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So Mote It Be (Circle of Three, #1) summary So Mote It Be (Circle of Three, #1), series So Mote It Be (Circle of Three, #1), book So Mote It Be (Circle of Three, #1), pdf So Mote It Be (Circle of Three, #1), So Mote It Be (Circle of Three, #1) c19190b112 With This Ribbon I Do BindMy Heart To Yours And Yours To MineLove, I Call You, Come To Me, As Is My Will, So Mote It BeKate Cast The Love Spell With Results Unforeseen She Cannot Stop It By Herself, But The Book Of Spells Tells Her Of Two Strangers Who Can Help Her If Only She Can Find Them

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    TBH I m pretty sure I read this as a kid to get ideas for spells and rituals.What can I say I was a weird kid It s not like I actually cast any spells Just owned a bunch of candles and stuff I didn t get too far into the series, because my interest in Wicca was fleeting.It was a pretty good story, though A unique angle for high school drama.

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    This series is not all I hoped it to be There are quite a few subliminals on trends for today The storyline seems fairly decent, but a person can only take so much of those lines in between like Ooo Isn t this dress great It makes me look just Britney Spears and No, no Green certainly isn t your color You don t want to look too much like Christina Aguilera I did, however, enjoy about 50% of the storyand I like that a fair amount of truth with Wicca came out in this book i.e Maypole Festivities If you re looking for a really great new series of books based on Paganism Wicca or supernatural, the I d suggest Cate Tiernan s SWEEP series books.

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    I want to read this so bad but I can t find it anywhere RIP.Literally me 2 seconds later nvm I found it on iBooks.I ve been feeling extra nostalgic lately and I wanted to read this series so much I read Through The Veil years and years ago I didn t realise it was part of a series when I bought it but I remember really liking it back then This series certainly have great premises I just really like the idea of girl friendship and Witchcraft It makes me think of Charmed, Buffy, and the whole 90s getups Will try to find the second book now

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    So Mote it Be was an extremely interesting book that intrigued way too much due to the amount of cold and flu medicine I was on That being said my buddy read comment may or may not make sense SORRY Book That being said, this review may or may not make sense as well because of that said medicine that I m still on Let s do this Okay so this book is about Kate Morgan who is a 16 year old girl and a basketball player She get s assigned a term paper about the witch trials that happened in the 17th century for one of her classes which leads to all of this magic stuff happening throughout the book At times I was confused because I thought I was reading some stuff wrong or maybe I just missed something on accident. but in the end I just kind of rolled with it and blamed on the medicine, sneezing, and overall feeling like crap.Overall, I still don t know how I feel about Kate s character Yeah she was head over heels over a stupid boy Then she started to kind of ditch her friends Then she started to dabble in magic THEN she started to ruin a lot of things and then try to make everything better It was entertaining to say the least but the end kind of confused me I definitely think I skimmed over something or just misread something because if Sherrie is evil then I don t know what is right in the world any Yeah she s cold and weird towards the end. and kind of annoying and mean. but ugh my mind was a little blown at the last page Well, now I m hooked and dying to know what the hell is going on and what the hell is going to happen in the next book I am going to search high and low, on kindle of course, and find this freaking book and READ IT DAMMIT I m sick. I have nothing else to do but read and sleep.

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    This book sadly wasn t as good as I remembered it but since that was almost 15 years ago I m not really surprised.What drew me to this years ago was Wicca and since I have lost interest in that this book wasn t as magical to me any PI like Kate She wasn t a great character but she wasn t bad Just average It took me a long time to figure out that Annie was one of the other three MC s so I m a bit concerned about that SI found Annie to be a really good character though She reminds me a bit of myself and of Tris from Tamora Pierce s books which is my favorite character.I like that Scott still likes her I m glad that ALMOST everything went back to normal.

