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The Alexandria Affair (Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries, #11) chapter 1 The Alexandria Affair (Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries, #11) , meaning The Alexandria Affair (Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries, #11) , genre The Alexandria Affair (Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries, #11) , book cover The Alexandria Affair (Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries, #11) , flies The Alexandria Affair (Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries, #11) , The Alexandria Affair (Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries, #11) f5f8c34952533 Lucius Grenville At Last Persuades Captain Lacey To Join Him In An Expedition To Egypt, To Visit Various Ancient Sites Lacey Is Excited To Go, Though Torn About Leaving His New Family He Discovers, Though, That The Burgeoning Market For Antiquities Has Made Egypt S Ancient History Open For Plunder, Bringing Forth Ruthless Men Who Will Not Stop Short Of Murder For The Sake Of A Fortune

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    Review written February 1, 20193.7 Stars As always fun, enjoying and suspensefulBook 11 Published in December as audiobook and I of course quickly downloaded More than a month later and it was great to start at last A historical crime by Jennifer Ashley Ashley Gardner is usually a good book choice for me Listening to a 8 15 hours audiobook edition narrated by, as the always perfect grumpy Captain, Mr James Gillies Captain Lacey s best friend Mr Grenville at last persuades him to join him in an expedition to Egypt, to visit various ancient sites The series, author pen name, my reviews view spoiler There are so far 13 soon 14 fullenght Captain Gabriel Lacey novels Historical crime whodunit s, set a few years after the Napoleon war, with a new mystery case to investigate in every book part Our main character Captain Gabriel Lacey is veteran of the Peninsular War in Regency era England A proud man with a big heart of good family but without any meens In the start he needed both money and love and had an itching bad leg wound His life was kind of a mess and he had a lot to handle Since a couple of books is luckily our beloved Captain happily married to a beautiful and sissy 30 years old noblewoman, Donata by now pregnant with their first baby together At last Lacey also found his French teenage daughter Gabriella A girl from his first marriage years ago as a young soldier Most often Lacey solves his crime cases with his best friend Lucius Grenville, London s most famous dandy, and sometimes also with the actress and his former neighbor Marianne Simmons, There are a couple of interesting good and bad second characters always popping up in every book I like them all The writer Ashley Gardner is a pseudonym or the opposite for Jennifer Ashley I seems to like most books and series by her pen romances or not My reviews all 4 stars so far 1 The Hanover Square Affair 2 A Regimental Murder 3 The Glass House 4 The Sudbury School Murders 4.x The Necklace Affair and Other Stories 5 A Body in Berkeley Square 7 A Death in Norfolk 8 Disappearance in Drury Lane 9 Murder in Grosvenor Square 10 The Thames River Murders hide spoiler

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    Absolutely riveting book I have read all the Captain Lacey Mysteries and each one is as good as if not better than the previous one This time Captain Lacey accompanies Grenville to Egypt or rather he finds that his wife has arranged to have him abducted and plonked on board ship, for although he has long wanted to see the land of the pyramids he didn t believe now was the most opportune time Donata however was having none of it so once Lacey has, reluctantly, accepted his fate, off they go There are several threads within this story the inscrutable James Denis crime lord extraordinaire, tasks Lacey with recovering a lost manuscript supposedly from the library at Alexandria, the untimely appearance of another Captain Gabriel Lacey claiming our beloved Gabriel is an imposter, how dare he causes confusion and mayhem the search for ancient treasures can t miss out on that the odd murder, being entombed alive and several rather serious clashes have you turning the pages with increasing rapidity Some of my favourite characters are also along for the ride Brewster who I think is such a great foil to Gabriel and Grenville Mattias and Bartholomew and although, at first it seemed odd without Donata and Marianne, the tale unfolded so quickly I barely had time to miss them A hotchpotch of other mercurial personalities add life and colour to this fascinating tale All of the characters are beautifully drawn and the descriptions of Egypt were so vivid I could see, hear and smell the scenes Highly recommended

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    So far, this has been the best book in the series for me The Alexandria Affair takes Captain Lacey to Egypt in the year 1818 and along this journey are dandy Grenville without his odious mistress Marianne , bodyguard Brewster, and footmen brothers Matthias and Bartholomew It was so refreshing that the story was entirely focused on the machinations and mysteries far from London and without a lot of personal drama weighing the story down.

