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The Purse txt The Purse , text ebook The Purse , adobe reader The Purse , chapter 2 The Purse , The Purse e9ed56 When Lydia Blackwell Visits Her Dying Father For The Last Time, He Reveals The Deeply Hidden Truth About Her Mother After The Funeral, The Stranger Derek Meade Gifts Her With A Gorgeous Antique Purse But Before She Has The Chance To Connect With The Man Who Knew Her Father Intimately, Lydia Finds Derek Murdered In His Home Lieutenant Sonja MacIntosh Is Assigned To Investigate Mr Meade S Death, But Her Career On The Force Never Prepared Her For Lydia Blackwell As Sonja Works To Solve The Murder, Lydia Takes The Greatest Risk Of Her Life In Leaving Chicago To Search For Clues To Her Mother S Past Their Instant Attraction Surprises Them Both, But Even Through The Chaos Lydia Can T Deny The Intensity Of Her Feelings For The Strong Willed Lieutenant Lydia S Possession Of The Antique Purse Throws Her Already Chaotic Life Into A Whirlwind Of Kidnapping, Blackmail, Vengeful Mob Bosses, And Mind Numbing Revelations Through It All, Lydia Must Find The Strength To Accept Herself And Those Closest To Her Despite Their Darkest Secrets

About the Author: Julie A. Burns

Julie A Burns is a native Iowan born in Marshalltown, Iowa and raised in Davenport, Iowa After her parent s divorce at age 7, she took to writing, whether it was her diary or poems about people she met or situations that bothered her After graduating from high school in 1983, she spent time working as a Nurse s Aide in different nursing homes in Iowa In 1989, she gave birth to a daughter, Brit

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    From the start of this novel you ll be sucked into a whirlwind of action, romance, and mystery that won t ever waver until you finish the book The Purse is a story full of diverse characters representing different sexualities which was a breath of fresh air to read about It follows the journey of a lady named Lydia who is slowly finding out about her secret family history with the help of a woman who she begins to develop feelings for, named Sonja Both of them go through troubling situations throughout the entire story and must try their hardest to find out the secrets of Lydia s life that has remained hidden from her for so many years This quick read was entertaining, especially if you re a lover of crime novels that have to do with the mafia There is never a dull moment in this book, and just when you think the action is over, another problem arises and sweeps you off your feet to another adventure that Lydia must go on In a way, that aspect got tiresome for me because the book could have wrapped up simply at around page 200, but instead a new problem arose yet again which added a somewhat filler portion of the rest of the 300 something page novel I wish it was compact, but if you are a sucker for details, then you d definitely love this aspect And the romance is very prevalent in this story as well and was well represented It takes hold of much of the plot and I would have adored it if it didn t feel so insta love y The romance felt too fast paced for me and I wished it was slowed down enough for me to feel it growing between the characters instead of them confessing their love not even half way through the story But overall, Julie A Burns is a fantastic writer who knows how to grip a reader s attention for the entire story She pulls us right into the action and takes you on a wild ride of a story with ups and downs that you ll never see coming If you re a fan of crime novels with a heavy dose of mystery, this story is the one for you

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    I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review This in no way affects my review or opinion of the book This is like 3.5, leaning towards 4 stars.Lydia Blackwell s father has recently passed away, and with his dying breath he reveals a secret that completely changes Lydia s life her mother, whom Lydia was always told had died in a car accident, is alive and well Lydia also meets Derek Meade, a close companion of her father s, who gifts her with an antique purse that he said her father would have wanted her to have What Lydia doesn t know is that this purse is at the center of a web of lies decades in the making When Lydia hits the road in search of her mother and some answers, she is thrust into a world of betrayal, mob bosses, murder, and revelations.I really enjoyed this book, but I did have several issues with it I thought the characters were strong overall, but there was a constant disconnect with them I think this may be from the lack of indirect characterization in the book everything about the characters was told to me There was no discovering different facets of a character through little quirks There wasn t true depth, and that made it hard for me to become really invested in the story Also, the relationships between Lydia and Sonja, as well as with Lydia and Christie, were not fully believable They evolved too quickly for it to be natural it was very insta lovey I think that both of those relationships could have been developed, though both were very sweet and made me smile.The writing in this book was confusing at times, made even so with the frequent use of flashbacks I d often get to one and have to go back and read it again to try and figure out if what I was reading was in the present It could have been transitioned better, but the flashbacks themselves added to the story and were creative The dialogue itself was stilted throughout the book, and I thought could have been fleshed out a bit to take the story to a higher level There were two main instances of repetition in this book that I think could be improved, and that was the use of full names throughout the novel, and the continuous use of the word fascinating The use of the full names again and again, I think, was intended to make the writing dramatic, perhaps even nostalgic, but it didn t achieve its purpose to me The word fascinating appeared in nearly every conversation throughout this book I think that could have been replaced with other words many times, and some of the time maybe taken out altogether However, that s a real nitpicky thing on my part.The plot and story itself is where this book shined I thought this was a very interesting premise, a classic suspenseful murder mystery It turned out to be so much I loved the wonderful LGBTQ representation in the story I m also really big on plot twists, and this book was FILLED with them So many, in fact, I wonder if it was too many I was really impressed with how the author kept me guessing throughout the book I must say that I wasn t ever bored I kept wondering when the next twist would occur I could tell that the backstory for this book was really developed, and that showed With all of these awesome revelations, however, I would have loved detail or conflict leading up to their discoveries There were times when I felt like the secrets were given up too easily It was anticlimactic The routes leading to the many different discoveries in the book could have been complex, filled with obstacles and suspense.All in all, I really liked this book I thought the story was very entertaining, and it kept me guessing until the last secret was brought to light I think it had definite room for improvement, but the premise was very interesting and the detailed backstory kept my attention throughout I would recommend this book to people searching for a solid suspenseful story mixed with a dash of romance, a sprinkle of murderous mob bosses, 30 years worth of buried secrets and lies, some great LGBTQ representation, and plot twists galore Links for this book My review can also be found on my blog.

