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    The Mammoth Book of The Mummy is a collection of mummy stories but not the kind you see in the movies This is not mummies that get out of coffins and chase people around moaning These are fiction archeology stories mysteries or Egyptian historical fiction stories with twists and turns All exciting and many very suspense filled, some just thought provoking All are excellent Great collection all dealing with mummies in some fashion The beginning of the book gives a brief history of mummies Large selection of various authors and types of stories Thanks NetGalley, great read

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    Editor Paula Guran s Mammoth Book of the Mummy is as good as her Year s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror series.In this anthology I especially liked Kim Newman s Diogenes Club story, Egyptian Avenue This story is set in the 1970s, and features the mod psychic investigator Richard Jeperson Kim Newman s personification of evil, Derek Leech, plays a minor offstage part in this story, but I find Leech and his similarity to an unnamed media mogul one of the most interesting characters Newman has created In fact, I ll take this opportunity to urge readers who like these stories to find Another Fish Story in Weird Shadows over Innsmouth, which shows Leech as a hero almost But it requires putting the fictional Derek Leech next to a real life, evil force.I really liked Egyptian Revival, by Angela Slatter, an alternate history private eye story.A humorous story that was very good was Fruit of the Tomb A Midnight Louie Past Life Adventure, by noted detective writer Carole Nelson Douglas This is the story of Heart of Night, a cat detective, a member of the Sacred Breed Other cats, such as Ampheris, Counter of the Royal Vermin, help Heart of Night so named for his ebony color solve a mystery.If you haven t seen the film Bubba Ho tep, directed by Don Coscarelli, you ll want to read the story of the same title by Joe R Lansdale that inspired the film The film sticks closely to the plot of the novella Anyone who grew up watching President Kennedy, Elvis Presley, and the Lone Ranger on TV in the sixties will be moved.Paula Guran gives us a scientific description of the ancient Egyptian mummification process and a relatively detailed history of the waves of Egyptomania that have washed over the West Guran also outlines the history of the Mummy in film and literature, pointing to a lot of other anthologies and books the horror fan will want to look at Thanks to Prime Books and Edelweiss for a digital review copy.

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    Full disclosure I was given an ARC of this book via NetGalley in return for an honest reviewAs the characters flag up in John Langan s On Skua Island one of the short stories collected here , the mummy has never been subject to the same level of interpretation as the vampire, the werewolf or even the zombie Despite its longevity, it has never managed to be much than a stock monster.So what a treat this was Through the small mountain of stories collected here, we get various takes on the mummy as a cultural object as a representation of colonialism, of the uncanny, of revenge and redemption, of science, and maybe even of love and obligation.Like any short story collection, there are better entries and worse ones, but the best here are worth the cover price by themselves For me those include Kim Newman s Egyptian Avenue a Jason King style pastiche of 60s Victoriana that s got me excited for the promised reissue of The Man from the Diogenes Club , the aforementioned On Skua Island possibly the most genuinely horrific story in the collection , and Tollund by Adam Roberts a brilliant alternative history tale in which a group of Egyptian archaeologists travel to colonial Jutland and fall foul of a bog mummy.Highly recommended for horror fans, Egyptophiles and those in need of a weighty read to get them through a few docile millennia.

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    This was a collection of stories about mummies from various authors I tried several stories but I wasn t able to get into any of them The book just wasn t for me I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

