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    YAY BOOKS ABOUT GAY RELATIONSHIPS 3I picked this book up on a total whim, based on an audible recommendation I had no background knowledge on it, but I figured I d just go for it I m glad I did I definitely think that the first half was better than the second, and I think the thriller aspect was disorienting it came out of nowhere, and didn t feel as though it had been interwoven into the first half of the book This particular sentence won t matter to you if you haven t read the book, but I would have liked to see of Jasmine s feelings towards Megan because the relationship felt very one sided.Btw, if you re looking for an audiobook, I definitely recommend this Very well narrated

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    This is a fantastic and powerful novel Highly recommended It really got me both thinking and feeling.This book moved me emotionally in so many ways, it s powerful in the most subtle of ways at times, other moments it hits you with a sledgehammer, no holds barred, I was so immersed in this wonderful novel I hardly realised I had finished it Beautiful, just beautiful.What s the book about Megan doesn t speak She hasn t spoken in months.Pushing away the people she cares about is just a small price to pay Because there are things locked inside Megan s head things that are screaming to be heard that she cannot, must not, let out.Then Jasmine starts at school bubbly, beautiful, talkative Jasmine And for reasons Megan can t quite understand, life starts to look a bit brighter.Megan would love to speak again, and it seems like Jasmine might be the answer But if she finds her voice, will she lose everything else My Review So, we know that Megan does not speak, she is selectively mute but what s fascinating is how the book moves along gradually to reveal the reason WHY she is now mute, she was not always, and it s powerful stuff This is deep stuff going on for this young teenage girl and you really want to know all the reasons why she is as she is Megan essentially is now an outsider, teased and ridiculed by the tough girl at school and her minions She has her friend Luke, she s been friends with him for a long time, but for a while that is all she has, she is locked in her silent world, she does not even communicate at home, except by writing notes to her not so perfect Mother that she lives with.Along comes Jasmine, the new girl at school and much to everyone s shock, Jasmine gravitates to Megan and befriends her We get to hear Jasmin s confident bubbly conversations to Megan and we get to hear Megan s answers back in her head, it makes for interesting reading This book surprised me with where it went, we started delving into the events surrounding Megan being unable to speak and the trauma of it all combined with the intense relationship dynamics between Megan and Jasmine and the journey they go on together, it just literally blew me away I had a moment reading this book where I yelled YES really loudly it scared my cats , you might have the same moment too, but I can t tell all it s secrets If you like young adult fiction that is suitable and enjoyable and realistic for the mature reader you will love this book I found it to be so many things, nothing less than powerful and moving and poignant and shocking at times Subtle secrets, lies, guilt and the power of love and friendship are all through this book You will want to stick with it to the end It s a beautiful and sometimes surprising journey I so want to share with you all about this book but it would spoil it I loved it, everything worked for me the characters were tangible and flawed beautifully, the plot was good, the reveals are outstanding and it s very well written This one will be a favourite of mine for a long time I received a copy of this book via the publisher thanks to NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    What a pain in the ass this book was.Una completa tortura fue el leer este libro Tan bonita la portada y la premisa, tan bonito todo se ve a Pero result en el t pico fracaso YA, con personajes estereotipados, situaciones clich , y una escritura que incita al aburrimiento Estoy orgullosa de haberlo terminado Unspeakable sigue a Megan, una adolescente que perdi las ganas de hablar despu s de un accidente en el que muri su mejor amiga blah blah blah Hasta all todo bien, pero luego conocemos a la protagonista Megan es el cl sico personaje con poca autoestima, t mido y pasivo, a quien todos le hacen bullying. Ella no ha dicho una palabra a nadie desde el accidente, hasta que llega Jasmine, la chica nueva Lo de chica nueva es lo mejor que hay para describir al personaje Seriously. Ella defiende ocasionalmente a Megan del grupo de chicas populares que la convierten diariamente en el objeto de sus crueles bromas Ah, y ella, al contrario de Megan, habla Mucho Un radio encendido fue esta chica durante todo el libro Entiendo la necesidad de compensar la falta de palabras por parte de Megan, pero fue demasiado que le dieran tanto di logo a su amiga e inter s amoroso Aguante el sarcasmo The last person I went clothes shopping with was Hana, and she only went to trendy, independent shops, definitely no chains I never had as much cash as her, so I d be left sitting outside the changing room while she tried on outfit after outfit. Poor you Mencion algo sobre los cambios de humor de Megan Well You coming or what Yeah All right Jasmine raises her voice, though she must know I can hear everything Be back in a bit, Megan Don t bother You d obviously rather spend time with your idiot boyfriend than me Su novio tiene abdominales de acero incluso cuando es un vago bueno para nada Por supuesto que se ir con l, duh How could I think she had feelings for me How could I be so stupid Silly of you Pone Not in that way de Sam Smith scrunch Jasmine s sleeping bag in my fists Her scent wafts up from it I let out a strangled scream and claw at the material, pulling and twisting until a rip opens in the lining. C lmate, mujer The others are looking at me Go on, Jasmine whispers I don t want to embarrass her, so I drink. What an idiot I pause to look out of the window on the upstairs landing, wondering if there are any people arriving And then I see Jasmine She s on the pavement outside, talking to Owen I can t believe her She s abandoned me for him again How could she Jasmine is lost in Owen It s like she s forgotten I m even here OK, she breathes She wrenches herself away to look at me You ll be all right She tries to make it sound like a question, though we both know it s of a statement I nod, then turn and stride away I can t believe her One minute she s all worried about me, then she dumps me the second someone interesting comes along She s just like Hana. Again La particularidad de este libro es que es un romance F F O sea, entre dos chicas No hab a le do nada parecido antes, as que ten a altas expectativas La historia de amor No creo que pueda haber sido m s aburrida Le falt chispa Le falt emoci n Le falt todo Ambas chicas me hac an querer dormir y, aunque una de ellas hablaba hasta por los codos, ninguna supo inyectarle ese toque especial que busco en una Romance YA.Lo nico que por lo menos me mantuvo leyendo el libro fue el querer conocer qu hab a sucedido realmente en el accidente de Hana Megan se culpaba por ello Incluso ten a una pat tica voz que le dec a cosas como You re a murderer y You re a coward Eso a adido a sus otras inseguridades no hac an las cosas mejores para ella Ni para m Fue bastante f cil descubrir qu hab a ocurrido en tal accidente Demasiado f cil Y pat tico Cu ntas veces he le do la historia en la que un personaje se culpa por algo para que luego venga el amor a resolver todas sus inseguridades y a liberarlo de su culpa Piensa Saca la lista CLICH EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Pueden dejar de reciclar las mismas ideas y ponerse a crear algo NUEVO En conclusi n, Unspeakable no est a la altura de su hermosa portada Una historia poco memorable, con la t pica Queen Bully de la secundaria, la fea y freak , el bomb n asesino, y el personaje que cambia todas las cosas gracias al amor Todo esto envuelto en la prosa de Rushton Una completa p rdida de mi tiempo.

