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    Deadly fire, old unrequited love, shameful secrets, discovery of horrible betrayal, murder, love found, and a great twist at the end I try never to give spoilers so I really can t say without giving away parts of the story, suffice to say that Fire Away is a great piece of storytelling by author R.L Syme Complaints Only that I wanted The Texas Sunrise box set of five different stories, by five great writers, all occurring in Somewhere, TX is a magnificent collaboration between writers Each story is different but you will run into characters or places from the town in each story I recommend Fire Away to any reader who likes suspense and surprises with a touch of romance Oh and by the way I will say the story begins in a bakery with a delicious tasting cake and the author has kindly provided us with the recipe.

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    Aiden is living a life in hidding after what happened to his wife Only going out when needed and to work, when he sees Claire again helping his sister put with her weeding something changes and he sees her Ina new light His best friend and was his sister in law, he s always had strong feelings for her So seeding her again he feels things he s never felt before and wants her in a way he never knew Claire is back staring up a business and never expected to stay in the town she grew up in but seeing widen again, the man she s loved her whole life, makes her wish for things she s never had But the death of her sister is stopping it all, With death, fires, adultery and so much , can these two solve the mystery of Claire s sisters death to save Auden and allow them to be together

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    Fire Away was a very quick read with a lot of twists and turns This story had conflict, drama, mystery, and romantic tension I found the main characters to be interesting and troubled Although I was able to get a solid understanding about Aidan and Claire s relationship from reading the full story, I did feel that there could have been Also, I must say that I felt slightly cheated in terms of the solidification of the protagonists emotional relationship I was left with many questions.

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    My daughter told me about the book so I ordered it I loved it A short read but it didn t lack for sex appeal No foul language to speak of a big thing for me Someone has reopened a cold case and the heat has turned up and they want to see Aidan Conley burn Who comes to his defense, Claire Milton his high school best friend and the sister of his late wife She believes he is innocent and is determined to prove it.Definitely worth the read

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    A hot firefighter, a 10 year unsolved murder, secrets, lies, and deception, a romantic spark this book has it all The characters are well developed and the plot is intricate and full of surprises This is not one of those books where you will figure out who dunnit a few chapters in, it will keep you guessing till the end

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    I really enjoyed this book a great deal It wasn t your simple case little sister loving her older sister s boyfriend then husband This was a true murder mystery that needed to be deemed an accident Marin Conley is getting married in a few weeks to the governor s son Her big brother Captain Aidan Conley a fireman can t stand him but he loves his sister so it s all good.As much as he hates the town of Somewhere, Texas where he lives and works he agrees to go to a cake tasting for Marin s wedding When it s almost time to go in his sister calls to say she can t make it and if he can pick out the cake and gives him her choice but to be sure He is not happy but does it for her You see ten years ago Aidan s wife Jane was killed in a house fire when he was out at the bar He has always blamed himself for not being there to put it out and for the last words they ever spoke to each other being and anger The hard thing is he has never shared that with anyone about the fight.The guilt eats him up every day because there are so many gossips he only goes to work and back and out to surrounding towns That s it At the cake tasting another woman sits in for the tasting for her event When he walks into the office she is bending over the desk but already his feelings are on alert When she stands up fully he sees why It s his wife s younger sister and his best friend Claire Milton You see they suspected him of his wife s murder so his was not allowed contact with Claire once her family moved out of Somewhere, Texas It was just awful too They are both in shock to see one another Neither knows how to react so they do nothing but stare When they go to leave she agrees to meet him after for a meal so they can talk She does and they talk just enough of how much he s missed her and wants to know how she s been doing and what she s been doing Claire feels awkward because she has been in love with him since she was 10 years old Now she s a woman and she feels angry and hurt for she knows he only sees her sister in her It surprises her when he says no and means it Just when they really start to talk and he confesses to really wanting to kiss her Two sheriff officers come in and arrest him The next thing you know she is hiring a lawyer for him and they set out to clear his name Totally enjoyed this read The author s way of writing made me not want to put this book down until I was totally finished and when I was down I didn t want it to be I give this 5 stars Provided by Net Galley.Follow us at www.1rad readerreviews.com

