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Dawn/Vampirella chapter 1 Dawn/Vampirella, meaning Dawn/Vampirella, genre Dawn/Vampirella, book cover Dawn/Vampirella, flies Dawn/Vampirella, Dawn/Vampirella 1a36cd4c0560a Joseph Michael Linsner, The Celebrated Creator Of Dawn, Writes And Illustrates The First Ever Crossover Event For His Beloved Goddess, Teaming Her And Pitting Her Against Horror Icon Vampirella When The Silver Tongued Demon Masodik Kidnaps These Beautiful, Powerful Women, He Demands That The Two Engage In A Catfight To Prove Which Is Best Suited As His New Paramour The Ladies Suggest To Combat In A Sophisticated And Feminine Way By Engaging In A Storytelling Contest Together, Dawn And Vampirella Take Us A On Journey To The Bloody Shores Of Drakulon, Post Apocalyptic New York, And Worlds Beyond Imagination Ultimately, They Know That They Must Join Forces To Overcome Him But What Common Ground Can Be Found Between Goddess And Vampire

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    This wasn t bad, but wasn t exceptional either The Linsner art was good The women were sexy as expected But the story itself felt a little lacking A demon kidnaps Dawn and Vampirella, and wants them to battle it out with the prize being bearing his child They agree just in order to buy time to plan an escape The battle is meant to be physical, but instead it becomes a storytelling battle So each issue has the women telling stories about different things I d have much rather seen a focused crossover.Linsner fans will still enjoy this, but otherwise it may not be what most readers are looking for.

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    Who would have thought Linsner predicted Trump becoming president

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    Excellent crossover featuring the goddess, Dawn and Vampirella Cool storyline and spectacular art by the talented Joseph Michael Linsner Very highly recommended.

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    I read this series digitally on Comixology rather than this book.I love anthology horror stuff, so I ve always enjoyed the handful of random Dawn issues I ve read since they often employ a Twilight Zone like narrative structure Dawn Vampirella does this, I presume, since both ladies have delved into this sort of storytelling Vampi had a series called Feary Tales and as somewhat of a parody or meta in joke on this structure This book achieves this idea by being book ended by a story involving contest organized by demon to pit the two ladies against each other It appears that he is doing so in order to choose the strongest as his bride While it s cool seeing Vampi and Dawn tell stories of their origins and the like, I felt that the chemistry between the characters suffered a bit due to the format and that the ending seemed rushed a problem with a few Dynamite releases that I ve read There were a few awesome moments like seeing Vampi s mother realized as the spitting image of Yvonne de Carlo as Lily Munster from The Munsters and Dawn s brief attempt at plagiarizing the plot of The Godfather as one of her stories I won t say that this is a great comic, but it s pretty fun and worth checking out at least.

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    If you like hot, comic book, pin up babes and I do this book has appeal Linsner s own Dawn and his interpretation of Vampirella are stellar examples of the type But if you re expecting anything else to be of interest and I was you re going to be sorely disappointed.

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