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The Girl's Book of Friendship summary The Girl's Book of Friendship, series The Girl's Book of Friendship, book The Girl's Book of Friendship, pdf The Girl's Book of Friendship, The Girl's Book of Friendship 22e856318f Sebuah Sinopsis Kisah Nyata, Kutipan Asyik, Dan Puisi Inspirasional Dari Para Wanita Dinamis Dahulu Dan Sekarang Disemua Bidang Kehidupan, Termasuk Penulis, Ibu, Aktris, Atlet, Politisi, Serta Pelajar Temukanlah Pendapat Mereka Tentang Berteman Serta Menjaga Persahabatan, Kepercayaan, Rahasia, Merayakan Persahabatan, Pacar, Dan Banyak Lagi

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    his book is about empowering girls by providing them the tools to build great friendships and teaching them how to be a good friend, in order to live a happy life Each chapter is filled with a thought to contemplate, fun quotes from famous women, poems, and facts Chapter 5, on Finders, Keepers, has young adults thinking about what makes a true friend and how some friends are never there during the hard times Catherine Dee feels that, girls sometimes don t realize that they deserve better, and they settle for whomever comes along acting halfway decent.This book is filled with wisdom and unlike most non fiction books, this book does not overwhelm readers with information, rather gives readers many subjects about friends to think about Most teens may shy away since this book is not filled with colorful text, large illustrations, or pictures, but the content will keep them pondering over friendship wisdom to consider The quotes are really fun to read, and life powerful information, for instance singer Christina Aguilera says, It s just a matter of really taking time out for friends Even if it s a two minutes, just to call and check in and say hey p 174 As teenagers start to date, this advice would be gold for friendships to survive relationships of love.

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    I found a lot of wonderful quotes in this book whichis overall a well organized compilation.

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    Mmmm Keren banyak kutipan favorit yg bisa menginspirasi qta tentang apa yg disebut persahabatan. Cocok banget dah dijadiin kado buat sahabat. _

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    The Girls Book of Friendship Cool Quotes, True Stories, Secrets and More by Catherine Dee 2001

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