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    Anthologies are tricky beasts, as every editor would readily admit.If you succeed in taming all of them into their designated or lucky positions, you get a wonderful read, maybe occasionally marred by a few drab or boring works, which one may simply choose to overlook.On the other hand, if the editor was being driven by a pompous choice or his her God forbid ideology while making the selections, the hapless reader is bound to get a very very raw deal.I have had both A lot.Fortunately, Paula Guran belongs to that very select group of editors who read a lot, and try to provide the readers with actually readable stories, rather than ideologically tilted or otherwise nonsense This book also didn t frustrate.What have we got here Introduction My Mouth Has Been Given to Me That I May Speak by Paula Guran A lovely piece that gives a succinct overview of Mummy Literature in English literature, with special emphasis on various thematically oriented anthologies on the subject.1 Private Grave 9 by Karen Joy Fowler A strangely poetic story told against the backdrop of emotions, hysteria, and history Good, but wouldn t read it again.2 The Good Shabti by Robert Sharp A tight story that presented two timelines in a thrilling format, making it simultaneously a science fictional work and a murder mystery full of intrigue Very Good.3 Egyptian Revival by Angela Slatter A..W..E..S..O..M..E I mean, if I try to say anything , I would probably ruin it.4 The Queen in Yellow by Kage Baker You know, I truly hadn t read any Company story before I had read this one But WHAT a way to begin that journey Please savour this wonderful story, and DON T rush.5 On Skua Island by John Langan I have had the privilege of reading this story in Langan s seminal collection, and it succeeded in utterly terrifying me, again, with its erudite precise prose, and strangely vivid portrayal of No, you HAVE TO read this absolutely gem of a story to appreciate it, without wasting time over my piece.6 Ramesses on the Frontier by Paul Cornell I kept trying to fit this story into one of those convenient pigeonholes like comedy, farce, political peace, surrealism, etc., and utterly failed An unconventional piece, and as good and as un re readable as the first story.7 The Shaddowwes Box by Terry Dowling Ah This was a satisfyingly chilling piece, written in beautiful ornate prose befitting a modern master in nuanced horror Very Good.8 Egyptian Avenue by Kim Newman This story was also an old friend, whom I had come across in Newman s brilliant Diogenes Club collections Very Very Good.9 The Curious Case of the Werewolf That Wasn t, the Mummy That Was, and the Cat in the Jar by Gail Carriger A brilliant prequel, as well as totally mouth watering appetizer for the Parasol Protectorate series, this story is one of the high points of this already immensely enjoyable collection.10 The Night Comes On by Steve Duffy Once upon a time, Steve Duffy used to give us such classic Jamesian horrors, but then he abandoned those ways What a loss that has been can be understood only after reading this book.11 American Mummy by Stephen Graham Jones A dud.12 Bubba Ho Tep by Joe R Lansdale Elicited a few chuckles, but nothing like it was supposed to happen, according to all the blown up hyperventilated praise showered upon this piece by faithful Lansdalophiles.13 Fruit of the Tomb A Midnight Louie Past Life Adventure by Carole Nelson Douglas An absolute stunner And it s all the enjoyable if you are a cat lover.14 The Chapter of Coming Forth by Night by Lois Tilton Noreen Doyle Very Good Not as good as some of the dazzling meta pieces mentioned above, but very good nevertheless.15 The Mummy s Heart by Norman Partridge Crap Somehow, this overhyped author has succeeded in scattering only drivel across every anthology bearing his name, and yet he keeps getting awards like one gets mosquitoes in our parts Perhaps he employs a Lot No 249 type Mummy to do his bidding just before awards are announced Who knows 16 The Emerald Scarab by Keith Taylor Very Good It succeeded in making me interested in the entire Servant of the Jackal God collection.17 The Embalmer by Helen Marshall Rot.18 Tollund by Adam Roberts Brilliant This is a story that truly deserves repeat readings just to get hold of all its alternate world glory.19 Three Memories of Death by Will Hill A beautiful, heart wrenching, and totally non genre yet utterly riveting story of mortality feelings.In short, when you have only three duds, and one or two sub par stories, while majority of them beckon you to read them again again, is there any reason to be miserly in starring the review Highly Recommended.

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    The Mummy What does that noun, Mummy , conjure in your mind In my very strange mind, I get side by side pictures One is the mummy I saw in the Smithsonian when I was in 7th grade many, many years ago The other is of the fantastic, wonderful Boris Karloff so very expressive while wrapped in linen The new mummy movies have not changed that second image for me When the reader thinks about mummies in literature, the reader has to put effort into it There just are not a plethora of mummy stories, not like vampires, werewolves or zombies That may be because not many writers tried to work with them Thank goodness Paula Guran collected nineteen short stories that expand and twist the typical mummy in such a way that while preserving the time honored concept allows a creative spin that leaves the reader hanging on for dear life.The authors and stories in the book are That I May Speak Introduction to collection , Paula Guran Guran does an excellent job of navigating the world of mummies both in film and literature Private Grave 9 , Karen Joy Fowler The Good Shabti , Robert Sharp This story cuts between Ancient Egypt and the not too distant future The sense of dread builds in both ages until there is a clash that I did not see coming Great story Egyptian Revival , Angela Slatter This was one of my favorites Imagine a strong, feminine Private Investigator in the Ancient Egyptian religion is proven to be real Antiquities are now not just collectibles, they are possible gateways to immortality A fun story I will be adding the author to my list of new authors to check out The Queen in Yellow , Kage Baker Mummies and time travel Oh and cyborgs On Skua Island , John Langan This one was creepy in a they need to make this into a movie creepy Very good non Egyptian mummy Ramesses on the Frontier , Paul Cornell I have read several books by Paul Cornell and he never disappoints His Ramesses trip through the underworld is funny and unique and an excellent story The Shaddowes Box , Terry Dowling Egyptian Avenue , Kim Newman This one was really cool I have read several of Kim Newman s books involving his Diogenes Club This story has that wonderful blend of supernatural and Scotland Yard A very enjoyable story The Curious Case of the Werewolf That Wasn t, the Mummy That Was, and the Cat in the Jar , Gail Carriger My favorite of the collection It does have a werewolf who isn t, a mummy and a cat in the jar It also has a character that I haven t decided what he is and an author who I already put one of her books on hold at my local library The Night Comes On , Steve Duffy I enjoyed this one also I will check out the author s other work American Mummy , Stephen Graham Jones This was a good story set in the modern day southwestern USA Bubba Ho Tep , Joe R Lansdale I did not see the movie that was based on this story It did not really do anything for me but then again I am not an Elvis fan Fruit of the Tomb , Carole Nelson Douglas I loved this story Having become a first time cat owner seven months ago, I can truly appreciate the worship of cats Heart of Night is worthy of that worship The Chapter of Coming Forth by Night , Lois Tilton Noreen Doyle The Mummy s Heart , Norman Partridge The Emerald Scarab , Keith Taylor The Embalmer , Helen Marshall Not your typical mummy and two children I never want to cross paths with Tollund , Adam Roberts Three Memories of Death , Will Hill Another one of my favorites A beautiful, touching story The Mammoth Book of the Mummy, which I received from Netgalley in exchange for a fair review, blew up the all my previous conceptions of what a mummy is I discovered several new authors and broaden my imagination I highly recommend The Mammoth Book of the Mummy I hope to see other authors try their hand at this neglected beautiful genre.

