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Much Ado About Anne pdf Much Ado About Anne, ebook Much Ado About Anne, epub Much Ado About Anne, doc Much Ado About Anne, e-pub Much Ado About Anne, Much Ado About Anne 002f35f9990 The Mother Daughter Book Club Is BackThis Year The Mothers Have A Big Surprise In Store For Emma, Jess, Cassidy, And Megan They Ve Invited Snooty Becca Chadwick And Her Mother To Join The Book Club But There Are Bigger Problems When Jess Finds Out That Her Family May Have To Give Up Half Moon Farm In A Year Filled With Skating Parties, A Disastrous Mother Daughter Camping Trip, And A High Stakes Fashion Show, The Girls Realize That It S Only Through Working Together Becca Included That They Can Save Half Moon Farm Acclaimed Author Heather Vogel Frederick Captures The Magic Of Friendship And The Scrapes Along The Way In This Sequel To The Mother Daughter Book Club, Which Will Enchant Daughters And Mothers Alike

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    everyone, please be advised that the only thing i care about in the whole world is a series of middle grade books about a bunch of 13 year olds in a book club with their moms.that is all.

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    Now I am actually quite enjoying Heather Vogel Frederick s Much Ado About Anne, and really, if truth be told, rather so than the first instalment of the series, than The Mother Daughter Book Club and of course, that L M Montgmery s Anne of Green Gables series is being read and discussed in the sequel is and remains for me the sweet and delicious icing on the proverbial cake for me And indeed, the issues faced and encountered by Emma, Jess, Megan and Cassidy in Much Ado About Anne are generally realistically enough conceptualised, and the characters or at least most of them appear for the most part a bit fleshed out and developed in Much Ado About Anne, with both their laudable traits and their sets of faults and peccadilloes clearly presented and even with regard to Mrs Chadwick and Becca, although they both can still be grating with a problematic tendency to grandioseness, bullying and the resulting nastinesses that bullying creates and engenders However and rather sadly unfortunately, Mrs Wong does still and once again seem to be somewhat the sad exception here, as she appears and annoyingly one dimensionally outrageous, and typecast as a rather overly zealous and really not ever all that funny caricature of a vegan activist And while yes, I do realise that there are individuals such as Lily Wong, why since Heather Vogel Frederick seems to be striving to make the other characters nuanced and developed, does she seemingly refuse to consider this with and for the former But this quite notwithstanding, I definitely do nevertheless massively and appreciatively adore that one scene right before Megan s benefit fashion show, where her mother, where Mrs Wong tells her daughter who is having a bit of a crisis of confidence how proud she is of her, and that she has talent and fashion sense in her little finger than most people twice her age and that sweet and poignant praise and show of confidence could have come straight from the pen of L M Montgomery herself, and might even have been a bit of a deliberate homaging imitation on the part of the author And finally, I do continue to be not all that enad of the four different points of view that Heather Vogel Frederick makes use of in her The Mother Daugher Book Club series which keep switching from chapter to chapter , as especially Jess and Emma still do not seem to possess entirely distinct and personal voices For while they might indeed be becoming a bit individualistic and one of a kind, I for one continue to have trouble distinguishing them, and keep having to flip back to the beginning of chapters to remind myself who is talking whose narrative voice is being featured Not a huge issue, but it does become a bit of an annoying obstacle if trying to read Much Ado About Anne on the Kindle or an Ipad, as flipping back and forth is rather a tedious endeavour with e books Three stars as a general ranking for Much Ado About Anne but upon rereading, I have indeed decided to lower this to but two stars, as the type casting of Lilly Wong and that it is still much too often quite difficult to figure out which daughter is narrating really does take quite a bit away from my potential reading pleasure, even if the Anne of Green Gables series is being read, analysed and discussed by the club.

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    It is year 2 of the Mother Daughter Book Club Megan, Cassidy, Jess, and Emma are now entering the seventh grade not knowing that their worlds are beginning to change It also gets flipped upside down when Becca Chadwick joins the book club making Emma s life miserable and Jess s family may have to sell half moon farm Can the girls save half moon farm and solve the problems that has been bothering them this year all while surviving book club with reading Anne of Green Gables Read this for yourself and find out.This is book 2 of the mother daughter book club series and it was a pretty good read If you enjoy books about book clubs, definitely give this series a check out This book along with book 1 of the series can be found at your local library and wherever books are sold.

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    This is the second book in the Mother Daughter Book Club series and continues the story of Cassidy, Jess, Emma, and Megan who are all friends despite their differences Each girl faces new challenges in their lives with humor and heartache that is typically a part of growing up One of the girls is facing the possibility of her mother remarrying one is facing the possibility of her family losing their historical farm because of taxes one is facing the fact that she is growing up and becoming interested in boys, and lastly, one girl is facing the possibility of having future in fashion The girls also must deal with the Queen Bee , Becca Chadwick, and her faithful followers as she stirs up trouble for them Mixed within the book s storyline, is the adventures of Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables.The ideas within this book aren t new, but it does offer an opportunity to talk to tweens about the trials of growing up and the stumbling blocks that they face along the way with a touch of humor At the end of the book, the author provides discussion questions that would be fun to use in real book clubs.

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    REVIEWIt s no secret that I loved the first book in The Mother Daughter Book Club series You can read my review with a perfect score to match here Now I will gush about how much I loved the next two books I enjoyed reading about Emma, Jess, Cassidy, and Megan during their seventh and eighth grade years at school With the addition of stuck up Becca, there is plenty of drama to go around.Much Ado About Anne is based on the classic Anne of Green Gables In this book, the girls are trying to save Jess s family s farm, Half Moon Farm Emma grows in confidence, Jess worries about the farm, Cassidy struggles to accept her mom s new boyfriend, and Megan designs new fashions while being pulled away by Becca There is even a glamorous fashion show with beautiful outfits hello Girlie Meter Dear Pen Pal is based on Daddy Long Legs In this book, everything is a mess and everyone s life seems to be in turmoil I like how Frederick takes on real life issues The biggest change has to do with Jess, who is sent to off to a boarding school, and the girls realize just how strong their friendship is An additional cast of characters are introduced when the girls become pen pals with a book club in Wyoming They have in common than they ever expected What is in store for the book club next I am reading Book 4, Pies and Prejudice, to find out RATING5 Plot5 Characters5 Attention Grabbing5 Girlie Meter5 Ending25 TOTAL

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    3 1 2 stars.A few things bugged me, but overall, I like the storyline.

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    I loved loved LOvED it The series is incredible I feel as though I am likely either Megan,Emma.Jess and Cassidy are just as fun.Their adventures and stories are lively and exciting I liked reading about Emma and Stewart, The hike, the fashion show and learning about Becca and how she changed. I would recommend to anyone, it is such a bright enjoyable book and gurarentee you will love it

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    Easy chick lit type read I find myself really somewhat reluctantly enjoying the concept of a book about a group of girls who have formed a small book group in this case, they are reading Anne of Green Gables and their trials and tribulations Problems arise, disasters strike, and solutions must be found The characters are believable and represent a wide range of personalities.

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    This is the second book in the Mother Daughter Book Club Series I absolutely loved the first one so I was excited to read this one I also loved this book It takes place in a middle school environment, but also shows the relationship between friends and mothers I recommend you read this book

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    This book was awesome, just like I knew it would be On to the third

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