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Evolution, Me & Other Freaks of Nature summary Evolution, Me & Other Freaks of Nature, series Evolution, Me & Other Freaks of Nature, book Evolution, Me & Other Freaks of Nature, pdf Evolution, Me & Other Freaks of Nature, Evolution, Me & Other Freaks of Nature ffc7833b00 I Knew Today Would Be UglyIt S The First Day Of High School For Mena, And Already Her World Looks Bleak She S An Outcast, All Her Former Friends Hate Her, Even Her Parents Barely Speak To Her Any And Why Because She Tried To Do The Right Thing And Then Everything Went WrongBut Can A Cute, Nerdy Lab Partner His Bossy, Outspoken Sister And An Unconventional, Imaginative Science Teacher Be Just What Mena Needs To Turn Her Life Around Or Will The Combination Of All Of Them Only Make Things Worse As Mena Is About To Find Out, It S The Freaks Of Nature Who Survive For Fun, Science Oriented Young Adult Books Featuring Smart Girls And Smart Teens, Check Out These Additional Titles By Robin Brande FAT CATPARALLELOGRAM Series

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    In case you don t know this about me, I am agnostic It is beyond my understanding why so many people think that it is impossible to be a religious person and accept science I can roll and roll my eyes at those who relentlessly assert that the Earth s age is 6000 years and people walked the Earth along with dinosaurs I am sorry, I understand there is a lot of unexplained about our Universe and some choose to attribute this unexplainable to a God s grace, but denying scientifically proven facts is the height of ignorance and narrow mindedness IMO This novel addresses exactly this issue how to reconcile religious believes and science and should be right up my alley Alas, it didn t work for me.Here is why to put it simply, Evolution, Me Other Freaks of Nature lacks subtlety and reads like anti religious propaganda Even I, with my agnostic believes, can t appreciate uniformly one dimensional off putting LOTR denouncing Christian characters in this book.

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    My friend Janina recommended this to me after I had read Brande s other book Fat Cat and absolutely loved it and I must say that this was a really nice read as well I didn t love it as much as Fat Cat but still, I enjoyed it thoroughly.You can see from the blurb what the story s about so I won t go into that any further Evolution, Me and Other Freaks of Nature does have an awww worthy romance included but it s not the thing the story mostly revolves around IMO, the main topic is how to reconcile facts and beliefs This was extremely interesting for me, since I m very conflicted about this subject myself.I definitely recommend this book, the writing is flawless and I like Brande s sense of humor and overall the story is really enjoyable but if you re simply looking for a contemp YA romance, Evolution, Me and Other Freaks might not serve this purpose since the story does not focus on it My favorite quotes Lying is for the weak minded If you can t think of a truthful way to solve your problems, you re not thinking hard enough. That s what it takes to survive the freaks shall inherit the earth. Hell yeah In science the word theory doesn t mean what it does in everyday conversation It s not a guess or a hunch It s a well reasoned, PROVABLE explanation for something we see in the natural world.In science, it s not a theory s job to become a fact Theories are there to EXPLAIN facts To tell us why we re seeing what we see That s the beauty of a unifying theory like evolution it gives us a structure so we can understand our world.The future is not set Which tells me there will always be room for the miraculous God left Himself some slack in the rope As a scientist, I may try to know everything about this universe there is to know, but even then I will never be able to touch that part that mystery that lies at the heart of all things To me, that s where God is.

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    I really wanted to like this book I thought that it was going to be so much then what it wasBut it wasn t You see, I was hoping for this nice story about how a seemingly Christian girl found a way to defend her faith and what she s believed all her life You know, like, Live Out Loud or something Instead, I watched as Mena who overall was a very believable character to be sure learned about and then believed in something that I absolutely do not agree with.As far as characters go, I didn t like the portrayal of Mena s old church friends because while there are of course some people out there who are like that, most aren t Really, they aren t Certain characters that I did like and actually came close to adoring were her science partner, Casey, and his older sister Kayla and her boyfriend Josh They were really intriguing and realistic characters I think that quite a bit of thought went into making them believable Other aspects of the book that I liked were how the plot and drama were built up I completely agree with the other reviewers who said that the time right before the climax was the most exciting part of the entire story it really was Another small detail that I liked were the puppies, which sounded absolutely adorable Overall, if you believe in evolution, but you also believe in God then you will love this book If you re like me and only believe in one or the other, you may have difficulties enjoying this book as you ll constantly feel like your guard is up against what you re reading.