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    Stand out stories for me included American Mummy by Stephen Graham Jones as always, delightfully dark, unexpectedly wicked, and grounded in the seedy motel in the desert so vividly it felt like I was there On Skua Island by John Langan major scholarly love for this one as a medievalist and book history nerd the sort of mummy story Lovecraft would write The Mummy s Heart by Norman Partridge I can t stop thinking about this one It was the story that made me feel the same visceral fear of mummies that I had when I was a child, and I wasn t ready for it to end Mixed feelings about the conclusion, but the voice and the central premise really can t be beat First person narrator made me think of the cadence of southern literature Bubba Ho Tep by Joe R Lansdale unlikely elderly heroes battling a mummy invader using only their nursing house surroundings and their wits lots of irreverent first person voice here that I loved

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    I had a blast reading this book It has a great range of short stories that steps away from the typical archetype people come across in pop culture i.e cursed mummy comes back to life to resurrect his lost love I really appreciated how the book had stories pertaining to different kinds of mummies, not just Egyptian ones even though that s what drew me to the book in the first place The Good Shabti by Robert Sharp and On Skua Island by John Langan were the real high lights for me This book has something for everyone there is horror, there is comedy, historical fiction etc there is sci fi and It gives us various scopes on mummies as cultural objects

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    I m not typically a sci fi fan BUT.I love MUMMIES This book is a collection of stories about mummies past, future, romantic, plain old MUMMY MAYHEM They re all stories from this century, so don t think this is a book about mummies from olden times I thoroughly enjoyed most of the stories, there were only about 2 3 that I personally was a little underwhelmed, but majority was great mumminess my own made up mummy word If you re in love with mummies, this is the book for you I enjoy mummies the way many people enjoy zombies This is a unique collection of stories with no repetitive type stories Each unique in many ways I never thought I d read a story about romance mummies, this is just one example of how different each story is told You won t become bored with this selection Plus, since this is a collection, most stories can easily be finished for a little fright night before bedtime, or while commuting to work as long as you re not the driver of course I d highly recommend this book for those like myself that are in love with mummies, horror, sci fi, or just for something different, perhapsI received a digital copy from Net Galley and Diamond Book Distributors In return I ve written an honest, and maybe mummified, review Happy mummy reading to all

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    I won a copy of this book.I took my good old time with this book reading a story or two here and there I very much enjoyed the 19 stories in this anthology of Mummy stories The Good Shabti is my personal favorite, but there are others that are just as good Paula Guran does a great introduction to the book, explaining the history of the Mummy and how we came to be intrigued by it It was a fun read.

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The Mammoth Book of the Mummy download The Mammoth Book of the Mummy, read online The Mammoth Book of the Mummy, kindle ebook The Mammoth Book of the Mummy, The Mammoth Book of the Mummy 3cfce581d00a The Mammoth Book Of The Mummy Presents A Collection Of Classic And Contemporary Tales On The Legendary Monster From The Classic Egyptian Mummies To Modern Psudo Mummies And Mummies From Other Cultures, This Will Include Stories By New And Established Writers Like Kage Baker, Ramsey Campbell, Gail Carriger, AndContentsIntroduction My Mouth Has Been Given To Me That I May Speak By Paula GuranPrivate Grave By Karen Joy FowlerThe Good Shabti By Robert SharpEgyptian Revival By Angela SlatterThe Queen In Yellow The Company Short Fiction By Kage BakerOn Skua Island By John LanganRamesses On The Frontier By Paul CornellThe Shaddowwes Box By Terry DowlingEgyptian Avenue The Diogenes Club Series By Kim NewmanThe Curious Case Of The Werewolf That Wasn T, The Mummy That Was, And The Cat In The Jar The Parasol Protectorate Universe By Gail CarrigerThe Night Comes On By Steve DuffyAmerican Mummy By Stephen Graham I Bubba Ho Tep By Joe R LansdaleFruit Of The Tomb A Midnight Louie Past Life Adventure Midnight Louie Series By Carole Nelson DouglasThe Chapter Of Coming Forth By Night By Lois Tilton And Noreen DoyleThe Mummy S Heart By Norman PartridgeThe Emerald Scarab Kamose The Magician By Keith TaylorThe Embalmer By Helen MarshallTollund By Adam RobertsThree Memories Of Death By Will Hill