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Sky Ghosts: All for One pdf Sky Ghosts: All for One, ebook Sky Ghosts: All for One, epub Sky Ghosts: All for One, doc Sky Ghosts: All for One, e-pub Sky Ghosts: All for One, Sky Ghosts: All for One 5f22d8469d7 This Is An Old Edition That Has Been Unpublished Click Here For New Edition For Centuries, Sky Ghosts Have Been Hiding Their Differences From Humans, Living Among Them In Secret For Every One Of Them Who Uses Their Power For The Good Of Mankind, There Are Ten Who Prey On The Weak And Try To Avoid Justice They Re Called Sky Beasts, And The War Between Them And The New York Sky Ghosts Headquarters Has Reached A Fever PitchPatricia Aka Pain Is Known As A Kill First, Ask Questions Later Kind Of Girl An Urban Legend At Twenty One, She Helps Save The City In Her Own Way By Slaughtering Beasts In Between Working Bodyguard JobsUntil They Show Up The Two Civilian Guys Who Turn The Life At Headquarters Upside Down The Key To Destroying Their Oldest Enemy And It S Pain And Her Sister Jane Who Are Assigned To Protect The Annoying HumansIf The Beasts Don T Kill Them, She Might Just Do It Herself

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    The image on the cover is really good, but if you feel you need even awesomeness along the same lines have this one A guy walked late at night on the streets of Brooklyn when he saw a woman being harassed by a group of men Before he realized what is going on the woman killed the troublemakers with her katana and disappeared into thin air Sometime later this same guy and his friend were ambushed by another group of men trying their best to kill them Luckily a couple of sword wielding women including the one above showed up and saved the day Now two friends have a couple of important questions without answers Who wants them dead and why What is the mysterious organization protecting them and why This is the author s first published book and as such it is a little rough around the edges despite this, it quite good nonetheless The plot moves with a fast speed with some very occasional slowdowns The action scenes are nicely done and were keeping me on the edge of the seat There is a mystery here as well which is intriguing enough This book also has Romance Done Right Lately a big number of urban fantasy writers have a wrong idea about urban fantasy being equal to paranormal romance it is not The romance here never gets in the way of the plot, never feels like it overstayed its welcome and is never about selfish people desperately trying to find a boyfriend girlfriend This kind of romance became so scarce lately that I feel it really needs to be commended On the negative part the characterization is not the strongest part most of the time In particular I really do not understand how anybody could fall for Pain with the way she behaves she does get developed as a character though Dave remained static through the whole book This problem aside I enjoyed reading the book I think it is closer to 3.5 stars than 4, but as it is a first major effort by the author I have no hesitation to round it up to 4 stars.

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    Source Downloaded for free from .co.uk This was a YA fantasy story with lots of action, but I found it quite confusing.The characters in this didn t really appeal to me all that much, and I found it really difficult to pinpoint how old they were Once I d worked out that they were all 17 , I did think that they were maybe a little immature, as they came across as quite a bit younger than 17.The storyline in this had quite a lot of action, but I found it confusing I couldn t really work out what was going on or why, and things would happen and I just didn t understand the significance I don t know if this was just me, or if the writing style just didn t do it for me, but it took me several attempts to get through this book, because I just got so confused as to what was going on.The ending to this was okay, and I m pretty sure the good guys prevailed, the epilogue did then leave us with a bit of a cliff hanger Overall I do think other people will enjoy this book, and it looks like I m one of the few people who didn t really enjoy it, but I think this was maybe just not the book for me.6 out of 10

