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Esoteric Empathy chapter 1 Esoteric Empathy , meaning Esoteric Empathy , genre Esoteric Empathy , book cover Esoteric Empathy , flies Esoteric Empathy , Esoteric Empathy 7b5ece4177061 This Powerhouse Of A Book Examines The Experience Of Empathy From Every Imaginable Angle, Taking The Reader On A Philosophical And Experiential Journey Of What It Means To Be Empathic Specifically Written With The Magickal Or Mystical Practitioner In Mind, The Book Introduces Techniques, Practices, And Philosophies Designed For Empaths To Get The Most Out Of Life S Journey, Including How To Function In Society As An Empath Psychic Gifts Related To Empathy Rituals, Meditations, Spells, And Spiritual Exercises Stones, Herbs, Tools, Plants, And Deities For Empaths Grounding, Shielding, And Protection Techniques How To Create Personal Boundaries And Routines How To Work With Stress, Anxiety, And Depression Empathy In History, Science, And Metaphysics Emotional Contagion And Mirror Neurons Absorptive Versus Projective Empathy Ways To Empower Yourself As An Empath Whether You Experience Empathy On A Regular Basis Or Simply Want To Know About This Fascinating Topic, Esoteric Empathy Provides Much Needed Answers About The Emotional Abilities That Are Ushering Our Species Into A New Phase Of Conscious EvolutionPraise I Admire Raven Digitalis His Books Are Well Written And Reflect Long Observation And Reflection On Any Particular Subject Esoteric Empathy Is No Exception It Promises To Become The Classic Work On Empathy A Very Worthwhile Volume Raymond Buckland, Author Of Buckland S Complete Book Of Witchcraft And Buckland S Book Of Spirit Communications

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    Rating 3.5This book was a mixed bag for me There was some appropriation stop saying smudge , but there was quite a bit of decent material here.

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    First off I ll started by saying a received a free copy of this book from the publisher for the sake of reviewNow note I m not really the target audience in a sense for this book Yes I m very much in to magic, practice paganism and I study psychology which the subject of empathy is a part of But I am by no means an empath, especially when it comes to humans Also this is American centric and I m not American However the author states that the book isn t just for the target audience Over all the book reads like a friendly and less university based text book There s lots of And Marks, as well as the Author does great job of trying to be personal with the reader and He often provides words of encouragement and links or supplies that could help with personal issues This is also LGBTQ friendly and addresses past life s which personally screams otherkin friendly , all this likely adding to this informal feel This book would be great for anyone who s an empath, works in the public service or health care service, or anyone wanting help on controlling emotions, depression or anxiety As it mentions things to do with how to being a good care taker, volunteering, and good client interaction As well as Encouraging analysing emotions but not over analysing, least you become paranoid or over whelmed AlsoFeatures stuff about depression and anxiety And ways to combat it Which is good for people who may not be interested in the rest of the material On some specific positives Author Places importance on healthy body, mind and spirit As well as trying to keep the earth and pets healthy by going green, volunteer work and paying attention to needs He states that You need to help yourself, practice self love and practice creativity art This will also help others There is also some critiquing current modern capitalist society frequently and justifiably I loved the sass found in one of the chapter meditations, sass towards people who hate things associated with dark magic Other notable good things where, PETA not being included in list of reputable organisations, which as an animal lover I was quite impressed by Finally for those not interested in empathy it s self he Goes relatively indepth on other magic focused things such as symbols, grounding, protection shields, chakra, prayer hands, pathworking, magical tools stones items, day astrologies, and gods and goddesses.Now for the negatives Author puts excessive emphasis on empathy over all else and links all positive interactions to empathy Empathy is important but not that important This is most aparent in the conclusion this current can not be stopped, empathy is taking over Which is also melodramatic as all hell The Sections where he talks about apathy just remind me of the quote apathy is so hip, everybody s doing it by OTEP Also he rips into the internet and frames it as a place for cruelty and unhinged judgment When really it s a place for learning, discovery and actually being yourself He Has an apparent disliking for labels, being carefree and anger Marking them as generally bad things Where as I consider aggression and anger to be one of thee best outlets for energy and to put you perfectly in that high mood Labels are also freeing than restricting and open up life Being carefree is a glorious feeling or pure joy, ease and oneness with life, nature and spirit Other notes, not negative or positive There is meditations at the end of every chapter Personally, reading rather than listening to a meditation makes it hard to impossible to really get into the meditation It s less soothing and distracting But if you could memorize this then great There s also quotes all over the place and his own personal expirence anecdote Which is great if you like that For an American centric book it brings up Britain an awful lot In the end it s likely very very good for empaths and the like It s also a very positive and friendly book, with a lot of emphasis on kindness But the books not so good if you highly value indiduality, your self, or labels or if you love capitalism or hate environmentalism for some reason.

