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Entranced by a Vampire chapter 1 Entranced by a Vampire , meaning Entranced by a Vampire , genre Entranced by a Vampire , book cover Entranced by a Vampire , flies Entranced by a Vampire , Entranced by a Vampire 00ed57da952aa HISTORICAL BBW REGENCY VAMPIRE ROMANCE Kindle Unlimited Members Read For Free Duchess Amelia Harrow Had Always Been Used To Getting Her Way She Had A Curvy Body, Which Was Well Admired By Those Who Pursued Her A Constant String Of Admirers Would Try To Court Her And She Would Always Play The Same Game With Them She Would Raise Their Hopes, Tease And Toy With Them, Then She Would Discard ThemThis Dynamic Is Completely Broken When She Meets Tristan Attractive, Confident And A Complete Alpha Male, He Refuses To Play Her Games Instead It Is He Who Takes Pleasure In Teasing And Dominating HerTry As She Might, She Can T Help But Be Attracted To Him In Spite Of Herself The Way He Takes Charge And Makes Her His, Dominates Her And Does Whatever He Pleases With Her Only Fuels The Inner Battle Of Her Mind Whether She Should Submit Or Attempt To Regain Her Control Somewhere Deep Down She Knows That She Desperately Wants To Submit To HimWill She Manage To Get To Him Or Will Tristan Beat Her At Her Own Game GET YOUR COPY NOW AND RECEIVE YOUR BOOK COMPLETE WITH A SPECIAL THANK YOU BONUSWarning This Book Contains Lots Of Hot Sex, Control Submission If This Isn T Your Thing Start Now And See What You Ve Been Missing Out On Only A Standalone Story With No Cliffhangers By OC Adams

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