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    Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to author Belart Wright This wasn t a bad book, but it wasn t for me.I didn t really feel anything for the characters in this book other than a bit of irritation I don t know why this was, but I just couldn t relate to them at all I d have been getting out of the stadium not following some random woman around The storyline in this was a bit confusing, and I had trouble following what was going on I think this was partly because I didn t find the story all that interesting, but I just didn t really enjoy this one, and had to force myself to finish it Apologies to the author that I didn t like this .5 out of 10

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    I received an ebook copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. Unfortunately, I don t like the story very much Believe me, I did try not to fall asleep when starting the first 5 or 6 chapters but honestly, when I saw how the story was formed and the way it laid out, an inner voice inside me whispered, Uh, oh This can t be good So yeah, I ended up skipping some parts of it and couldn t wait to finish this For me, this isn t a story It s like reading manga or comics because there are just simple dialogues and brief descriptions about the setting What s worse, I had a hard time picturing whatever the author was creating so basically, my brain was blank the entire time super guilty Moreover, since there are simple conversations, it s also not easy to relate to the characters Thus, all of the above reasons made me feel sleepy when turning the pages PAlthough I didn t enjoy the story, I truly appreciated the extras in the end of the book, which told us the original ideas from the author for writing this book With those perspectives, I gained better understanding of the concept and personally thought his ideas were actually brilliant Disappointedly, he didn t manage to convey them in his work, imo.I won t recommend this book to you due to the bland plot and disappointing characters Still, thanks to the author s generosity for offering me such a chance.

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    A copy was provided by the author for an honest review Joe, his best friend Mod, and his girlfriend Kate were watching a football game when an explosion turned Joe s life into multiple crazy adventures.I struggled with this book, mainly because there was nothing keeping me interested The characters were the flattest cardboard cut outs that I ve ever read The dialogues were written as scripts, which I think was the reason why I didn t feel any emotion coming from them Plus, there was no character development Joe is still Joe, with or without his new friends It didn t help that I was constantly confused with what s going on I don t know if it were my fault that I don t know much of the fantasy element of the book or it just really wasn t explained If it was the latter, then Joe s stupid I mean, who would ally himself with people he didn t know and has no relation with, people who won t explain and tell him the truth or the entirety of what s going on I also thought that there were a lot of unnecessary details that made the book unnecessarily long And lastly, it was painfully predictable.Still, I wanna thank the author for letting me read and review this book

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    I received a copy from the author, In exchange for an honest review Actual rating 2.5I didn t love the characters in this, but they were alright.I can t say I enjoyed this very much unfortunately I spent a lot of the book feeling bored, and it dragged for me because of it It wasn t awful though, It just wasn t a book for me.

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    If I m being honest which I am often than not , even though I attempt to support promising indie authors, I most likely wouldn t haven t even discovered this book if not for certain recommendations The premise didn t really jump out at me, but I suppose that s due to my book before last having a similar premise in that extraordinary people had shown up, there were secret organizations and magic Minor spoilers ahead Now then, let s jam Pros The humor in this book flows so naturally between the characters I found myself literally laughing out loud not that phony lol you put in texts when you don t really know how to respond to something at most if not all of the comedic lines, which there are a ton of Comedy is my second favorite genre behind horror, so you can imagine my delight when I came across so much of it, and it was believable I can t tell you how irritating it is to read a book that tries to do comedy and it falls as flat as the chemistry between the leads of the Fifty Shades film Yes, I went there Joe s reactions to the sudden and drastic changes in his life are realistic and believable I understand some people are adept at adapting, but most of us would react the same way that Joe does though if I saw a person changing what they look like, I would run away as fast as I could then run back to them to see if I could be taught to change as well Plus, I doubt I would have tried to save Beauty in the beginning, though the power of boners is indeed strong, so who knows Mod Need I say That guy is a true friend, and hilarious as hell The execution of the story was simple There aren t any instances of Wright attempting sound smarter by using a thesaurus every other few words, which is something I absolutely abhor Apart from poor grammar punctuation usage, trying to smarten up your writing by inserting words that disrupt the flow of the read.that s something I can t, don t and won t endorse Wright treads the line between simple and sophisticated conversation expertly.Cons Though while the simplistic writing style allowed for a quick and easy read, I did expect a little sophistication in the dialogue than was presented For instance, there are secret organizations and underground crime groups in this world, so I thought there would have been backstabbing, double meaning in conversations and things of that nature Not that this lack of sophistication took away from the experience but it definitely could have benefited from backdoor dealings and betrayals who doesn t love a good betrayal, right Subpar character development can hinder the immersive capacity of a book, and it did for me hence the three stars which could have been four When it comes to Joe, our main character, we learn about him through his actions, reactions and thoughts, but I couldn t tell you that I really cared about what happened to him I cared about Mod and Melissa who we know even less about than Joe, though maybe I just have a protection complex when it comes to children I understand that Beauty, Dahlila and Melissa are secretive and can t reveal much about themselves to Joe, who we re supposed to relate to, but I don t know much about a character, it s that much difficult for me to make a connection with them and care about what happens to them Maybe the sequel will touch on backstory, which I understand, because no author wants to give away everything in a series in the first book I just hope that is revealed about these characters that have begun to grow on me.All in all, Average Joe and the Extraordinaires is a fun, quick read from a promising indie author With a re readability score of 3 5, this debut was ok, and it has a solid foundation to build on I look forward to what Mr Wright has in store for us next.

