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A Host of Ghosts chapter 1 A Host of Ghosts, meaning A Host of Ghosts, genre A Host of Ghosts, book cover A Host of Ghosts, flies A Host of Ghosts, A Host of Ghosts cf2e498c4fa68 Sam Martin Okay, Here S My Life In A Nutshell I M A Single Father Trying To Raise My Young Son, Romance My Girlfriend, And Maintain My Career Sounds Downright Normal, Doesn T It If Only Imagine Trying To Do All Of That While Living In A Haunted House That S Right, I Said Haunted House, As In A House Populated With Ghosts, Specters, Wraiths, Etc You See, My Son Has The Interesting Ability To Call Up And Command The Spirits Of The Dead, And Believe Me, There Are So Many Of Them Running Around The Place That I M Practically Tripping Over Them They Disturb My Sleep, Play Practical Jokes, Do Disgusting And Horrifying Things Both Intentionally And Accidentally , Wreak Havoc With My Daily Schedule, And Make Trying To Have A Girlfriend Almost Impossible Anyone Want To Trade Places With Me, Even If Only For A Few Days I Really Need A Vacation From My Spooky Roommates Anyone Please

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