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    Third read June 2016 Update after second read in April 2015 I added this book to my Fuck yeah, 5 stars shelf because it just does it for me Absolutely wonderful comfort read I can t wait to forget enough of it to read it again.This was an absolutely delightful, low angst love story for those that just want to be carried away and get lost in the story MC Matthew Blake is a diligent, serious, hard working medical student MC Andrew Maynard is his fair, honest, attractive instructor After weighing the pros and cons of an intimate relationship, the two decide to take the plunge and sleep together, consequences be damned, and we are treated to some SERIOUSLY hot D s lite sex that will surely boil your blood.The best part of this M M romance was watching these two men fall in love It was a romance lover s dream So sweet and perfect, calm and quiet I enjoyed every moment and know I will be coming back to this book when I need something soft and soothing for my soul.Highly recommended for all M M romance readers

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    1.5 STARSThis was one of the worst m m I ve read EVER I rarely give 1 star, but this book was something else It was so bad that I can t believe I actually finished Almost everything in this book was poorly done First and foremost, I m not even sure I can label this book as a romance, mainly because I didn t felt the romance between the two main characters Needless to say, I didn t feel the connection between them And it s mentioned than once what strong connection the two MC have Where This story is very forgettable, because this book wasn t really about anything.The plot Where s the plot This story doesn t actually have a plot Maybe it s hard to believe, but this is the ugly truth I think this is my first book with this kind of problem The book is written is dual POV which most of the time I enjoy, but in this case was annoying Why Because the POV changes with every chapter So in 272 pages we have 44 chapters This was really necessary It was annoying and frustrating as hell Both MC work in the medical field, so are many medical terms etc At first it was interesting and refreshing to read about some new things, since I don t read very often this kind of books But here it was way too much There s a scene, a sex scene, where one of the characters describe in medicals terms where he kissed the other MC Helix, triangular fossa, concha, lobule, tragus WTF was that Unfortunately this is not the only time So yeah, not even the sex scenes were satisfying What was supposed to be an intense and hot sex scene became something that I really didn t enjoy reading it Another thing that annoyed me was the fact that the two men use a lot of latex And not only condoms, but gloves too This was my first time reading about this I understand the need to stay safe, but here both men were paranoiac Really The good part is the BDSM is very light here.The two MC were not developed enough to feel connected in some way with them I didn t feel that I was knowing them I know how they look and that s all Their backgrounds as a men and Dom Sub is missing Andrew, one of the MC is divorce and has a son It s not mentioned why he divorced, is he is gay or bi etc To say I didn t cared much about them will be a big understatement They fell for each other after two weeks or less, I can t even remember Maybe this is OK, but when both get to know each other Here they fucked and that s it My 0.5 STAR is for the effort and for some medical terms Too bad the author exaggerated using them Overall, I can t say I recommend this one

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    3.5 stars There was nothing wrong with this book, per say, I just didn t buy into their romance I don t know why but I felt detached from the characters and didn t ever fully engage with the story I liked the fact that it was a well researched medical fiction story but it became a little clinical for even me at times I also wasn t into the constant use of latex gloves during sex super odd I didn t mind the light BDSM here, I think it worked I don t know, it was cute but not memorable for me.

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    Hey, que me ha gustado Honestamente le veo un par de cosas importantes que pueden hacer rechinar dientes, cosas que no s por qu milagro del cielo, me la han repampimflado esta vez xDDDDDDUna cosa est clara, el libro tiene mal el t tulo, deber a llamarse m s bien Bad Case of InstaTodo , porque querid s, ste el el caso de instaeverything m s fuerte que he visto en mucho tiempo, en 2 semanas view spoiler pasan de ser profesor y alumno a ser enamorados amantes y vivir juntos, uno de ellos adem s tiene un hijo de 12 a os que est requetecontento con el novio del padre al que apenas conoce y que apoya el que se vaya a vivir con ellos WTFFFFFFFFFF hide spoiler

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    I thought Andrew and Matthew were great The narration going back and forth was a little confusing at first, but once I got used to it was nice to get both their points of view on the relationship This was a nice, sweet read.

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    This book wasn t what I expected at all With the fisting, piercings, D s theme, drugs, and the moral dilemma of the relationship, mentioned in other reviews, I was sure I d be in for a kinky ride.Instead I got a book about two men falling in love And above anything else it s a simple, but warm, love story.Not to say that all of the mentioned kinks wasn t a part of the story, because it certainly was, it just wasn t the focus of the book.There s a list a mile long of things I liked about this book, starting with how much I ended up adoring Andrew and Matthew, including the political views, or should I call it professional integrity, of Andrew, adding a Hello Kitty t shirt, and an imaginary beer tower made of empty wine bottles Ending with the absolute clever writing and subtle humor It made me smile And a big kudos to the writer for managing to include pretty detailed descriptions of muscle groups and illnesses, and hospital policies, without making it boring for someone like me that struggle with medical words complicated than bandaid and painkillers There s also a short list of things I didn t like that much, which is keeping me from giving this a shining 5 star My main niggle is the overuse of latex, in all forms and shapes, but mostly the hundred pairs of latex gloves that gets used during these sexual encounters There s safe sex, then there s clean sex And clean sex is taking something that should be passionate and messy, into the land of sterile and cold.The POV jumping was also a bit too much, and I found myself rereading the first page of a chapter than once, to figure out in which head I was currently residing It made the story a little choppy for me, but not enough to get annoying.And then there s the 11 year old son with the vocabulary of a 20 year old But maybe he was just really smart I just have one little thing to say hot damn piercings Ngggghhhh D