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    Giving this book 2 stars simply because I liked the mystery part of it.I couldn t connect with the main character,she was very childish and jealous of everyone and everything.I didn t like Jasmine,the whole relationship between them felt very one sided.The story itself was a bit dull,there are no real explications for Sadie s actions,Jasmine s reason for moving school is kind of not reasonable Also,what s up with view spoiler that fire at the end of the book What the hell hide spoiler

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    This is one of those novels which once started, demands to be finished Megan s story is compelling, emotional and extremely well told, utterly gripping and very beautiful A tale which has many layers richly woven into the plot, dealing with some important issues in a sympathetic and intelligent manner, I could barely put it down.The opening chapter sucks you in immediately, a masterclass in scene setting, introducing Megan, a girl who does not, cannot speak As the tale unfolds we learn about why the loss of her best friend has caused a break in her and there are things about that time that she feels she cannot tell, therefore it is easier to simply say nothing at all Enter Jasmine, who never shuts up, is gorgeously magnificently alive and slowly but surely things start to change.It is important not to give too much away I think Ms Rushton has written a stunning coming of age tale, a story of grief and loss and one girl s handling of a tough unimaginable situation how she moves on from that is completely fascinating, emotionally resonant and completely authentic Growing up is never easy, parental relationships, friendships old and new, sexual awakening, all of those things are hard throughout the teenage years and this is captured here in one girl who you will come to care about and be rooting for all the way.Despite, or perhaps because of the fact that she is not always likeable often making obscure decisions, sometimes sulky and even unreachable Megan will sink into your psyche as will the people around her, it is one addictive tale for sure It is clever that there is a small mystery element to the whole as well just what is it that Megan feels she cannot say it just adds to the whole thing beautifully.Some emotional subjects sensitively handled in a way that will surely help inform and reassure, mixed up in a haunting tale of love and loss, this is a book that not only demands to be finished once started but demands to be read in the first place.I don t want to say any really Highly Recommended For anyone.Happy Reading Folks

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    BOOK REVIEW Unspeakable by Abbie RushtonThis is Abbie Rushton s debut novel and I m so, so excited to read of her work This book had me captivated from the very beginning I picked up Unspeakable because of its beautiful cover This story centers around a young girl, Megan who hasn t spoken a word since a tragic accident happened involving a friend And then a new girl starts at her school Beautiful Jasmine who becomes quick friends with Megan and who could also be the one to finally break Megan vow of silence.I didn t find anything extraordinary about the side characters in this book But the main character, Megan She was so, amazingly written She s going to be a character that I will remember forever Megan is written with so much depth and emotion She s not your typical girl that s commonly written about in YA contempary books I liked Jasmine but I didn t feel much of a connection with her, as I did Megan I think Jasmine seemed a bit typical at times.The story itself has so many layers I found myself shocked at some points and other times I could predict some events However I didn t expect the book to end the way it did and I m still not sure if that s a good or bad thing yet It s so hard to do a review on this book because it can give away so many things I give Unspeakable by Abbie Ruston 3.5 out 5 stars.