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    Thanks to the author for providing me a copy for an honest review.This book gets it right in the end Good finale, good action, good eventual character development, even a nice celluloid ending I was consistently reminded that I was probably reading a video game script during the last 40% of the novel, and that s not a bad thing in my estimation There s some pretty good video games out there We have firmly established that the Sky Ghosts are superheroes battling the other super group, the Beasts Very comic y.If you like Urban Fantasy and expect snark as a matter of course, the novel has it, too It may not be the best snark I ve ever read, or even making it into the top 20, but it is snark It tends to bring the apparent age of the characters down to the mid teen level instead of the 17 range that they re actually in, so I get the impression it s actually YA It probably isn t, but that just my impression.Now, for the bad The opening was fine, although I could have done with a few better character hooks to make them stand out better and keep my interest Almost immediately after the rescue, I was dismayed to find out that I was going to be reading about a bunch of fairly well behaved college freshmen in dorm, doing a bit of light exercise, playing video games, reading magazines, taking showers, and doing nothing else except joshing around with each other As a means to get to know the characters and flesh them out, it was slow and annoying, and perhaps there s a lot of people out there that like this kind of really light entertainment, but I kinda expected a lot out of a novel that has peeps with freaking SUPER POWERS based on nothing handwavium powered than simple WILLPOWER and a bloodline There was only one briefly terrifying event that mostly happened off stage, and then we re treated to a new setting No dorm We get to do a bit of light exercise, play video games, read magazines, take showers, and do nothing much else than joshing around with each other AT A FARM And that s just about it for the first 60% of the novel.There are much better ways to develop characters than have them tell me, the reader, that they re bored If THEY are bored, then what the hell do you think the READER is A HUGE editing session would have been absolutely delightful Pacing is truly a reader s joy The last 40% of the novel was good Action, character development, twists, they re all there It kept my attention just fine and never once did I wonder why I was still reading That kind of polish and plot and development should have been active from the very beginning Unless, of course, the novel is designed to appeal to the early college crowd exclusively, directly tapping into the banal normalcy of waiting for your next assignment while nothing much of anything happens except snark with your friends I m sure there s a market for that It seems to happen a lot in certain novels these days.Don t get me wrong I like a good snark It s just not enough to carry than half a novel, especially if it s not absolutely brilliant dialog Overall, I didn t think the novel was bad I did actually find myself wishing that I had a good infodump of some sort to chew on while nothing much happened A bit of worldbuilding or even just seeing a bit of New York where most of it took place , would have given it some spice Hell, I still don t know why the Sky Ghosts and the Beasts fight each other The beasts rob people Okay Sky Ghosts stop them Okay That s just okay Truly barebones At least I knew where I ought to have stood, even if I didn t quite care beyond the impact of the characters eventually.

