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Faster Than Light, Volume 1 explained Faster Than Light, Volume 1 , review Faster Than Light, Volume 1 , trailer Faster Than Light, Volume 1 , box office Faster Than Light, Volume 1 , analysis Faster Than Light, Volume 1 , Faster Than Light, Volume 1 c2af Tomorrow We Discover The Key To Faster Than Light Travel And Our World Will Never Be The Same Captain William Forest And Those Under His Storied Command Are In A Race Against Time, And He S One Of The Few On Board Who Knows It A Lethal First Contact And A Planet Eating Lifeform Are Just The Tip Of The Celestial Iceberg Of Discovery S Quest Save Earth And All Her People From The Mysterious Forces Coming To Destroy Her Features Anomaly S Free Cutting Edge Augmented Reality App, Which Makes It Look Like Interactive Holograms Are Coming Out Of The Book Collects FASTER THAN LIGHT

  • Paperback
  • Faster Than Light, Volume 1
  • Brian Haberlin
  • English
  • 03 February 2017

About the Author: Brian Haberlin

An award winning comic book artist, writer, editor and producer, Brian began his career in comics working at Top Cow Productions, where he co created the Witchblade franchise He co founded Avalon Studios, which published many successful fantasy and sci fi titles, including Stone, Aria, Area 52 and M Rex to name a few.Brian also served for two years as Editor in Chief of Todd McFarlane Production

10 thoughts on “Faster Than Light, Volume 1

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    video review

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    Kind of torn between 3 and 4 stars here I m giving it the bump because it has potential.This is not a perfect book by any means, but it s certainly the best sci fi graphic novel I ve encountered since Think Tank The biggest issue is that the collection doesn t really resolve anything Taken together, these first 5 issues are the equivalent of a pilot episode of a TV series that ends on a cliffhanger.I like the structure of it, as we learn piecemeal why everything is happening the way it is I also quite enjoyed the dialogue, which is often a stumbling block for these types of books for some reason We do hit a few tropes of the genre pretty hard and there are a few cliches to be had, but they don t try to stab you in the eye the way other books employ them.Maybe I m really reacting to other books in this genre rather than the specific qualities of this one when held up against an ideal version of a Science Fiction graphic novel Primarily these four stars are because this really shows promise.

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    1.5 starsI feel things weren t explained well in this book I feel it jumped around and like I was missing something It was disappointing.

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    solid Science Fiction story a bit foreseeable establishes a good basis lacks something special progrssion is jumpy artwork a bit too cleancut and generc for m taste and without highlights.

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    This book was ok Not really my genre, being a graphic novel, but the story held me.

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    I must be missing something I like the art, like the story ideas, but I feel like there is some chapters I didn t read or some game or something that explains some holes.

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    For you sci fi Star Trek enthusiasts this is TOTALLY a graphic novel you HAVE TO READ This is very much a first contact and first time REALLY getting into space kind of story Such a good fun story and I am excited to start the next volume, however, I think there are only the two for now Regardless, totally worth the time and the reading

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    The time is now Humanity has deciphered an alien message that basically says, we re dead, bad things are coming for you, take our technology and get the hell out Of course, the message arrived in 1945, so we re a little behind Faster Than Light marries the hard science fiction of The Martian, 2010, and Gravity with the idealism of the original Star Trek I love it It s a very grounded series, with realistic characters doing realistic things The story comes in small 2 or 3 issues arcs, so the adventure of the week is easily digestible, but somehow it still feels choppy Like in one instance an entire mission wasn t there, and we just got the end of it, but it didn t link up with anything else Theres a nifty gimmick, where a free downloadable app can be used in conjunction with the comic Scan pages and get access to the alien encyclopedia, Captains logs, a translation matrix for the alien dialogue, etc This may be the cause of the stories choppiness, as there may simply be pieces I m missing out on Unfortunately, some of the art isn t as up to par as the story telling, which can make it difficult to tell crew members apart, which causes the story to suffer But overall this is definitely a title to keep an eye on, looking forward to Volume 2

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    Futuristic science fiction series with alien life formsThis involves the discovery of faster than light technology so that man can travel further in space A new planet is discovered in our Solar System with alien life forms Further exploration in search for potential allies brings the crew of the Discovery into contact with alien races, some less trustworthy than earlier thought.The artwork is not totally my cup of tea and it is not always easy to identify which character is which The story, though derivative at times, is relatively engaging and there may be further volumes.

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