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    I m so used to reading YA set in the US that I was actually surprised when I realised, oh hey, this is British They re doing their A Levels So if that s something you might be interested in, that s another draw alongside the fact that it s an LGBT story Well Mostly just L I originally had this as an ARC, but neglected it for so long that I ended up picking it up in the bookshop I m a little disappointed about that, because it turned out not to be for me It s pretty simply written, and while I like the issues it engages with, it was too obvious for me There s a mystery thriller aspect, but I called it And the characters as I keep saying, teenagers may well act like that, so overblown and ridiculous, but I m twenty six and didn t act like that even when I was a teenager Much I think I hope It s just unpleasant to read about, because I just want to shake the characters like seriously, you re getting worked up because of what Even the adults seemed a little like that I m thinking of Megan s mother Granted, she was prone to drinking heavily and such, but still It all felt a bit like a caricature, if that makes sense.All the same, I m going to donate this to the local library Having LGBT stories there is important, and I don t think this could possibly offend anyone, and it might be to someone else s taste.Originally posted here.

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    Unspeakable is a captivating novel When we start reading, we re introduced to the main character, Megan We don t know why, but Megan is a mute She doesn t talk She hasn t talked since a fatal accident her best friend was in.While reading Unspeakable I was very intrigued There is so much mystery around as to what actually happened And Megan is teased daily by her fellow classmates Both in and out of school This just meant that this was even of a cause to stay quiet Megan suffers from so much guilt While first reading Unspeakable, I had actually thought that Megan was suffering from survivors guilt, because thats what Megan s symptoms came across as Megan believes its her fault that her best friend died When a new girl comes to town though, things turn around for Megan In ways that I didn t really imagine I had predicted the plot twist, but let me say that I did not predict the plot twist that came with the plot twist That sentence might be confusing, but that s how it was I really like Unspeakable The mystery is great, and there are LGBTQIA Characters Please Note that there are events in this book that result in a character s death, and another character having Paranoia.

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    3.5 stars, I think.It was interesting and I read it in a very short period of time Loved Megan and Jasmine and Megan s relationship with her mum but I m just not sure how I feel about the ending I didn t quite believe that that person would have said and done those things Full review soon I quite enjoyed Unspeakable by Abbie Rushton It s a debut book by a UK author and that always excites me It also includes a LGBT relationship which I thought was quite sweet and cute And the majority of the story revolves around friendship and this sort of mystery that surrounds why Megan doesn t speak The main character of Unspeakable, Megan, hasn t spoken in months after an unnamed, traumatic event And while there are some hints at Megan s guilt and about what has happened and the reason behind Megan s inability to speak, we don t find out until quite a ways through the book The first half in particular, you can see that while Megan quite clearly does not want to speak or confront what has happened in the part, she does also find it difficult to not speak in other situations Instead of learning about what has gone on in the past, we learn about Megan, who lives at home with her flaky single parent mum and she goes to school and has just the one friend, Luke, and is further surrounded by bullies and mean girls that are led by top mean girl, Sadie I quite liked Megan s mum who can be a bit useless at times, but you can see that at other times she s trying her best even if she doesn t always succeed The only real bright spot in Megan s life is the arrival of new girl, Jasmine, who is bright and bubbly and who makes Megan want to speak again I really loved Megan and Jasmine s friendship and seeing how this friendship evolves into something throughout the story While I did enjoy the characters and story line and the friendships, the only thing that I really felt let down by is the ending When we find out who is behind the threatening behaviour and the reason for it, it didn t quite fit in with how I viewed this cast of characters and I just didn t quite believe in the justification of it being this particular character Still On the whole, this is a really interesting story of friendship and about grief and moving on from loss.

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    4.5 stars Short review Just want to express my thoughts.The book had a slow start, but after that it picked up Due to something that happened something we slowly find out page by page our main character doesn t speak, won t make a sound The whole not speaking and the guilt was done so perfectly I just felt so sad for the poor girl No one should have had something like this happening to them, no one should carry so much guilt and worry I had my suspicions on what happened, and also on what really happened, but the end still took me by surprise and I really enjoyed it.The main girl was interesting I really liked that her no speaking was a real thing to her Nowhere, not even when alone, did she speak or make a sound But with the coming of a new girl, you see her loosen up, you see her lose a bit of her fear, she is slowly coming to terms with what happened She has finally found someone she feels that she can trust And I really loved how they grew to each other.Jasmine was just wonderful I loved her, and how instead of demanding our main girl to speak, she just spoke to her Kept chattering, kept our main girl nearby.I was so sorry for her with all that happened to her No one deserves that.The love between the girls, the confusion of our main character it was all written realistically and I really was intrigued and wanted to know how this would go on.The ending was fantastic, it had a lot of twists and turns, some revelations and most importantly something that our main character has been searching for I would recommend this book to everyone Looking for a realistic book A book with LGBT themes, with themes about sorrow and death, about bullying Then try this one out Review first posted at

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