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    I was gifted this copy on a read to review basis.This book is quirky and fun and fantastic It s not often I feel a children young teens book fully captures the humour and storyline which this age bracket loves As a child, I loved the kookiness and the radical storylines of Roald Dahl, Margaret Mahy and Enid Blyton and this book is in a similar albeit modern strain.Good vs Evil, magic, shape shifters and Each chapter holds some exciting twist or subtle piece of humour and the author s style is direct, with enough challenging words to help educate without overwhelming the story.The dialogue is not set out as typical, though technically correct I actually can see this being enjoyed by younger audiences If they noticed the difference It certainly doesn t take long to get used to Favourite quote Joe was so tired that he had slept through first hour Spanish, second hour history, and most of third hour English The English teacher, Mrs Lane, hadn t taken a liking to that She decided to send Joe to the principal to discuss why he was so sleepy, which Joe hadn t taken a liking to Suitable for ages 9 and up.Average Joe and the Extraordinaires

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    This book surprised me with how it changed over the course of the story What started like a simple, easygoing action, turned into a fantasy adventure with its own world and concept I don t know what I liked , the beginning that kept me reading for hours I read the book in just two sittings , the middle that told me about the characters and added suspense, or the ending that was totally awesome and promising The way the characters kept showing new sides was interesting and left me wanting I like when I get to explore them, when nothing is forced on me from the beginning and I get to form my opinion on them throughout the book the way I do it in real life The whole story was very life like, without any lame epicness, exactly how I like it, when an ordinary kid meets with magic and in the end he s still a kid only with something cool about him Witty dialogues made me smile a lot, and kickass girls hopefully will have spotlight in the next book it was such a page turner, I had to stop myself from reading too fast because I didn t want to miss anything important to the plot If you like fast paced, funny fantasy stories, you should try this one ps Liandra is just I don t have an English word for it

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    DNF 45%See, I don t DNF books not until I reached the 50% mark Let me also make this clear that this book wasn t terrible The premise sounds intriguing, and there was nothing eye rolling about the characters, plot, narration or the idea execution I just couldn t get into it It felt dull, and because I put it off for probably 2 days to read another book, and picked it back up again, I couldn t remember much what happened And that s my sign if I can t remember enough what happened, I wasn t invested enough to continue I also found myself confused while characters, or groups of characters were introduced I didn t know who the villain was, not even sure what side each were on It was too much to keep up at such an early time in the book, so the story telling might be the problem I can t even create a summary or background, because I, too, wasn t sure what s really happening, or expect to happen.I tried, though, and I sincerely apologize.This book was given by the author in exchange for an honest review Many thanks to Belart Wright.

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    Joe may be your average guy, but this young one sure got a lot that made him extra special He was level headed and always looked out for his friends He even volunteered to help a stranger whom he thought was a damsel in distress A beautiful dark haired woman he called Beauty But Beauty wasn t really a damsel in distress On the contrary, she was one heck of a woman capable of doing things beyond the norm What Joe discovered about Beauty had him gripping and questioning about reality versus magic.This book got me enthralled and surprised too Belart Wright had crafted a world that even Harry Potter would want to live in Joe Black was a compelling character, very realistic and admirable His encounter with Beauty and Dahlila sure had me stuck lying in my head from the first page up to the last A perfect and highly recommended read this Christmas

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    This book is a page turner for me I m saying that because normally takes me a month to finish a whole book But that s not the case in Average Joe and the Extraordinaires I found myself lose track of time, and the result I finished reading this in less than a week That s how powerful this book to me The storyline isn t complicated, and the characters are easy to remember Basically, it s a light reading but full of ideas The conversations are refreshing and realistic It s a fun reading for me, but not fun enough when I realize I have so many pending tasks when I finished reading this It s worth it though

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