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    The Watermelon King is a quick read that will have you engaged until the very last page I found myself invested in the brothers journey and wanting to know how it would turn out The stories about the grandfather are outrageously funny and entertaining They made me wish that I had a chance to meet him In the end, Royse was able to tie everything together in such a way that put a smile on my face I m so glad I read this book You will be too

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    I like to think I m not biased about this

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    Reviewing this book, after winning a copy through goodreads Really enjoyed this book A very well written compelling book An easy read.

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    I am always intrigued by stories of other people s adventures abroad I am in awe of their ability to survive in harsh climates with nothing than the packs on their back Stories about Africa seem to intrigue me the most I know that it is a very beautiful continent, and I know that there is still a lot of ugliness there At the beginning of this book, Daniel promises to just tell it like it is, the good, the bad, and the ugly, and he did.The majority of the story in Africa tells of the brothers journey from Ethiopia to Kenya I can perfectly picture the various modes of transportation, the hotel rooms, the busy streets, and the potential hostile encounters that he describes I cannot imagine trying to travel that way, and yet am curious about seeing it for myself.This story about Africa is the framework of the story Just as Africa runs on its own meandering time, so does this story about their African adventure In fact, I found myself wanting from that part of the story I want to know of their experiences, though I know the purpose of the story was to tell of their travels south and to share their father s writings.Their father s stories about his own father, known as The Watermelon King, were extremely interesting and amusing The man sounds like a real trip and someone I would have enjoyed meeting You can tell that someone else wrote these stories, as the voice definitely changes They are interspersed throughout the African adventure, supposedly shared at each point where Daniel actually read them along the way.Throughout much of the book, it was hard to see why these two stories were interwoven, other than Daniel was reading them to help pass time while traveling in Africa At the same time, you can see that he is learning about himself and his heritage as he reads these stories, sort of how he and his brother are finding out about themselves and each other as they travel through Africa It isn t some deep and profound realization that shatters their world and turns it inside out like in those big novels that were turned into movies This one felt a bit realistic And again, they were entertaining.It is not a typical memoir and I am ashamed to say that I am struggling to put my finger on just what made it so different These two worlds being described are so different You wonder why they are together, and yet, it makes perfect sense I am glad I had the opportunity to read it and hope that Daniel shares of his adventure stories with us.I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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    Book Review originally published here The Watermelon King, Dean and his younger brother embark on a journey across Africa But when they enter Northern Kenya, they venture into badit territory, and a medical emergency forces them to choose between dafety and health What I thought was most intriguing about the book was that it was inspired by true events It shows the beauty of Africa, and the struggles of the continent, as well as the beauty of travel and the dangerous part of it As a reader, you go along on the journey, and you live through it alongside the characters.The connection to the past works well For me, having never been in Africa before, the novel did a great job describing the settings I could actually picture being there, and the book certainly inspired me to go there some day.The writing was excellent and pulled me right into the story If you love travel, I would recommend this book.

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    Absolutely loved it My friend recommend it to me and it kept me engaged all the way I loved how the story moved seamlessly between Africa and North Dakotasomething that I wouldn t have thought was possiblelol.

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    Loving this book so far

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    Great book, easy read.and learned a lot about East Africa Loved it

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    Really enjoyed this so much 4.5 stars.Review on my blog author spotlight Watermelon King is humorous, thirst quenching, and full of little pips, trials and tribulations The hard shell that holds it together is undoubtedly the subsidiary story about the brothers grandfather that sits in between the backpacking tale what a salesman, and when he got ill, what a fighter I d highly recommend The Watermelon King to those who love to travel This novel will particularly appeal to backpackers who enjoy exploring off the beaten track destinations, and for those with a sense of adventure which matches their ability to find humour in all sorts of circumstances This isn t for the package holiday makers. who like plush comforts, and five star hotels Or for those who prefer to sit on the beach, oil themselves, and turn over This is about the real Africa, that most travellers never get to see The real Africa, may not be comfortable, the food may be dire, the buses non existent but nevertheless there is a charm that transcends all that, making the experience an unforgettable smile which is etched on the heart of those who experience it.I loved The Watermelon King I thought I would It did not disappoint I read it on the way to work, whilst travelling on the bus and it really made me smile.

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    The Watermelon King, which features two juxtaposed story lines, reminded me of the structure of Fried Green Tomatoes The main story is an adventure of two brothers as they make their way through the small towns and sometimes frightening roads of Africa The second read by the main character his grandfather s stories of becoming The Watermelon King and running a large scale fruit stand.Both parts were equally enjoyable, and the read fairly quick.While interesting, the African story failed to make me want to go on an African adventure, although this was probably not the author s goal More than once I could picture myself there feeling trapped with no way home There were many days or riding bumpy, hot vehicles through long stretches of nothing, only to end up in small towns with one hotel, a restaurant with only one offering, and a dingy bar for entertainment.Ethan, the author s foil, was mostly an annoying He spent his time whining about the food, accommodations, and about going to the beach He eventually becomes inflicted with a fairly serious mosquito bite which causes them to cancel their plans.The gems were the stories of the grandfather, which were scattered throughout the book These included, starting his business with a watermelon scheme which led him to becoming the Watermelon King, buying and selling used cars for a profit, a great white shark roadside attraction my favorite , playing tricks on his simply minded employees and dealing with the town mayor by dripping ice cream on his office carpet I was given a free copy to read for the Book of the month in the group Book Club Young Adult Edition for Authors Looking directly for Readers

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The Watermelon King download The Watermelon King , read online The Watermelon King , kindle ebook The Watermelon King , The Watermelon King 5150979cd7fa After Being Laid Off From His Job At A Prestigious Consulting Firm, Dean Decides To Embark On A Journey Across East Africa With His Younger Brother Unknowingly, They Travel Into Bandit Territory Where A Medical Emergency Forces Them To Choose Between Their Safety And Their Health Inspired By True Events, The Watermelon King Follows The Journey Of Two Brothers As They Backpack Across One Of East Africa S Most Inhospitable Regions As They Endure Endless Days Of Difficult Travel, A Series Of Short Stories Written By Their Father Begins To Uncover Their Inherent Desire For Adventure And Their Connection To The Past Along The Way They Begin To Understand The Beauty And Frustration Of Life In Africa