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    I was surprised and pleased to read this book.There are some nice quotations along the book Although I do not find the Raven s background attractive, since I have no knowledge about witchcraft stuff or metaphysics, I found some very nice information in this book I recognize myself as sensitive soul and treasure the ability to feel the pain of my neighbor as if it were mine, and I know in my own flesh to be overwhelmed to gather sensations and energy from a public place.I found Raven s message very positive, since it revolves around compassion and goodness, of living in balance, of the deep interconnection between all people and life and demystifies the phenomenon as something paranormal but rather as a capacity of human consciousness and which may have genetic factors since animals can express empathy.Written fluid and entertaining, it mixes interestingly the subject, on the one hand from the subjective perspective of emotions and perception, and on the other hand with scientific studies in Empathy, body languagye, speech patterns, microexpressions, mirror neurons, and so on He also proposes many personal energy work exercises like grounding, centering, shielding, energy management, some of which I myself have proven to be effective in my practice as an Energy Healing Facilitator.One of my favorite phrases from the book is empathy actively advances love, which can be considered the highest and most spiritually significant force in reality Empathy is the key to love, and love is the key to ehlightenment Disclaimer My gratitude to NetGalley, I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    I am quite familiar with this author and I have read some of his Early books This book is definitely a change It is clear he has definitely grown spiritually and as an Author This book is great for the empath or anyone It explains different kinds of empathy with different exercises including some shielding techniques which is definitely something everyone can benefit from learning The book was a pretty easy read and to the point One thing I will warn is it has a bit of adult language which kind of caught me off guard as a reader but definitely does reflect the authors personality I don t mind the language, it s just odd I guess to read it in a book like this Otherwise I definitely think this book was informational and definitely worth reading There aren t many good books and information out for Empaths This one is good and comes from someone who has experienced it most of his life.I was provided a free copy of the book pre release via Netgalley for Review purposes.Update Upon release, a lot of the language I spoke about didn t make the final cut and was edited out as stated by the Author.

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    Today we find ourselves in a world fraught with tension and misunderstanding Communication is changing rapidly It s the age of alternative facts and twitter shame But it s always the case that the world seems to be on the cusp of great change, isn t it The reality is probably that our moment of great change, our time of dramatic transition is not as extreme as it feels to us when evaluated against the history of our world That s why books that share skills and tools for any age that help people create compassion, understanding, healing, and empathy are so important Esoteric Empathy by Raven Digitalis is a book that is wonderfully relevant in our fraught times and will be highly valued by many emapths and metaphysical healers for decades to come We have a responsibility to follow through with our visualizations and magickal work with real life work IT s not enough to visualize an emotional transformation for someone if we don t do some kind of work to make that a reality in the physical dimension We can make the choice to get active and fights for the causes we re passionate about This title is mainly geared towards helping the Empath or Highly Sensitive Person navigate the world using their emotional understanding and gifts to build better relationships and communities For those new to the concept of empathic skills, there is a great explanation of the author s interpretation of what being an empath is all about at the beginning of the book The foundation for greater work and use of empathy is laid in the chapter Other chapters go into greater depth on how empaths can use their skills to heal themselves and others There are skills and meditations presented that strengthen empathetic abilities allow empaths to use boundaries and communication to their advantage I found it particularly refreshing to read that the overwhelming and intensity of empathic gifts is something to learn and work through rather than an excuse to isolate or refuse to participate in the world So often, empaths are depicted as individuals incapable of participating in the world because their gifts set them a part too much Now, I don t disagree that these gifts must be a challenge to live with at times Gifts are there to be used in my opinion We serve no one by allowing our most gifted to suffer alone Overwhelming energies might seem like a psychic attack to the empath In reality, psychic attacks are exceedingly rare and are pretty easy to deal with We must avoid paranoid thinking I have witnessed a number of empaths and sensitive individuals push everyone away from their lives, believing them to be activating cures, casting the evil eye, or otherwise trying to hurt them I really enjoyed the book and learned a great deal about empathy There were sections that were surprisingly applicable to my own life despite not having empathetic gifts beyond the average human I found new tools for enhancing the way I engage with others I also feel like I understand my empathetic friends in new, deeper ways I loved the way stories, quotes, and meditations were integrated throughout the book The actual paperback book was also beautiful and a joy to leaf through The striking black end pages and start finish pages were quite exciting This book is one that I d recommend to anyone exploring empathic psychic abilities or hoping to become a empathetic communicator The balance between metaphysics and real world applications couldn t be better in this easy to read and engaging title I did receive a free review copy from the publisher author for an honest review All thoughts are my own.

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    When I received my copy of this book it flipped open immediately to Desiderata by Max Ehrmann and I teared up in awe I have lived by that poem for years and to find it here affirmed this is a book I need to read As an empath I had felt crushed than elevated by my empathy Of what possible use can it be to feel the world s pain But reading Raven s book changed me from feeling cursed to feeling blessed This book is a very useful combination of specific steps for coping with empathy in overdrive, along with beautiful philosophy, gentle humor, and overall an abiding sense of love There is so much I have already used and will use in the future I also learned about empathy as a positive form of projection, which means I can work to change the world both physically and on a vibrational level very empowering and exciting to contemplate It is wonderful to realize I can be an emotional catalyst for positive change at a time when it is so desperately needed.

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    My intuition led me into the little shop where I found this book exactly at a time I was needing it There were times the content felt over my head or a little out of my comfort zone, however the majority of it was extremely eye opening and useful I know I will return to this book over and over as I progress on my journey to embrace my empathic skills Once I began to see being an empath as a blessing instead of a curse, I felt like I had a super power The author takes this to the next level for me and I now feel like I have an entire tool box full of techniques to use to keep myself grounded and centered What I appreciate most is the concept of transforming energy, meaning that I am not simply a sponge soaking up others emotions that will cause me harm I know that this book is already changing my life, and now that I ve finished it, I can t wait to go back through my notes and start using of the information in my daily life.

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    Pretty GoodI have been looking for a book that spoke on the Empathic rituals and tips in practical ways This was it I didn t read every section as I was using this purely for reference but did read 75% of it It was well written and easy to follow.

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    Most is basic knowledge learned through years of study Will be a good point of reference, however, and a happy addition to my library.

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