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ACCIDENTAL SWINGERS (Hotwife Sharing) txt ACCIDENTAL SWINGERS (Hotwife Sharing) , text ebook ACCIDENTAL SWINGERS (Hotwife Sharing) , adobe reader ACCIDENTAL SWINGERS (Hotwife Sharing) , chapter 2 ACCIDENTAL SWINGERS (Hotwife Sharing) , ACCIDENTAL SWINGERS (Hotwife Sharing) f3cdaf Oops On A Trip To New York City, Elena And Matt Ask About Dance Clubs At The Front Desk Of Their Hotel Wires Get Crossed, And They Wind Up At Eden A Swingers Club The Effect It Has On Elena Is An Electric Shock Everything She Thought About Pleasure And Propriety Is Turned Inside Out She Has A Wonderful Marriage They Have Two Good Kids, Good Jobs And A Nice Life What Could Anyone Ask For Except The Uninhibited, Outright Slutty Behavior Of The Other Women There, Doing Things In Public That You Would Only See Online Throws A Switch They Re Such Dirty Girls Filthy, Smutty Thoughts She Never Allowed Herself To Have Consume Her Could She Be So Explicit In A Club Why Does The Idea Turn Her On So Much At Club Eden, Elena Experiences The Most Intense Pleasure She S Ever Had With Matt When Sophie Hits On Her That Night, Her Body S Response Surprises Her And Her Brain Goes Haywire She S Never Had Lesbian Fantasies She S Gripped In A Way That S Completely New She Can T Get Sophie S Image Out Of Her Mind Her Luscious, Swollen Wet Lips, Her Sculpted Face, Consume Elena She Wants To Clutch Sophie S Cascading Hair In Her Hands, And Explode To Overwhelming Heights Of Pleasure She Can T Ignore This This Craving She Has To Go Back To Eden What Would Her Husband Think Will The Idea Of Wife Watching Her Be A Turn On Or A Point Of No Return Will Her Husband Share In Her First Time Lesbian Encounter This Isn T The Everyday Idea Of Swinger Wife Swapping It S Wife Sharing Isn T It They Schedule A Visit Back To Club Eden For New Year S Eve Will They Leave All Their Inhibitions Behind And Trust Each Other And Their Marriage In This Adventure Will They Be Able To Dive Into The Swinger Lifestyle And If They Do, Can They Get Back Out Will They Want To

About the Author: Mia Moore

Mia Moore was born at a very young age and despite puberty has yet to completely grow up Her sexual adventures and yes, everyone has had them were the starting points for her books that tell stories of couples from all walks of life who experiment and enjoy the Swinger Lifestyle.She is a great admirer of some of her friends who have kept strong relationships together for years and years while

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    I m not quite sure how this one ended up on my kindle My sis in law is forever one clicking the shit out of freebies for our S i L BR reads And I ll read just about any genre once And here s my once.I ve known several couples in open marriages and had friends in long term poly relationships, but no swingers And I gotta say, I d cut a bitch if she told my hubby she wanted to fuck him and he was gleeful about the prospect That must be my hard limit No sharing of any kind However, if that s your kink, power to your ability to shut off the jealousy I m not wired that way and even reading about the h s acceptance of it bugged Mainly cuz the scene is written from the H s POV.so, yeah Whole new genre of books to add to my fuck no shelf.SG LadiesI think the title says it all 2 stars cuz the writing was mediocre and bordered on sleazy porn rather than swinger erotica.

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    If you have read any of those Intro to BDSM books, this is a lot like that, except it relates to swapping, sharing, and sex clubs.Our naive couple sort of accidentally ends up at a sex club for a romantic evening It all goes well until the people around them start to take their clothes off And then it gets interestingSo if you are curious about swapping, or if you like reading about multi partner sex in public, then you will enjoy this The writing is solid if lacking flair, and everyone asks the right questions and is respectful of their answers.I should take one star off for one scene that was really poorly described, but I won t.I m not sure whether I ll read other books by this author I ll check out the ratings and reviews

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    Wow, hotVery different type of book for me, however after I started reading I couldn t put it down The swinger life style sounds very intimate, nothing like I expected This story is smoking hot, you will enjoy it

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    Okay read Kind of drifted off into silliness at the end.

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    Ignore the cheesy title and give the blurb a closer look instead This is about a couple with kids that are approaching their teens, which means that the parents has a chance to start to rekindle the passion between them As their date nights are getting heated they stumble across the lifestyle a.k.a swinging and a new world poems to them It s fairly easy finding erotic romance about couples meeting, but I ve found it surprisingly hard to find books about couples continuing to have great sex also after they re married This is such a book It s fairly well written Good dialogue, scenic narrative and the two main characters are good The supporting characters are a bit flat and doesn t fully have their own voices I would have liked the story to carry itself and not rely on the narration, but that s nitpicking.

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    This was a great read.something I could read than once Loved the premise on how a couple unknowingly stumbles into a swingers club and how they come to terms with this Good writing with just a few grammar issues Will definitely read the second book.

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    Very sexy and hot hot hot I love Mia swinger stories Can t wait till her next one comes out I couldn t put the book down Keep on writing please.

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