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    This totally takes a spot in my top 5 for 2007 This coming from the guy who doesn t seriously practice a religion or affiliate himself with any church, herd, or mob Absolutely amazing, touching, funny, thought provoking..wow Brande presents us with a girl s struggle to remain faithful to her personal Christian beliefs while a learning for herself that science and religion can mix.b coming to terms with the fact that the Christian clique at her school her old gang certainly doesn t act Christian at all but they wear all the right Jesus t shirts while physically assaulting or belittling others c that doing the right thing can cause an unbelievable amount of turmoil.And it s this right thing that lands Mena Reece in a ton of trouble entering her freshman year of high school It s an extremely timely, important, and even fun book to read that I hope will have a lot of appeal, regardless of religious affiliation

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    I recognized the cover of this book at the library and decided to pick it up I didn t have anything else to do, so I read it immediately I, ack, love this book Love it like I would propose to this book if it was a person love But that s just it, I loved this book, which is why I gave it five stars I think it s amazing Butalas, it s not that great of a book.There is lots of lecturing, first of all Which didn t really bother me because what the book was lecturing wasn t bad, but it s still lecturing all the same Which doesn t have a place in a book unless, you know, it s like a textbook, where you re supposed to lecture, I believe.However, I would not consider this book to be anti Christian What Would Emma Do , another book I believe I rated five stars and loved, seemed actually quite anti Christian That didn t stop me from loving it, but still This book isn tat least to me The main character, Mena, who I keep wanting to call Mara, starts out believing in God and continues to do so At first I thought the author was going to play the whole Mena finds science and learns the truth thing, but she doesn t To me, she handles the entire situation quite well But I have to admit that at times the lecturing can come off as anti Christianish and eye roll worthy.Note to self whatever you do in your novel, don t lecture Good lecturing or not it always brings down a book.Anyway, the backstory of the book, SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS DON T CLICK TEH BUTTON IF YOU DON T WANT TO BE SPOILED view spoiler Danny, a kid who Mena s church was harassing because he was gay, attempted suicide Mena, who had not participated in such harassment but had still stood by and watched it happened, felt so awful that she wrote a letter to Danny detailing how sorry she was for everything that occurred Said letter contained everything Mena s church friends did to drive him over the edge Danny s parents obtained the letter and used it as evidence to hacking cough rightfully sue the ever loving pants off of everyone in the church who was involved.Everyoneincluding all of Mena s friends Which is why they hate her I would just say that Mena needs to suck it up and get better friends, but that s not even the worst of it Her parents provide insurance to everyone in the church You know, everyone who was sued And they, the church people, could sue Mena s parents for not having insurance that protected them from being sued in the first place Or something It s very, very complicated Basically, what Mena did could bankrupt her parent s business Which is why they her parents hate her Well, not exactly hate Just really, really dislike.So Mena is trying to lay low at school when she s paired up with this great nerdy guy named Casey as a lab partner And then everything goes down for her from there hide spoiler

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    I wasn t sure how I was going to feel about this book in the end Some personal backgroundI m a Christian with a degree in Zoology whose favorite class at the Christian University I attended was Evolution So, I suspected up front, that I d either love or hate Evolution, Me and Other Freaks of Nature.For the first half of the book, I felt like the characters were too one dimensional evil, uptight, judgmental Christian pastor and kids smart, cool, savvy science teacher mean, controlling religious parents kind, open hearted nonreligious parent Even though I was skeptical during the beginning of the book, I ended up loving how Robin Brande tied everything up at the end of the book The characters are not as one dimensional as they seem at first I loved the main character, Mena She s a good girl, just trying to do what she believes is right I appreciated that she wasn t a push over but still struggled with balancing all of her beliefs.I d recommend this book to any older teen I d give it 4.5 if I could This is a subject that most kids will grapple with in one way or another It s a good book to back up with parental discussion.

