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    Great emotional and science y story Kept me entertained through the whole thing Great sound design, though the background music was a bit cheesy at times And it s nice to have Toshiko back Bit of a spoiler It s nice to have a Torchwood story involving the timey wimey it s not quite as common here as opposed to its older sibling Doctor Who.

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    Toshiko Sato goes on a rogue mission in Siberia, joining forces with Russian agency for extra terrestrial affairs This story has a totally STALKER feel and it works really well Also, Naoko Mori s voice acting is divine.

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    Solo Tosh adventure AND set in Russia I mean, I was always going to relive my teenage years through this, wasn t I

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    Tosh goes to Russia to an area known as Zone 10 because a pulse told her so.

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    Loved getting a bit insight into Tosh s head She was one of my faves.

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    Short story featuring Toshiko and a trip to snowy Russia Fast paced soloadventure.

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    il turno di Toshiko Sato, interpretata da Naoko Mori, in missione solitaria e non approvata in terra sovietica.Una zona colpita da distorsioni temporali, che mi ha ricordato le zone dei fratelli Arkadij e Boris Strugackij e del loro picnic extraterrestre, un misterioso messaggio indirizzato proprio a lei e un reliquiario della corsa nello spazio dei tempi della Guerra Fredda.Semplice e prevedibile come soluzione finale, vede la ricomparsa del Committee e fornisce nuove, ma non dettagliate, informazioni su questo misterioso avversario.Piacevole avventura, ancor pi gradita per il ritorno di Tosh.

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    I liked this It was nice to have Toshiko back and having an adventure on her own But it just felt a bit slim I m not sure quite what was missing but something was The other Torchwood adventures I listened to have been so good and this one just felt a bit standard A mysterious base trapped in time in the snow, with the day repeating, it just didn t feel as spooky as it should have I m not sure whether it was the heavily accented Russian accents, the fact that the Russians spoke English to each other, or that there just really didn t feel like a threat It wasn t bad just not as good as I was hoping for.

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