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    2.5 I m feeling generous with the round up to three.First if you are looking for an outbreak book involving the risk of an end of humanity while a group of intrepid heroes fight for survival this is not that book There is very little actual outbreak, it is only a side plot to the main story I do enjoy the stories Cook is trying to tell, but sometimes it is a struggle to get through them I feel like he really has a cool story and fascinating ideas, but that he is not a very good writer There is a fine line between an enjoyable book without a lot of depth and a cringe worthy jumble of coincidences and forced plot points Also his formula seems to be the following a bumbling but attractive female lead who lacks good common sense, makes poor decisions, and receives chauvinistic treatment from a slew of arrogant male leads two or three of which she is considering sleeping with Just switch the plot around and you have 3 out of every 4 Cook novels.I will keep reading Cook because I want to see if it gets better and I am running out of Crichton novels.

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    I was a big Cook fan at one time Outbreak presents a very scary and distressing topic The romance was overdone though.

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    That was pretty disappointing, really I once read some advice that said if the author s name is larger than the title of the book, you should avoid it This book may be evidence to support that I mean, it was published in 1988 sure, but it was basically a Nancy Drew mystery with a medical setting With the level of writing prowess to matchThere isn t much of a synopsis I can provide that isn t covered by the book s description There are outbreaks of Ebola, and a doctor from the CDC is investigating to find out why That s really just about it.The first half of the book was really iffy I ve studied epidemiology and I find it very interesting, so I enjoyed it, but it really reads like a documentary discussing what would happen if a serious disease were to break out and what steps would be taken to contain it Now, having studied epidemiology, it really wasn t saying anything new to me, either, but it felt like the author really wanted you to know that they know what they re talking about here What s worse, it s re described for every subsequent case Each and every time she goes into a room with a patient, the book describes her putting on her protective gear bit by bit, observing sterile procedures, minimizing chances of spreading or contracting the virus, washing her hands once she s done no seriously, we get it They do the same fucking thing for each case.The second half of the book was a bit better, although it was your standard generic action movie style story of rushing to get to the evidence whatever before the bad guys get to the protagonist I have to confess I kinda skimmed through some of it because I was in a hurry to come write a bitchy review Nothing new here, and nothing all that interesting either really, although it s not a complete waste of time if you re just looking for a distraction for a couple of hours It also requires a bit of suspension of belief when you start delving into motives and whatnot, but as long as you re not looking for any real mental stimulationUnfortunately for this book, the somewhat interesting descriptions of how to handle a virus outbreak is interrupted by cheesy romance drama The entire country is at risk from a seriously infectious virus that has a 94% fatality rate, and her boss stops to hit on her When she rebuffs him, he spends the entire rest of the book making her life and very important job difficult because his nose is out of joint from the rejection What s WORSE She feels GUILTY about not going along with it and wonders over and over again if she should have just slept with him Oh and also two other guys are hitting on her throughout the book but she s just so humble and self conscious that she doesn t really realize it view spoiler Gee I wonder if one of them will turn out to be the bad guy Nah it couldn t possibly be oh he was I see hide spoiler

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    reader gives book a long, evil side eye So, uh, let me get this straight..Very tiny, super attractive doctor stumbles upon Big Evil Conspiracy Very tiny, super attractive doctor gets hit on by every man around her that s not trying to kill her Very tiny, super attractive doctor somehow manages to be almost completely inept on a personal level, makes horrible choices, and still manages to save the day.Very tiny, super attractive doctor completely forgives guy who was a complete buttpucker to her for the majority of the novel at the end, and we re to assume a happily every after.Oh, also, there s mention of Ebola now and then grumbles and stomps off

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    This was a disappointing book To its credit, the novel lives up to its reputation as a fast paced medical thriller The story begins with mysterious outbreaks of Ebola appearing in different hospitals of the country, with no initially obvious connection between them A new doctor from the CDC is assigned to find out why the early outbreaks are occurring and help contain them, and she gets drawn into a political mystery thriller plot Why the mediocre review I was turned off by the romantic drama, which seemed cheesy, sexist, and outdated Although our female heroine is a very competent young doctor, I found it annoying that the author had to mention how beautiful and sexy all the men in the book found her on virtually every page Multiple coworkers put the moves on her, and no man acts like merely a good platonic friend toward her The book was written in the 1980s not the 1950s, so I think he could have done better The doctor s boss at the CDC even got angry after she refused to go on a date with him, and he subsequently started treating he poorly and took her off the case Normally, I don t mind a good romantic subplot in a fast paced thriller, but this one annoyed me and detracted from the overall flow of the novel

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    I found Outbreak a little hard to get into at first, but it slowly progressed into a very intriguing medical thriller.

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    This was a well written and gripping book, but I don t see it as a genre that I could really get into Medical thriller It s a bit too technical a lot of medical jargon that I didn t get, although most of the concepts are explained in layman s terms and it seems to be targeted to a small audience of doctors or other members of the medical profession who happen to like mysteries On the other hand, Robin Cook is surprisingly adept as a writer, and his book stands alone without requiring the reader s prior interest in medicine Dr Marissa Blumenthal, the main character, is a very likable and realistic character, and by the end of the book the reader feels as if s he is personally acquainted with her The other characters are equally realistic Overall, I thought this was a good book, but I don t know if this is really my type of genre For those of you who like mystery, this book fits the bill, regardless of its medical theme For people who are not particular fans of the genre, however, they may not like this book.

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    Have you seen the movie Outbreak Well this book is NOTHING like it Yes, the Ebola virus is used as a weapon Yes, someone from the CDC is investigating The similarity ends there.A young CDC doctor is sent to an outbreak of what turns out to be Ebola virus in L.A Then similar outbreaks occur in St Louis, Phoenix, Philadelphia, and New York She becomes convinced that someone is using the virus as a weapon To find out who, she must deal with bureaucracy, a sexually harrassing boss, and murderers hunting her down, to say nothing of the virus itself.This was a good book, and I enjoyed it quite a bit For a scientific based book, it still reads well even twenty one years after it was written My main complaint with the book was that it is pretty short, and some of the scenes could have been fleshed out a little Even so, it is suspenseful and enjoyable, and I d recommend it to anyone looking for a quick read.

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    Since I ve read most of Robin Cook s books, and rate them all a 3, one would wonder why I keep buying them, right I consider this an Airplane book, that is, a good read when you re sitting in an uncomfortable seat and can t move your arms much, and need something to distract you from the world around you A solid, fun, read, good for the beach, the deck, or a long airplane ride, when all you want is to escape to another world and another life Something that holds your attention, and doesn t require a great deal of thinking or examining of your path in life.I rate books a 5 when they are life changing, a 3 when they are just a good read So regardless of my 3 rating, I will most likely continue to buy all of Robin Cook s books.

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    Robin Cook writes great medical thrillers He s one of the best I go to Grisham for legal thrillers I m looking for better writers who do as well or better than these two.

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