving Leah with the insecurities of there relationship Can they survive Ava s demise or will this be it Can Leah s love be enough We need .can you say we are over the cliff on this one..

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    I was gifted this book for an honest review This series keeps getting better The playroom scenes are HOT While waiting for the bottom to fall out on the upcoming law suit against Gianni, he and Leah try to make the most of their time together Taking a trip to meet Leah s parents brings them even closer Now that the truth of Gianni having possession of Leah s original journal is out, he asks her to continue writing in a new journal that he can also read His hope is to have her communicate her thoughts and feelings since it s difficult for her to talk about Now being away on business, Gianni is not there when the other shoe falls The media is portraying Gianni as a monster How will Gianni and Leah deal with the media and photographic evidence I can t wait to find out Missy reviewer for Mommy s Naughty Playground

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    I really enjoyed this book I love that Gianni went home with Leah and met her parents I liked reading about the different times they spent both there and back home doing normal relationship things together, it felt like their bond grew even I thought it was a good tie in with the whole story that Gianni suggested Leah continue to write down her fantasies and her thoughts about the different scenes they do together I cannot believe the trouble Ava is causing and of course Emily has to finish us off with yet another cliffhanger, is he still hiding things

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