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Armour (The House on Glass Beach, #3) download Armour (The House on Glass Beach, #3), read online Armour (The House on Glass Beach, #3), kindle ebook Armour (The House on Glass Beach, #3), Armour (The House on Glass Beach, #3) 027c6477acea Armour Is Book In The House On Glass Beach Series By Laura Susan Johnson, But Armour Is Meant To Be A Prequel To Everything In This Series Armour Goes Back In Time To Tell The Story Of Lloyd Tafford, The Man Who Would Be Destined To Rescue And Adopt Jamie Pearce In Crush Born In The S And Raised In The Small Town Of Lyra, Arkansas By His Loving But Overworked Mother, And His Foul Mouthed, Feisty And Fiercely Protective Grandma Negdar, Lloyd Meets A Small Boy Named Derek Rollins Who Has Come To Arkansas, USA From Devon, England, A Shy, Quiet Boy Who Quickly Adopts Lloyd And His Family At First, Lloyd Treats Derek Like A Pest But One Day,something Changes Lloyd S Perception Of The Painfully Lonely Derek, A Child Who Seems To Be Begging For Refuge From A Home That Appears Normal On The Outside, But Houses Horrors Unseen When Derek S Father Displays The Ultimate Cruelty By Deserting His Wife And Two Sons, Lloyd And Derek Are Inseparable, And As He Grows Mature, Lloyd Begins To Understand Just How Dysfunctional Derek S Family Was Even Now, The Boys Mother Is Smothering Her Heartache With Sedatives There Is No Fit Adult To Supervise Derek, Who Is Only A Preteen, And His Little Brother Joey, Who Is Barely Out Of Diapers, And There Are No Other Relatives, So Lloyd, His Sister Lilit And Grandma Negdar Open Their Home To The Frightened BrothersWithin Months Of Derek And Joey S Dad Leaving Them With Their Mother, A Terrible Chain Of Tragedy Occurs In May , A Killer Tornado Rips Through Lyra, Killing Eva Rollins In Her Sleep The Same Tornado Overturns Lilit Tafford S Car As She Is Driving Home From Her Job In Fort Smith And It Ends Up In A Roadside Marsh And She Is Drowned Negdar Hides In A Closet Built Under The Stairwell And Survives, But Her House Is Demolished As For Lloyd, Derek, And Joey, They Were Down The Road At A Dime Store Buying Sodas And Candies When The Storm Struck Head On They Protected Joey With A Human Shield, And All Three Miraculously SurvivedOne By One, Members Of Their Families Are Disappearing Unable To Bear The Memories That The Broken Trees In Their Neighbourhood Bring, They Relocate To The Warm Coast Of Texas, Hoping It Will Give Them Peace And A Fresh Start,But A New Nightmare Awaits Them