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    In conversations with 58 Cairo cab drivers, this entertaining novel is a street level and street smart portrait of the City on the Nile Each chapter is a character sketch, no two alike, though there is a theme that runs through most of them the near impossibility of making a living driving a taxi in this crowded and chaotic metropolis Each man has a story to tell, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes hilarious Taken together they are a lament for the country s economic problems, the undependability of government, and the frustrations of dealing with law enforcement and a vast bureaucracy that seems unable to operate without the payment of bribes at every turn.The quality of life, as observed by the men behind the wheel, is on a steady trend downward, and often their personal lives are cause for a yet additional string of grievances Wives complain children are intractable The narrator encounters, cynicism, despair, rage, fatalism, faith finally in a just and protecting God Meanwhile, relief from chagrin comes in the form of humor, as we listen in on an exchange of political and sexual jokes while drivers wait in a long queue at a petrol station And on rare occasions there s a man who has achieved a kind of beatific peace with it all If social and political realities are to be found beyond the limited vision of news coverage, this is the place to look.

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    Taxi is a title of a book that written by Khaled ALKhamissi and translated by Jonathan Wright Its include 179 pages and contain 58 different conversation stories that face the author with the taxi drivers in Cairo These number of stories talk about the life of Egyptian people especially the taxi drivers because they really suffer from the hard economic life and government problems in Egypt However, in this book the author concentrate on how the life was during the authority of Mubarak and how the people live Moreover, everyday the author has a different story with the taxi drivers and represent their hard life mix with heartbreaking and happiness The author in smart way discuss by telling these stories and problems that face the citizens in Egypt I like the book and i feel interested when i read it because you feel of the poor taxi drivers and how they suffering from their hard life but they still funny and kindness When i read this book i had a mix emotions of funny and heartbreaking stories for different drivers I would recommended to anyone to read this book because really you will feel interesting by knowing new part of the Egyptian society.

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    this book re triggered my appetite to reading after years of boycott, Khaled El Khamissi has a really wonderful ability of noticing tiny details and creating interesting tales out of them, the idea itself is also brilliant and unique.

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    Taxi is a collection of over 50 descriptions of fictional encounters with taxi drivers in Cairo It was published originally in Arabic in 2006 and was a bestseller in Egypt Imagine the kinds of conversations you might have with a taxi driver, here in Canada Depending on the news and sports cycles, you might be chatting about an upcoming election and how all the candidates are about the same anyway, or perhaps you might discuss how the price of gas is always going up just before the long weekend The Cairo taxi drivers conversations are also about those things that are affecting their everyday lives Their complaints and frustrations with the corruption and poverty give us a glimpse of the foundations of this year s Arab Spring Fascinating.

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    Very interesting introspection into the everyday life of modern Egyptians While it s not particularly scholastic or riveting, it does have a wonderful 1001 nights feel to it, almost like every little story tells you something about what these people are like Fully recommend it.

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    I read this book on the recommendation of my cousin who is yet to read this one The book is a monologue of 58 taxi drives and the snippet of conversations that occur during that drive Some of them are relatable, some sad truths of life, some reality of parents in middle class struggling to make ends meet and most of them seemed focused on political bashing affectionately called as Political satire by my buddy I was missing some sense of positivity in the stories, I would have loved if there was even 10% of positive versions vs the 90% of people voicing their problems Having had my share of taxi rides in the Gulf, I can vouch with a large amount of certainty that not all taxi drivers are out there to cry about their problems, many of them love to share their achievements too, no matter how big or small, I was missing this balance in the narration and hence it became a task for me to just finish the book, finish what i started The book however has a very unique way of portraying Egypt to someone who has never visited the place, and the daily struggles narrated by the drivers are relevant in today s world in most countries, not just Egypt alone.

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    These short stories will depict you what it feels to live in Cairo What is feels to drive an old rusty taxi, to renew your driving licence or to witness a family meltdown One does not need fancy reporters or fancy articles to show you how Egyptians live This book will show all its misery and glory From bitter and pessimistic drivers to extremely cheerful and optimistic drivers One will just ask for and After reading this book I just wanted to board a plane a go to Cairo and to listen to their stories.

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    I read this book two weeks after the protests started in Egypt in early 2011 and the 58 short taxi driver stories put a modern country I know little about into perspective Through these experiences the reader can understand how all of the animosities and frustrations of common, everyday Egyptians toward their government ran by Mubarak for 30 years have festered, built up, and finally boiled over Unlike many government officials sitting in their office, the taxi drivers drive the streets all day long and can feel the pulse of the general populace and has a true sense where a nation is going Each short dialogue speaks volumes.Whenever I get inside a taxi, whether it is in NYC, DC, Las Vegas, or where ever, it is interesting to learn about the person driving the car More often than not I find drivers are immigrants putting in the long hours trying to turn a profit so that they can provide a better life for their family Compassion and understanding must be felt for the taxi drivers in Egypt who only want the same thing but find it difficult because of all the corruption and predatory lending by banks.This compilation of short stories broadcasts the injustices and deficiencies of the Egyptian system to the world not to cause trouble, but to stimulate conversation and and internal dialogue between the Egyptian people and their government to bring about meaningful change Four years has passed since the publishing of Khaled Al Khamissi s Taxi and the problems then are still here I hope the protests result in a new government with new reforms and can listen to the people so that Egyptian society will benefit.

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    Taxi by Khaled AlKhamissiThe collection of small snippets of the conversations and happenings of taxi drivers in Cairo creates a wider portrayal of Egyptian society Revealing political sentiments although the author has to be extremely careful about what he actually says and how he says there are numerous footnotes that the author has added to reinforce his neutrality towards different political opinions in the book We are given characters who feel immense love for Egypt, and others who only dream to leave it We meet characters who see a future in Egypt, and others that have lost all hope in themselves and the system The system is what brings all of these taxi drivers together they are joint in the fact that they are victims of the system It is clear that these short stories are the calm before the storm There are bursts of anger that pop out from the stories, but there is an overwhelming sense of a building atmosphere that will soon explode into the Arab Spring AlKhamissi does a clever thing by showing the uprising to be a result of everyone s anger i.e Not just students, or intellectuals , it was the revolution of the people, and even the taxi driver had something to say.The two short stories that stood out the most were number nine and number forty two.

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    Taxi is a book that written by Khaled Alkhamissi and translated by Jonathan Wright This book contains fifty eight short stories about different Egyptian drivers stories It talks about how the life of Egyptians people is hard and how they are suffering from bad government and poor economic life I like this book because I felt excited and interested when I started to read it and as I am a person who hates reading I had to find interesting book to motivates me to read and this book has succeeded In addition, I like the way of writing this book the writer used to write the bad life and poor economic life in Egypt in funny way He wants to tell the world how Egyptians are suffering in their country during the ruling of Hosni Mubarak in clever way I am extremely recommending this book to read.

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