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    It s the first book, so I ll give it some slack That said, it was written decently for a teen novel What was disappointing was how generic the story seemed It is basically every romance wicca tale you have ever heard of Girl sees boy Boy doesn t notice girl Girl discovers magic Etc It was alright but very very generic as a plot I feel like I ve read watched this very thing unfold a thousand times.Over all I like it for what it was, considering there don t seem to be many books of this sort around I m a fan of coming of age stories in general This certainly isn t anywhere on the level of Cate Tiernan s Sweep series, but it s not terrible I m already into book 2 and finding myself somewhat interested.There isn t anything particularly shocking that happens in my opinion, hence the 3 stars But, the generosity of the stars is based on the fact that the writing, while referencing pop culture a couple times here or there, wasn t actually all that bad for what this is It could use a bit emotion, a bit deeper character development, and a few twists to the plot.

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    From the Witchy Books Network review blog.Kate Morgan, a 16 year old, popular basketball player, is assigned a term paper on the witch trials of the 17th century Amongst the pile of books she checks out of the library, she finds an actual spellbook Skeptical at first, she decides to try a love spell to attract the football playing senior of her dreams When the spell goes haywire earning her the attentions of every guy in school and the ire of all their girlfriends she begins wishing that magic wasn t real after all Out of desperation, she discovers who checked out the spellbook before her, revealing two unlikely allies science whiz Annie Crandall and punk rocker Cooper Rivers As they work together to undo Kate s spell, Kate finds herself questioning everything about her world and is faced with a choice to leave magic behind completely, or to pursue this new path and see where it leads This book is a solid introduction to a wonderful series Admittedly, on its own it has its flaws a lot of the secondary characters feel like stereotypical high school students However, the injection of Wicca and magic spices it up enough to keep the reader interested By the end of the book, we se all three girls make small but cruicial steps towards growth and self discovery that make the rest of the series worth reading Circle of Three is unique in that it s probably the most realistic series we ll review here Isobel Bird wrote the books specifically to show the real world of Wicca And while some of the books dip into the explicitly supernatural book 3 Second Sight, book 5 In the Dreaming, book 11 The House of Winter , it basically takes place wholly in the real world and showcases actual Wiccan practices Sadly, the series is out of print However, the fansite Enter The Circle has a good rundown of all of your purchase options on their Buy the Books page And you can read an excerpt on the HarperCollins website.Book 1 Series

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    I about died from excitement when I saw on Overdrive a series that jumped out to me I used to read these books ALL the time as a kid It was cheap, flimsy paperbacks put on the crap revolving shelves at my library and it took forever to turn them around and find the exact book you wanted My YA section was so small It was one shelf unit, back to front and that was about it Thankfully, my new library is much larger and seems to be investing quite heavily in ebooks through Overdrive to my great delight This series centers around three teenage girls in high school who face their troubles and trials with magic, Wicca to be exact You have your popular jock girl, the loner, and the book nerd and all seem to have struggles with not liking their lives and wanting to change Kate, the main girl for the first book, finds a book of magic spells in the library while doing research for her paper Not really believing that it will work, she does a spell or two in the books and is amazed that it really does work But it backfires and she scrambles for help, recruiting Annie and Cooper s help to figure out what to do to solve her problems.The author of the series meant this as a way to introduce young teenagers to Wicca I know that as a teenager, I had to figure out what I was going to observe spiritually and whether I wanted to continue to follow my religion I know a bunch of my friends went through the same thing and so I appreciate this author trying to reach out to kids and introduce them to a line of thinking that could possibly interest them.For myself, I just read this as a series of adventures of young women learning magic in a realistic way but also a group of girls trying to figure out high school and romance and friends and just everything that people at that age go through This was pure nostalgia for me to read and I totally loved it It s pretty simplistic writing and not at all preachy I could connect on the fun magic level and enjoy it from that angle I would recommend it as a fun, light hearted journey with Kate, Annie, and Cooper and watch as they grow in friendship together

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    I read this book in middle school and even though the level is still for that age range, it was nice to revisit as an adult I particularly like how the author clearly demonstrates that all actions have consequences, even magical ones This is a good little read Now, on to the next one

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    I read this years ago Decided I needed to reread it to get started on the series again.

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