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    NONFICTION This book is the perfect 5th grade read aloud to create an environmentally conscious group of students As a future teacher, I hope to one day instill important environmental practices in my students This book provides a great tool for me to use to prompt the students thinking about what they can do to help save the Earth and why it should be important to them It makes nonfiction reading fun and stimulating for the students who may struggle with the genre The author does an awesome job relating these complex topics to kids in an understandable and entertaining way Each chapter starts with a fun question and information about the topic that is relatable to kids What I loved about the books was that it not only gives them facts, but it also gives kids ideas of what they can do and how they can help Instead of just telling kids the environmental problems, the author is instilling the students with ideas and tools so that they can make a difference It shows the kids that even though they may be young, they still can contribute greatly I also think it is important to note that the author also provides a list of credible websites that the children can visit to learn information There are so many ways that this book could be used in the classroom It is the perfect tool for a teacher when teaching a unit on the environment If I were to use this book in the classroom, I would start everyday with reading one of the chapters in my morning meeting We would have discussions about the different environmental topics and what they could do to help During centers the students could explore the websites to gain additional information and write what they learned in their science notebooks The book also provides several different engaging experiments that a teacher can do in class to demonstrate some of the content that is discussed in the chapters I think it would be cool to have the students come up with their own environmental class project, something that they could do as a class to help make the school, the classroom or their community environmentally friendly The students could plan the project, make posters about their initiative, and write about their experiences This book provides a lot of awesome opportunities for the classroom.

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    I received a copy of this book through the Library Thing s early reviewers program, and enjoyed it so much that many of my family members in the 9 12 year old range will soon be receiving a copy from me This is a must have book for any 4th 7th grade class room, or library The authors take a complex and important topic and present it in an understandable, informative, entertaining, and age relevant fashion Instead of being made aware of the environmental problems we are being faced with today, and then being left to feel helpless about what one can do about them, this 208 page book shows that one person, or should I say one kid, can certainly make a difference Imagine what would happen if thousands or millions of just one kid read this book and felt empowered and hopeful enough to do something about the environmental issue This one book can certainly provide that hope and feeling of empowerment return return I thought the simple black and white illustrations displayed throughout the book were well done, and relevant to the topic at hand Each chapter started with an enlightening and often humorous question were the reader must take a guess as to the answer I thought this feature was a wonderful way to present the theme of each chapter The authors provide numerous and realistic activities that children can do, as well as an impressive list of credible websites that children can visit to find information.

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    This just arrived yesterday and my son and I had a good time, looking through it to see what changes we could make in our home To my surprise, I found that I was already doing a lot of the things recommended in the book we recycle paper and plastic, we try to buy items with less packaging, we reuse our plastic bags, we have a water saving toilet But we had plenty of things that we could change, too I need to make sure to bring a reusable water bottle along, so I don t need to buy bottled water And I would love to have an energy audit, to see where we are losing heat from our home.Some things we can t change too much I still need to use my car, and we have no place nearby that recycles glass Other things will take a bit thought or time, like starting a compost pile and donating to nature groups.This was a fun book that was an easy read My only complaint is that there were a lot of statistics presented, and I wanted to know where the authors got their numbers Some of their claims seemed a little hard to believe But it was good for starting a discussion, which is the purpose of the book.

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    I first read this as a kid in elementary school It was given to students for free, courtesy of the Ministry of Environment in Greece Words are not enough to explain how much it affected me It shed light on facts school was not teaching us and so many questions were answered This is the book that actually motivated me to recycle and upcycle things I sure hope all kids are given this book to read.Whether they choose to adopt a greener lifestyle or not, it will certainly offer really important information through simple language and funny multiple choice questions.

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    Lots of great suggestions for kids in kid terms for helping out our planet From suggestions to solutions, dectective work to quizzes, this guide is practical with doable projects Even seemingly small fixes can add up to a great impact when trying to save the Earth Written in an appealing format, kids will get into the language and their committment to ecology may begin with the perusal of this book.

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    Definately a book with jobs for Kinder through adults Chapters include information and tasks on What s happening to our planet, how kids can save the earth by, Preserving our ocenas, rivers, lakes and streams, protectine animals, keeping the earth green, using energy wisely, spreading the word, eco experiments, quick quizzes, and a website.Very helpful for individuals and groups.

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    My three year old was inordinately taken with this book I ll have to get it again from the library when she is older The bite sized pieces were interesting to her, although the whole first section is kind of a downer about how people are destroying the earth.

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    This book is fantastic and useful It provides so much information on how kids can get involved to make the world a better place Empowering to make a positive impact on their comunities and world, this text would be so useful in a classroom and will definitely have a place in mine.

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    Great book for children who are looking for ways to become earth friendly With so many examples and fun activities it is a great read aloud and really keeps kids involved I would have the students pick a thing to do from the book and complete it.

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