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    Thank you to the publishers for sending me out a copy of this book It was a truly wonderful read This book will have you on the edge of your seat from the first chapter right up until the last I loved how many plot twists The Purse contained Just when you thought you had the mystery solved, BAM another clue causes your mind to change Julie A Burns is an exceptional writer The way she told this story is one of the reason it was so great However, I did feel that the dialogue could be worked on A lot of the conversations in the book seemed stiff and were written without emotion or expression The characters were okay I didn t find myself connection with them all that well and I m not sure if that was because I didn t get to know the character beyond the necessities However, the parts of the characters that were revealed were well written I loved the LGBT representation in this book All in all, this suspenseful, page turning and plot twist of a book got 3 stars out of 5

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    Lydia Blackwell grew up in a cloud of secrets and mystery In this thriller from Julie A Burns, a mysterious purse is the key to unlocking the truth of Lydia s birth As she struggles to find the answers about herself, she meets a handful of new people some of them can be trusted and some of them cannot This riveting tale keeps you guessing until the very last page

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    The Purse is an interesting mystery, full of twists and turns Lydia Blackwell comes home to visit her dying father and finds out that the mother she thought died when she was little is still alive She meets a stranger at his funeral who gives her an antique purse that belonged to her mother This sets off a trail of murder, kidnapping, and family secrets revealed.Lt Sonja MacIntosh is assigned to investigate one of the murders and she and Lydia have an instant attraction to each other Together, they work to unwind the story of Lydia s mother and who the mob figures are who have so impacted Lydia s life.I enjoyed this book I liked the relationship between Lydia and Sonja and how it evolved Overall, I liked the evolving twists in the story, though I thought a few were a bit too coincidental her highway car breakdown was one Still, the writing was good and I will definitely read by this author.

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    Three starsThis is a very well written book, which I enjoyed enormously The story has many twists and turns to take you through, and they are woven together in a very nice way.It s got a couple of very interesting relationship stories running through and secrets galore The purse is a treasure trove of creative writing.If you enjoy some genuine rather than sweet romance, I m not a romance reader normally and lots of suspense and intrigue threaded through you will enjoy this a lot.The characters are likeable and not in equal measure making them like real people I can t pick any of them as favourites as they are all flawed and human.

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    This is an absolutely great book From the very start, it takes you up, down and all around Just when you think you have it figured out, it throws in something you never expected It was a book that I just didn t want to put down once I started reading it, I kept wanting to find out what happened next Loved the main characters, they had such realistic personalities Won t say and details, don t want to spoil it for others because this is definitely a book worth reading

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    Julie is a master of twists when spinning a murder mystery Lydia Blackwell s life is thrown into chaos with her father s dying breath The shock of finding out her mother could be alive sends Lydia out into a dangerous world with detective and love interest Sonya McIntosh A world of half truths, crime, and love, but with their love be strong enough to solve the crimes If you love a well written, fast paced murder mystery, this is the book for you.

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    This was a quick read as I couldn t put the book down Full of twists and turns Made me do a double take than once

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    This is the first book I have read by Julie A Burns I was excited to jump right in, once I read the blurb The cover also pulls me in because it is very unique and interesting, just like the brilliant blurb I enjoy taking chances on new authors, as you can sometimes find a wee gem, and I really feel Burns is one of those gems I loved the plot and the way the story was told Everything was exciting, suspenseful and still very real I liked that the story was kept very realistic and believable, as it made it very easy to become part of the story and really feel that I could be part of the journey I liked the tiny side of romance, that blossomed, in the book, as I felt it also added a bit of attachment and a different sort of excitement The characters were lovely They each played their parts well I felt that they were somewhat well developed They did have their own characteristics and personalities, making it easy to connect with them The pace of the book was perfect for this style f thriller It is packed with suspenseful moments, twist and tricky turns I liked that there were moments where it slowed a bit, to give us background, but I really enjoyed that this remained a steady, quick pace throughout The author s writing style is very good She has a way with making you feel as though you are there, every step of the way The twists are blended into the story very well, so that they feel real Overall, this is an exciting read I would recommend it if you want something thrilling and a little bit different I received this book for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

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