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    A wonderful book I d give it than five stars if there were to give The author manages to balance that difficult relationship between a medical student and his supervising doctor in a most tasteful way There s no hint of dependency abuse and not the slightest hint that the two men aren t equals in every possible way except for their professional relationship Although Andrew might be the leader in real life Matthew is the dominant in bed The subject of D s is approached at a new angle here, without all the formalisms of safe words and spankings and mind games, just something both men can provide for each other The childlike inferiority of the sumissive that so bothered me in other books of the genre isn t present here, not once, and still there is no doubt that not only Matthew fulfills Andrew s needs, it is true the other way round, too.Set in the British NHS background at a hospital in London, this book is thoroughly researched, realistic in his setting to the detail Since the story is so gripping, the few conveniently made up solutions to major problems like losing one s job or dealing with drug abuse are easily forgiveable A book with two heroes who won my heart immediately, so brilliantly written it fills me with awe and envy A read and read again book, a comfort read, and a wonderful, encouraging story about love and trust.

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    Please, do not trust me, because I am a sucker for medical series ER, House MD, name them , so this book had an incredible appeal on me Plus, it s not angsty at all, it s sweet and hot and the two protagonists are hot and sweet.It was a light book, because there s a lot of irony The book alternates the point of view of Matthew the English student and Andrew the American instructor , but what s priceless in my opinion is that you can always hear the inner voice of the doctor in the character, it really made me snicker a lot of times The two are obsessed with safe sex, and it can t be any safer with them condoms, gloves, showers, etc It may feel too cold and clinical for a lot of people, because it detracts from spontaneity, but I like to think it was because they were really considerate of themselves and each other There is a dom sub theme, but it regards their sexual relationship, not really their lifestyle if this doesn t make sense to you, I could try to make it clearer Since Andrew has a cute and smart pre adolescent son from a previous marriage, I liked reading about the son s acceptance of his dad s lover Andrew s best friend, F, is a funny character Matthew s life with his set of roommates is hilarious.As I said before, there is no angst the two guys meet, are attracted to each other, have sex, fall in love but what won my 5 stars was the depiction of the medical environment and of the difficulties of providing the best health care when the system has a set of unbreakable rules which are against the ideal medical practice please note that the book is set in the UK, where there is National Health Service.

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    I really enjoyed this story Medical student Matthew and his supervisor Andrew begin a torrid love affair Fabulous chemistry here and smoking hot sex scenes There s a bit of employment angst but not a lot of relationship angst which was rather lovely This was probably one of the most medical stories that I ve read, lots of terminology and procedures It didn t feel clinical though and I enjoyed the warmth of the characters and their stories It has than a bit of kink in it so if you like your MM a bit vanilla this may not be the story for you but I found it a fabulous read with very charming characters.

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    This is a great book, angst free, no big misunderstandings, no phony problems, and even Andrew being in a supervising position didn t cause any real issue in the book.I was a bit reluctant to read this because of the BDSM, since I am not a big fan, but it is done so well and naturally in this book it wasn t an issue for me at all So, thanks to Anke for finally getting this one off my TBR pile and into my favorites

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Bad Case of Loving You download Bad Case of Loving You, read online Bad Case of Loving You, kindle ebook Bad Case of Loving You, Bad Case of Loving You c9fd84839869 Matthew Blake Is A Medical Student Who S Trying To Ignore His Various Roommates Wild Parties And Get Through His Classes He Definitely Needs Training In The Classroom, But Not The Bedroom, And He S Looking For Someone Who Suits His Very Specific Tastes Andrew Maynard Is His Instructor, A Doctor At A Prestigious British Hospital He S Bored, Tired Of The Students Who Don T Seem To Care What They Re Doing, And Ready For A Change He And Matthew Are Not Supposed To Be Attracted To Each Other, But They Can T Deny Their Undeniable Chemistry They Come Together With A Heat That Surprises Them Both They Face All Of The Difficulties That Come With The Teacher Student Dynamic, As Well As Unexpected Doctor S Strikes, Dealing With Andrew S Teenaged Son, And Hospital Red Tape They Also Learn Something About Themselves In Intimate Ways, As Andrew Gives In Happily To Matthew S Needs, Offering Up Submission That Leaves Matthew Stunned And Thrilled Andrew And Matthew Learn To Live, And Love Together, Giving And Taking In A Relationship That Leaves Them Both Surprised At What They Re Willing To Do For Love Are They Just What The Doctor Ordered