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    As soon as I read the book s tagline The Avengers meets Shadowhunters I knew I had to give it a try I was immediately intrigued by the book s foundation concepts the idea of an elite group of gifted warriors called the Sky Ghosts who protected the city from the Sky Beasts.Alsoany book featuring badass women who fight with katanas is already off to a great start.However, although the concepts were fresh and exciting there were times where I felt they should have been further explained and explored The overall cohesiveness of the piece could have been improved upon.Book cover Am loving the Maximum Ride vibes the cover instantly gives off The intense fiery wings are a delicate contrast to the all black outfit and shining blade, making for a very striking and bold book cover.The paint like look is seriously stunning I like the subtle touches of orange that create the feathery effect, as well as the way the bottoms of the wings fade off into a smoky red.Plot The adventure begins with a bang Barely a few pages into the first chapter and Ms Engellmann serves us up a dish of badass fighting with a layer of mystery A wealthy young man named Dave spots a girl taking down two goons Rather than running away in the opposite direction like any normal person would, me included he hides in the shadows and watches After she s killed the men, the girl spots Dave, but instead of killing him on the spot she offers to answer any questions he may havebefore she then disappears into the night.At this point, I was bursting with excitement Our mystery girl seemed sassy and a lot like Isabelle from The Mortal Instruments which is always a good thing I was excited to see how the characters we d met would develop and how the concepts would be explained.However, I found myself slightly disappointed Not by the concepts oh no They were amazing I loved the lore behind the Sky Ghosts, their founding story, the significance of the mark on their necks, etc I also liked the idea of a reverse The Mortal Instruments series with the newcomers being male and the warriors being female But the story s characters work against it somewhat, as do the POV shifts or shifts in focalisation Unlike the cohesive and easy flow of the first chapter, the following chapters had many sudden shifts in focalisation To simplify in one chapter there were many jumps into different characters minds One second you re in Jane s, the next you re reading Pain s thoughts, and then over to Dave, then back again to Jane It created a very abrupt reading pattern that didn t make for a very immersive read.Characters I was truly hoping the story would focus on the characters who displayed layers and depth However, intriguing characters like Jane and Dave seemed to get lost in the overwhelming chaos of the story s star, Pain Yes, her name is Pain She delivers it to her foes, her friendsbasically to everyone.She was tiring to read about to an extent I tried to like her I really did but Pain is just so very in your face abrupt and argumentative There was a lack of realism to her constant tantrums, nasty comments, rude ways, and testy attitude It was like watching a toddler interact with a cast of adults at times Pain caused drama to erupt wherever she went, regardless of whether it was necessary or not I wouldn t have minded if it were just one part of her personality that was brought up on occasion.but Pain seemed to be constantly on edge.Pain only seemed to have one mode I Want To Murder You In Your Sleep Mode.I actually would have liked for her to have been like her sister, Jane Jane was witty, badass, and she knew how to be nice some of the time Not a bad way to be Also, the formation of the romantic relationships between characters did not come about organically Love interests often felt slightly forced, or indecisive like with the gawking and eeny meeny miny moe crushing One minute you think Dave likes Painnext minute you re convinced Marco doesand then you have no idea Favourite quote You know, I m not surprised to see that dark haired dude with the Beasts He s clearly screwed up, Pain whispered Yeah And why is that To see me, wielding a sword on a dark street, and just come to take a look at me Who do I look like, Fairy Godmother Only if he took your katana for a wand, Jane grinned with mischief.

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    I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book I read the original version of this book in 2015 and it was one of those books that just stuck with me I have been checking back looking for future books and then I was contacted by the author with the chance to read this updated version with extra chapters I was excited to go back into this world of Sky Ghosts Beasts It was every bit as good as I remembered I still loved these characters I love the sisters and how they relate to each other and everyone around them Pain is sassy snarky and I love it This is easily one of my favorite books both old new versions I can t wait to see what book 2 has to bring when it comes out in the near future.

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    First, I like that the author doesn t make romance the central point of the story, there are other elements involved in it that make it quite a well developed, action packed and very intriguing plot The suspense was nerve wracking in a very good way and not predictable The dialogue was natural, too natural which made the setup of the story inviting, fresh and very charming read All the characters were flushed out skillfully I read the unedited version and the now updated version Alexandra Engellmann has created a masterpiece that surely will have a massive following, and from what I can see is steadily building, I have become part of this following and an undying fan I have been writing for 24 years and I think this young author has taught me something about the concepts of writing that I will cherish for all time Excellent and Bravo Ms Engellmann