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    Robin Brande has definitely become one of my favourite authors with this book I loved her second novel, Fat Cat, and her debut, Evolution, Me Other Freaks of Nature, was great as well.Mena believes she did the right thing but the right thing got her kicked out of church, made her former friends hate her and caused her parents to stop talking to her altogether Not the best situation to start your first year of high school.The only bright spot is Mena s biology class and her lab partner Casey But just when Mena believes she might have the chance for a fresh start, new issues arise as the class starts to discuss evolution I simply loved the characters in this book Mena and her struggle to belong somewhere again, not knowing any what is wrong and what is right Casey and his lovable family who made Mena feel at home right away and of course the adorable puppies who came to be the stars of Mena s and Casey s biology project.And Brande even did a great job at making me hate Mena s so called former friends, who believe they do others a favour by trying to convert them.Although I m not a religious person at all myself, I could understand Mena s struggle to unite her belief in God on one side and her interest in science on the other Also, despite the fact that this novel adresses somewhat controversial issues, it always left the reader to form her his own opinion about them and it never got preachy in any way I found it interesting to read about the fact that evolution versus creationism is still an issue at many American schools, as it is something we almost don t deal at all with here in Germany.And I simply love the fact that Brande s main characters are into maths and science, something I ve rarely encountered in YA fiction before.The only thing I wished would have been developed a bit was Mena s realtionship to her parents.Altogether, a great read and I can t wait to read whatever Robin Brande comes up with next

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    I just finished this book, devouring it in one sitting I loved several things about Evolution, Me and other Freaks of Nature first, that it made me think, second, that I could relate to it and third, that there was a cute, funny, nerdy guy in it But this wasn t just a light teen book this book had real stuff in it stuff that makes you think and question your own beliefs always a good thing, in my opinion so you come to understand WHY you believe what you believe in All the characters in this book are 3D and a lot of fun and I always like reading about smart, caring and inspiring teachers who take the time to make sure students are not just fed information, but are active participants in their own learning Great job by author Robin Brande and I can t wait to see what she comes out with next.

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    Before I start my rant, let me give credit where credit is due.The main characters are fairly interesting There are churches like the one portrayed in the book though I ve only heard of them There are Christians or at least professing Christians who believe in Evolution.That being said, here are my problems with this book Now, I waited some time before writing this so it didn t turn into a flame review, so some details may now have escaped me 1 The false dichotomy Brande sets the story up and basically gives the reader two options The crazy cult church who believes in Creationism as taught in the Bible but who are inept at defending their beliefs and who in many ways does not act like a Christian should OR The rational, good, kind Christian evolutionists In this book, there s no in between Creationism in this book is equated with unbalanced, unbiblical believers.2 It would be nice if Brande did her homework on such things as the fossil record Now, I m not a scientist by any means, but I know enough from a couple college classes to know that Brande casts broad generalizations and completely ignores the evidence pointing to Creation as shown in the Bible She doesn t address the problem of having Evolution begin before the Fall and she doesn t address the lack of fossils to support Evolution A lot is just presupposed Now, I understand this is a work of fiction, but that s not a good excuse for shoddy research And since the main plot is her struggle with this topic, these things should be addressed.3 Now, this one made me really mad taking the Bible out of context Several times the main character takes Scripture out of context to erroneously support Evolution.Note I am a believer, and I fully believe in Creation as it is given in the Bible Microevolution, which we see among species, can be seen and proven and is supported by Scripture kinds in Genesis Macroevolution is a theory and a worldview and in many ways a belief system or religion Many evidences in creation can be read through this lens or through Creationist lens for instance, Evolutionists and Creationists have different views on such things as the Grand Canyon Either way, you re reading your own view onto the evidence.

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    I loved this book So much so that I m planning to buy it so I can reread it often It s a YA book about a Christian girl and her struggles to reconcile what she believes about God and what she learns about evolution in her high school biology class Since I love science and I m religious, this has always been an interesting subject to me My favorite passage came towards the end Mena the main character is talking with someone about religion and evolution I believe that God created the universe and everything in it, and that evolution is the best explanation of what systems He used to effect it there is a natural order to the universe It s beautiful in its simplicity and logic Evolution is part of that natural order Evolution is simply true There s nothing evil about it quantum physics tells us that at the same time there s this beautiful, perfect order to all things in a very large sense, there is also a part of our universe down at the smallest level that will never EVER be predictable There are just some things we cannot control.What it means, in a nutshell, is this The future is not set Which tells me there will always be room for the miraculous God left Himself some slack in the rope As a scientist, I may try to know everything about this universe there is to know, but even then I will never be able to touch that part that mystery that lies at the heart of all things.To me, that s where God is And it s also proof that I have free will If the future isn t set, I can affect my course My prayers can matter How I live my life matters I m not just some computer living out my program.That is the God I believe in It s the God who created a universe so vast and wonderful for me to explore and test and observe, and yet I have the pleasure of knowing some mysteries will have to wait until i can ask Him face to face I breezed through this little book in an afternoon I couldn t put it down, so we had a very simple dinner I d recommend it to anyone.

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