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  • Hardcover
  • The Saddest Summer of Samuel S
  • J.P. Donleavy
  • 20 August 2019

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    Scanning my son s bookshelves I was intrigued by the alliterative title of this book and never having read Donlleavy decided to give it a go A quick read, not too demanding I remain undecided about how I feel about the book Samuel S has spent many lonely and apparently inactive years in Vienna seeing a psychiatrist weekly who gives no advice or direction merely orders Samuel to talk And talk he does bemoaning his unhappy life and the absence of sex or a significant other When Samuel is actually offered the former in rapid succession by 2 very different women he surprises himself by turning both offers down with curious consequences The title suggests that if this book describes Samuel s saddest Summer a turning point has indeed been reached and that Samuel is finally able to move on But perhaps that is the optimists view To sum up Interesting but not a book I would be likely to want to read again.

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    Weird little book about a pathetic little man in Vienna who turns down a rich woman and a guarantee of free income, and a poor woman that offers him her body with no strings attached.Samuel S is an American expat who had been living in the Austrian capital for a number of years He is mostly alone, and desperately poor He meets with a group of women whom he seems to mentor One of these women is a countess who offers to look after Samuel S financially if only he What Gives up his independence, freedom Samuel S turns down the countess s offer.Then, a couple of American tourists, girls who have heard about Samuel S They meet accidentally in a cafe One of the girls visit Samuel S in his unkempt, dirty little home with a bath tub She cleans the place, takes off her clothes and offers her body to Samuel S Who rejects her.At the end, Samuel S walks through the city to visit his therapist who ends their relationship after five years Samuel S leaves the meeting and crumples into a heap in a corner of the house.All this time, the feelings have been buried Now they come out, finally, when the book is finished.

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    Stream of consciousness from Samuel S who is mentally unsound in sixties Vienna An old woman from the old world bribes him to marry her but won t shag him a young woman from the new world refuses to marry him but will shag him The dilemma is That if ever I m cured I will never know it one grows old faster staying in the same place And that collar doesn t match your shirt, which is sort of an English affectation but is really what a crummy English civil servant would wear You know what an English civil servant wears Yes so it happens, the kind who thinks his balls are bells to ring for tea.

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    Short, but not so sweet, Donleavy s lyrical prose takes the reader through the tortuous experiences of a man who really doesn t seem to know what he really wants marriage and monogamy or endless unsolicited sex Either way there is a lot of guilt and regret.

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    For all his melancholy, what I love about Donleavy is the vitality both of his prose and his rackety protagonists And in this slim tale, the world s most august failure is rather lacking in that respect as in so many others.

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    For fans of JPD.

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About the Author: J.P. Donleavy

James Patrick Donleavy was an Irish American author, born to Irish immigrants He served in the U.S Navy during World War II after which he moved to Ireland In 1946 he began studies at Trinity College, Dublin, but left before taking a degree He was first published in the Dublin literary periodical, Envoy.See also