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American Child Bride explained American Child Bride , review American Child Bride , trailer American Child Bride , box office American Child Bride , analysis American Child Bride , American Child Bride 8396 Most In The United States Likely Associate The Concept Of The Child Bride With The S And Practices Of The Distant Past But Nicholas L Syrett Challenges This Assumption In His Sweeping And Sometimes Shocking History Of Youthful Marriage In America Focusing On Young Women And Girls The Most Common Underage Spouses Syrett Tracks The Marital History Of American Minors From The Colonial Period To The Present, Chronicling The Debates And Moral Panics Related To These UnionsAlthough The Frequency Of Child Marriages Has Declined Since The Early Twentieth Century, Syrett Reveals That The Practice Was Historically Far Widespread In The United States Than Is Commonly Thought It Also Continues To This Day Current Estimates Indicate That Percent Of Living American Women Were Married Before Turning Eighteen By Examining The Legal And Social Forces That Have Worked To Curtail Early Marriage In America Including The Efforts Of Women S Rights Activists, Advocates For Children S Rights, And Social Workers Syrett Sheds New Light On The American Public S Perceptions Of Young People Marrying And The Ways That Individuals And Communities Challenged The Complex Legalities And Cultural Norms Brought To The Fore When Underage Citizens, By Choice Or Coercion, Became Husband And Wife

  • Hardcover
  • 368 pages
  • American Child Bride
  • Nicholas L. Syrett
  • English
  • 13 June 2017
  • 9781469629537

About the Author: Nicholas L. Syrett

Trained as a historian of the nineteenth and twentieth century United States, Nicholas L Syrett is Professor of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at the University of Kansas He is the author of The Company He Keeps A History of White College Fraternities 2009 and American Child Bride A History of Minors and Marriage in the United States 2016 He is also a coeditor of Age in America Th

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    A quick caveat the author is a friend and colleague That being said, this was a wonderful book Through the lens of child marriage, Syrett uncovers the intersection of several prominent categories of historical inquiry, namely age consciousness, gender norms, marriage and the family, and sexuality And for good measure the book also speaks extensively on how notions of race and class have shaped and overlapped with the debates over child marriage What is most striking is that though the book contains ample analysis on the changing nature of age consciousness and the constructed nature of childhood, Syrett is most concerned about unpacking the social and cultural power of the institution of marriage The belief that marriage transformed children into adults, legitimized what had been seen as illicit sex, and was so central to American society, elevated the institution to such a rarefied plane that generations of reformers and children s advocates could never bring the political and legal arenas to bare on what many came to see as an odious practice For examples, Syrett notes several cases of judges being unwilling to annul or rescind marriages involving minors, even though the marriages themselves took place in violation of the law As he did with his first monograph on fraternities, Syrett includes sufficient discussion of the larger historical context The reader sees exactly how the debates over child marriage reflected deeper changes in America as he moves the story through the different eras of our nation s history Though intended for an academic audience, the book is quite accessible to anyone who has an interest in the issue.

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    Initial disclaimer the author is a friend of mine This book was published last year, but I picked up my copy to read during the thankfully unsuccessful candidacy of Roy Moore for the AL Senate And I ll admit that there were points that this book was hard to read because it was hard for me to separate out creepy mall predator Moore from the far complicated story Syrett tells about the history of child marriage let s be frank, girl child marriage in this country But I m glad I did Syrett s no relativist while his really exhaustive research demonstrates conclusively that minor marriage has been part of this country s history since colonial days, there s a through line of feminism running through his analysis He is careful to note that the regions in which child marriage has been most common, and most defended, are ones where girls have the fewest options other than marriage, and in fact are sometimes exploited by their parents In other words, marriage is the best of a very limited series of choices some girls have before them He also notes our selective attention to child marriage it became a crisis in the 1950s because affluent white girls were doing it, even though their rates of marriage were still lower than those of African and Mexican American teens And Syrett s careful critique of naive assumptions about the power of marriage to transform people into adults he refers to an ideology of the magic of marriage several times is appropriate His conclusion connects critiques of child marriage to antipathy to gay marriage as opponents of both have explicitly done In other words, this is good history, because it challenges easy assumptions with a wealth of data and careful analysis, but leaves you with specific and concrete conclusions, rather than simply historical indifference Well worth the read.

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    American Child Bride offers a fascinating exploration into the history of child marriage in the United States and the way that history intersects with citizenship, individual agency, sexuality, gender, and religion Most notably, American Child Bride sheds light on the discursive relationship between the state and individual citizenship, revealing the power of marriage to construct the categories of adulthood childhood and ideas of substantive citizenship Structurally, the project explores the history of American child marriage chronologically, beginning with the founding of the United States and continuing through the recent past Each chapter is bookended with a story of a specific marriage, providing unique glimpses into individual cases that serve to create a narrative rhythm in the reader s experience with the project Offering new insights into contemporary debates about the meaning of marriage, specifically with members of the LGBTQ population, American Child Bride is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the complex web of legal and cultural forces that define marriage.

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    Can be a bit dry at times, but overall an interesting analysis of the ways our views on child marriage has shifted over the years The most interesting fact that is so obvious I m surprised I didn t realize it before anytime in history people have wanted to reform child marriage is because middle class white girls were increasingly getting married even when their rate of marriage was dramatically lower than the rates of poor, rural girls of all races in the south and southwest.

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    American Child Bride A History of Minors and Marriage in the United States Hardcover by Nicholas L SyrettILLfrom Worldcat Contents Any maid or woman child a new nation and its marriage laws The child was to be his wife patterns of youthful marriage in antebellum America Wholly unfit for the marriage condition Parton v Hervey and struggles over age of consent laws The great life long mistake women s rights advocates and the feminist critique of early marriage My little girl wife the transformation of childhood and marriage in the late nineteenth century I did and I don t regret it child marriage and the contestation of childhood, 1880 1925 Marriage reform is still an unplowed field reformers target child marriage during the 1920s Marriage comes early in the mountains the persistence of child marriage in the rural South Are they marrying too young the teenage marriage crisis of the postwar years There was no stopping her teen marriage continues in rural America.

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