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    I recieved a copy of this book from netgalley in exchange for my honest thoughts and a review.Claire Milton moves back to Somewhere, TX with her whole life in utter mess She has lost her job, all her savings, and the support of her parents Claie has an idea that will put everything back on track And she needs help of Meg Klein who happens to be The Match Baker And When Claire attends her scheduled taste testing at Meg s Bakery in Old Town Somewhere, TX, she so doesn t expect to have company, let alone her first crush who happens to make her heart flutter even though she knows its wrong or is it Strapping gorgeous fireman, and town sports hero, all around hunky man and very single So why is Aidan doing at a wedding cake tasting Captain Aidan Conley doesn t get out much if at all He s been very much in limbo, trying hard to avoid the town and is gossips who only want to talk about him and his past with his late wife When doing his sister a much needed favor or so she says, puts him in the the very path of Claire Milton, his old high school best friend, he can t and never really has stopped thinking about how much he wants to kiss her delectable lips But when a cold case at the very fire house he works at puts his career in jeopardy and his whole life, Claire is the only person that is standing between him and a life sentence, he has to put his feelings to one side and fight for his life.But being a fireman and knowing entirely too much about how to investigate fires, Aidan is under suspicion when his wife dies suddenly in a house fire Even though they were not the happiest couple on the planet So when Claire goes digging and discovers evidence that they weren t as happy as they seemed to her and others it casts a light on Aidan and she doesn t want to admit that she has to choose between her feelings that have always been there and her own personal safety..This was a very well written book, with lots of mystery and angst in it very much appealing to those who love a good romance book with a thrill to it.would have loved an epilogue though to put everything in to place that is my only criticism.4 Out of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

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    I was given an ARC by the author in exchange for an honest review.When two people fall for the same cupcake, than tempers flareClaire Milton moves back to Somewhere, TX with her life in shambles She lost her job, her savings, and the support of her parents But she has an idea that will put everything back on track And she needs Meg Klein s help The MatchBaker When Claire attends her scheduled taste testing at Meg s Bakery in Old Town Somewhere, TX, she doesn t expect to have company, let alone her first crush And what a crush he was.Strapping fireman, town sports hero, all around hunky and currently quite single So what is Aidan doing at a wedding cake tasting Captain Aidan Conley doesn t get out much He s been mostly in limbo, trying to avoid the town gossips who only want to talk about him and his late wife When doing his sister a favor puts him in the path of Claire Milton, his high school best friend, he can t stop thinking about how much he wants to kiss her But when a cold case at the fire house puts his career in jeopardy and Claire is the only person standing between him and a life sentence, he has to put his feelings aside and fight for his life.But a fireman who knows entirely too much about how to investigate fires must be under suspicion when his wife dies suddenly in a house fire Even if they were the happiest couple on earth So when Claire discovers evidence that they weren t as happy as they seem and it casts a light on Aidan she doesn t want to admit, she has to choose between her resurfacing feelings and her own safetySeems like Somewhere Texas is definetely one place you need to read about Fast paced and with an intricated story this book had me hooked from the first page to the last.Complicated characters with lots of drama and emotional ups and downs going on in the book it definetely was something new and refreshing.Lots of action going on and twists and turns you couldn t possibly expect Only downer is the sister thing that was down right weird.A really great story that marks the beginning of a very promissing Series of books Highly recommended