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    If you ve read any of my other reviews out there on books, you ll discover I have a thing for characters This book has four major characters that really shine, and a few minor characters that also manage to shine Though most of the characters are equipped with supernatural abilities, none of them are outrageous geniuses or flawless superheroes They are all very human in their thought processes and decisions.I say four major characters, but it could be argued that the main character of this story is Pain She really does steal the show If you ve had an easy life you might not get her You might not even like her You might think the guy in the story that ends up liking her shouldn t even like her.I can identify with the character Pain In my past chosen professions, I ve been that one girl among the group of men in a non corporate environment Anything goes, the jokes are rude, and the talk is crude I ve developed quite the mouth, though in polite company I adhere to the Bambi rule of If you can t say anything nice, don t say anything at all I m often quiet I don t think Pain behaves politely in any company, but she doesn t have to She lives in a world surrounded in hardened fighters, and they tolerate her with a special fondness Her days are full of chopping off the heads of enemies with her katana, and you want her to be nice on top of that Pfft, people aren t that ideal.I also get her attachment to her katana Although I ve never maimed, killed or injured another person, I do have a special fondness for my blow gun It has a special place in my heart for its ability to send darts slicing through their target like butter I would certainly carry it around with me everywhere if it were appropriate But no, people would be like Why did you bring your blow gun to the restaurant People are staring, and what do you need it for If only I were a Sky Ghost.Circling back to the four characters thing, there is something to be said about it In this book, you get into all the characters heads Sometimes I find this style distracting, to know what everyone is thinking It s not the way of the world We only know what we are thinking, and even if you ask someone what they are thinking, do they tell you, honestly I ll be honest, it was distracting for me in a few places I ll blame it on my own lack of attention to detail though, because the times I had to back up a paragraph to figure out who s head I was in, it was clearly stated In the end I enjoyed knowing what everyone was thinking because knowing what they thought, then watching their decisions made the story multidimensional.This is a fantasy book, so aside from the POV and the characters the supernatural side of the story is a thing At some point in a fantasy book you have to give your readers some sort of believable explanation for things like, how the heck are these ninja like characters flying around the City of New York It s important I ve given my son a very detailed story about how I know he is a leprechaun, and it s not just because of his orange hair or the jangly way he dances about If it weren t for the very believable explanation about how I was tricked by a leprechaun into receiving the greatest treasure in the world him over a pot of gold, he wouldn t be the leprechaun he is today.If it weren t for Alexandra Engellmann s explanation about the origins of Sky Ghosts, it just wouldn t do that there are flying ninjas in New York I really enjoyed her supernatural origin story because there is truth in it Humans have always wanted the ability to fly Envious of the birds, we ve made our own birds to launch ourselves into the sky We don t even let the grisly failures where hundreds have lost their lives stop us from hanging around up in the clouds.This book gets five stars from me because it is rich in all the areas that please me Now I understand that members of the grammar police have expressed some complaints and have dropped a star or two because the author says things an odd way here and there with English being her second language I ve had author s with English as their first language rip me out of their story with a grammatical error or an odd phrase, and I get it No one wants to be pulled out of a scene It s like the person that talks in the movie theater However, if I was so in love with the English language to let it stop me from loving a story, I d probably just sit around reading Encyclopedias instead of reading books like Sky Ghosts.I look forward to the next book in the series So hurry up and write it Alexandra Engellmann Just kidding, take your time.

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    I received this book from the author for reviewing.2 16 2015Review UpdateThere has been a major update to the book since I last read it at the beginning of January The contents have been cleaned and tightened and the plot focused The ending has also been tweaked If you have an older version of the book just contact Support and ask them to update your copy They re really quick about it too For all new buyers you ll automatically have the new updates I ve changed my score to reflect the improvements from the updates This is a book for those looking for action, heart, realism, sexiness, romance, loads of humor, and a dark and visual world.Sky Ghosts All For One is filled with babes and blades, studs and swords, and beyond all that a lot of heart What I mainly liked about this book was its fusion of eastern ideas and western style That fusion can be seen most clearly in the way that the character s powers work and the way they fight The powers of the characters all come from inside There s some genetic factors at play but mainly the power functions essentially like Ki or Qi as it is understood in eastern philosophy Characters here are stronger, faster, and can fly And what s better than that is the fact that with practice a person can hone these powers to an even greater degree I dug the powers immensely and the way each character applied such abilities was distinct It reminded me of the anime Clay where everyone has access to the same abilities but some specialize in certain aspects over others like speed or power or healing.The strongest aspect of this book was the way the characters interacted and played off of each other and the dialogue they had with one another There was an abundance of humor anytime this young cast did anything together Pain and Marco were hilarious early on Their banter, bullying of each other, and combined bloodlust made me laugh so hard and wince a little bit too these two rarely pull their punches Beyond the humor there s a lot of sincerity and heart in the dialogue and emotions between everyone You end up feeling for all the characters even ones you might not like.The fight scenes are particularly awesome and bloody There s a lot of blood Be warned The violence is stylistic and each character fights how you d imagine him or her to do so in stunning aerial sequences of steel, blood, flesh, and bone Being the action junkie that I am I could picture every scene perfectly as if it were an action movie.Now as a guy no that s a bit of a copout I ll just say that I m not that inclined to like drawn out romances All the back and forth kills me every time So romance isn t my genre There s a lot of romance here and there s a nice amount of back and forth to it It s not my cup of tea but fans of the genre will no doubt like it That said I still like how it played out, it was just a little over suspenseful for me I guess I didn t mind it so much because I did want these two characters to succeed with each other.So if you like all this stuff you ll definitely enjoy Sky Ghosts I, myself will be patiently awaiting for the sequel to see what s next for this cast.Awesomesauce Powers Fights Scenes Humor Dialogue Realism Cool and Badass Characters Sexiness Believable RomanceNot so Awesome Some errors Somewhat Anticlimactic

