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  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • വിക്രമാദിത്യ കഥകള്‍
  • Anonymous
  • English
  • 19 May 2018
  • 9780140455175

10 thoughts on “വിക്രമാദിത്യ കഥകള്‍

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    The throne of King Vikramaditya lies buried under the earth before its unearthed may years later by King Bhoja When King Bhoja tries to ascend the throne after his coronation, he is stopped every time by each of the 32 statuettes.Each of these statuettes which are part of the throne then recites a tale of King Vikram Each tale glorifies the King by praising him as he espouses the virtues of honesty, chivalry, righteousness, generosity and bravery The statuette then asks King Bhoja that he can ascend the throne if he possesses these virtues thus making him suitable to sit upon such a throne that once adorned the mighty king Vikram.Each tale runs into 2 or 3 pages making this book a light read I believe this book is an object lesson in the qualities an ideal leader should possess thus making him revered among his subjects.

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    Simhasana Dvatrimsika is a classic tales of courage and compassion Vikramaditya 102 BCE to 15 CE, a legendary emperor of Ujjain, India, famed for his wisdom, valour and magnanimity The original author of the work is unknown The present text is dated to the thirteenth century AD It exists in four main recensions, from which extracts have been compiled together for the first time.

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    I like reading mythologies and folktales from anywhere in the world I knew next to nothing about ancient Indian stories, and I find them different and charming You d think thirty two stories of the same theme the great deeds of the mythical king would be boring by tale 10 or so I was concerned about this point, too, but wait there is a surprise Tale 17 the first of the second half of stories hints that there is to the narration of the statuettes and King Bhoja the king who attempts to mount the magic throne s willingness to listen.

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    Neat book A King should have Magnanimity, Daring and Courage Relates the tales of King Vikramaditya and the aspiring King Bhoja Favourite one was the Stopping of Saturn.

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    Somewhere between The Arabian Nights and Somadeva or even Valmiki Only weaker Though I m no Sanskritist Maybe approach it like this if you re randomly hankering for some Scheherazade one day night, try Vikramaditya instead If it s your first foray into the brilliant plane of Indian thought and myth, you ll probably be blown away If you already have the major Sanskrit classics under your belt, it ll maybe be resonant, but, I d bet, less amazing.

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    This is a book for anyone wanting to know about Sanskrit literature with folk roots The stories are repetitive probably because they are based on folklore The translation is, without a doubt, excellent.

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    There can not be boring book than this one oh wait there is oneFifty Shades of Grey complete waste of time.

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    Interesting, albeit with slightly repetitive moral messages.

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