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    Anxiety and tension rises, when ten year old murder case has been taken under a fresh investigation Intriguing setup and start on the story pulled me in There s tension and jitters at the cake tasting that s unexpected And soon as the story unfolds, secrets are brought into the daylight, questions answered, the reasons for all the angst starts to make sense.Aidan is a stand up guy, a hero firefighter, who feels like an outcast in his hometown, only going there to work, keeping to himself and to the neighboring town to avoid the gossip of his late wife s death.Claire is having a rough time in her life, and came to visit relatives in her old hometown Her unrequited childhood love towards her best friend, and brother in law, has kept her away from relationships, and from the town.As soon as Aidan and Claire has a chance to sit down and make acquaintance, Aidan is arrested for the ten year old murder of his wife, Claire s sister.Claire s faith in Aidan s innocence is infectious, but if Aidan is not the killer, who is Claire and Aidan starts take a closer look into the past, and nothing seems as they thought it was On the hunt for the truth, they don t know who to trust There s something very sinister with the sheriff s department, and people from the force might be entangled with the crime, than no one knew before.The connection between Aidan and Claire is strong, the pull immediate The mental connection of high school best friends is there, but now mixed with the strongest of attractions The build up of the relationship between them is great, but the ending comes quickly, and I had hopes for insights I appreciated Aidan s maturity and insights for the past events, being able to look back and understand the reasons for them The story is a quick, enjoyable read, with mysteries to solve, plenty of suspects and culprits to choose from, mixed with burning heat, and lots of emotions between the hero and heroine Three Spoons with a teaspoon on the side booksandspoons.weebly.com book blog

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    Dang I just cannot get a winner lately This is my second review of the day with decent premise but lackluster execution First let me say that this blurb is a little misleading I thought that this would be a book about a heroine who discovers info about someone else s marriage after the wife s death and hero needs to protect her Um no not so much This is a story about how the hero s wife died like 8 years ago and now the case has been reopened Also misleading is the tidbit about her choosing between her feelings and her safetyshe s never at risk from him ever and she believes in him the whole story SHE s the one fighting for his innocence Now to the actual story review This story set itself up to be a really interesting whodunnit The problem with this was there was no mystery to it at all, or at least no slow reveal You have nothing, you have a lot of crazy info but nothing enough to even narrow down suspects pass every male older than 35 in the town Then BOOM the answer is shoved in your face I like my mysteries to be a little subtler than that so i can try to figure out who the culprit is The whole thing felt a little underdeveloped The plot as i ve already mentioned had poor pacing The romance was also very stilted We have a childhood crush on a brother in law magically turn into love and he magically feels the same with no indication that he ever even thought of her in that way til she started helping him clear his name There were a lot of random loose ends that weren t major plot points or anything but i still would ve liked to see them resolved I also felt like the darker moments which could have really made the book stand out were rather shallow and lacked the feeling that i really wanted it to have.Bottom line this could ve been great but its execution was kind of a bummer Not recommended

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Fire Away download Fire Away, read online Fire Away, kindle ebook Fire Away, Fire Away 98bd142bc4db Formerly Titled Fire AwayWhen Two People Fall For The Same Cupcake, Than Tempers FlareClaire Milton Moves Back To Somewhere, TX With Her Life In Shambles She Lost Her Job, Her Savings, And The Support Of Her Parents But She Has An Idea That Will Put Everything Back On Track And She Needs Meg Klein S Help The MatchBaker When Claire Attends Her Scheduled Taste Testing At Meg S Bakery In Old Town Somewhere, TX, She Doesn T Expect To Have Company, Let Alone Her First Crush And What A Crush He Was Strapping Fireman, Town Sports Hero, All Around Hunky And Currently Quite Single So What Is Aidan Doing At A Wedding Cake Tasting Captain Aidan Conley Doesn T Get Out Much He S Been Mostly In Limbo, Trying To Avoid The Town Gossips Who Only Want To Talk About Him And His Late Wife When Doing His Sister A Favor Puts Him In The Path Of Claire Milton, His High School Best Friend, He Can T Stop Thinking About How Much He Wants To Kiss Her But When A Cold Case At The Fire House Puts His Career In Jeopardy And Claire Is The Only Person Standing Between Him And A Life Sentence, He Has To Put His Feelings Aside And Fight For His Life But A Fireman Who Knows Entirely Too Much About How To Investigate Fires Must Be Under Suspicion When His Wife Dies Suddenly In A House Fire Even If They Were The Happiest Couple On Earth So When Claire Discovers Evidence That They Weren T As Happy As They Seem And It Casts A Light On Aidan She Doesn T Want To Admit, She Has To Choose Between Her Resurfacing Feelings And Her Own Safety