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    3.5 stars.I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.This was actually not bad Not that I expected anything bad, but I usually don t read YA, so you must always take my reviews of YA books with caution Either way, I liked the book There were a few things I wished were different, but overall I did like it Possible spoilers ahead I liked The idea of people flying No wings Just flying I usually DON T like superhero shit If you ll excuse my language I like fantasy to be realistic Yeah, I know, I just said a stupid thing Oxymora is my middle name D No, really, I usually like to have things well described and logically explained Flying without any visible aid usually doesn t fall into that category Even so, I didn t mind it in this story It was explained in a way that left a lot of space for , but gave us enough of an explanation for you to think ok, that might work Characters Pain and Jane are really nicely written Especially Pain, who seems to be the focal character in this story The sisters are strong, true warriors I love strong women Even so, the way they are made to be flawed is what made them even better Flawed strong women is even better Dave and Chad I liked them Especially the progress they made as characters, as well as persons They were just two ordinary boys, in no way warriors we re used to reading about in those kind of books I really loved their ordinarity is that even a word , which actually evolved into something else, something Chad is a great character I loved him I also loved suspense and the overall gloomy atmo I love that in a book I love other side characters as well, hope to see them in subsequent books There will be books, right I loved the writing style, too Especially considering that, if I understood correctly, English is not Alexandra s first language It s far from it to me, too, so I will just say, I loved it I use a lot of love in this review forgive me Must be I m PMS ing or something.Didn t like Constant POV switch I found it confusing many times I often had to go back to see who s POV I was reading If there was ONE thing I would like to see changed in next books of the series, it s the POVs There was also one stretch of pages where it got a little boring, and unclear what was actually happening This is not such a bad thing, as it just fits into the style of writing It s just my personal preference and has nothing to do weather the writing is good or bad And it s good.So, anyway, why only 3.5 stars, since I was loving it all the way My rating system is, as I ve already described a few times, a bit odd 3.5 stars is to me, what someone else would think of 4.5 stars 3.5 stars for me is a very, very good book A book I enjoyed very much, but that still has some space for improvements, at least for my taste It does not mean the same flaws will apply for others as well I m peculiar in my taste This is absolutely a recommended read for everyone who likes to read YA, and for others too, when you want to take a break from other genres

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    This book is something new and different I liked it I think this style of writing is very engaging The author pulls you in from beginning to end I like the action, heart, sexiness, romance, and the humor I would never guess the author s first language is not English This is a great book You should differently check it out See what you think Merged review This book is something new and different I liked it I think this style of writing is very engaging The author pulls you in from beginning to end I like the action, heart, sexiness, romance, and the humor I would never guess the author s first language is not English This is a great book You should differently check it out See what you think

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