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    I will confess to being a complete sucker for stories set in Egypt during the height of the admittedly irresponsible and culturally ruinous rediscovery and excavation of all the ancient sites.

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    A great story about Egypt.

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    Captain Lacey s next case of amateur sleuthing occurs while he s vacationing in Egypt At first, it seems this mystery will just be about locating an artifact that James Denis wishes him to procure, but of course it s not really a Captain Lacey tale if there s not a dead body Throw into the mix the mysterious impostor who wants Lacey dead, and a rogue henchman of Denis and there s a lot going on in this novel While I wouldn t have previously said that the London setting in most of the first ten books was getting stale, this one definitely shakes things up a little bit by showing us a glimpse of what was going on in another part of the world during this time period It was very refreshing and I m now kind of hoping Lacey will take other vacations elsewhere in future books my fingers are always crossed that there will continue to be many books to come in this series.Historical Readsing Reviews

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    A ripping good yarn This long awaited book in the Captain Lacey series didn t disappoint Well written and edited as are all Ashley Gardner books, it was a pleasure to read The Egyptian setting gave the author plenty of scope to play with and the result is a ripping good yarn , with various colourful characters including Turkish cavalrymen, a murderous Turkish soldier, and an English woman with designs on Grenville James Denis is still up to his tricks and is using Lacey to do his dirty work for him unbeknownst to Lacey, who thinks he is on an entirely different mission The mysterious stranger who is trying to shoot Lacey turns up in Egypt and we get some resolution as to his identity and reasons, however, we will have to wait for the next book which will hopefully give us the rest of his story.

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    Captain Lacey is one of my favorite characters This time his wife has had him bound, gagged and put on a ship for Egypt This is a trip with Lucius Grenville and has been planned for a year Lacey tries to back out but he is doing a little too much hovering so off he is sent I loved the history that is brought out in the book This was a time when any and everyone was digging up the past in Egypt and sending it out of the country There is a lot going on in the book Lacey has been asked to find a book from the original library in Alexandria Someone is still trying to kill him He makes a new enemy All in all a really good story that adds depth to the series This can stand alone but reading the series from book one is much fun.

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    In this latest episode of the adventures of Captain Gabriel Lacey, Lacey is soon to be a father His wife Donata is several months pregnant, and even though he had plans to go to Egypt with his friend Grenville, he is insisting on cancelling in order to be present for his wife Donata knows that it would be best for him to go, and so, she arranges for him to be kidnapped and taken aboard the boat that was hired to take him and Grenville to the Middle East Accompanying the pair are their servants, Bartholomew and Mathias, as well as Brewster, who was assigned by James Denis to watch over Lacey and make sure no harm came to him In the last book, there was a man who looked very much like Lacey and who tried to kill him, but Brewster stepped in front and took the bullet that was meant for Lacey That killer had escaped and, until he was apprehended, Denis did not want Lacey to go anywhere without protection Though this was supposed to be a pleasure trip to search through Egypt for buried treasures, James Denis had given Brewster a letter, for Brewster to give to Lacey Denis had a request of Lacey, and, while in Egypt, he was to search for an ancient scroll that was rud to exist, though there was no definite proof about its existence Lacey, being Lacey, manages to involve himself with criminal elements who he is I afraid of battling, manages to ingratiate himself with the Pasha who is ruling Egypt, Muhammad Ali, and finally confronts the man who is trying to kill him New characters are introduced and there is a great deal of research done by the writer to depict the Egypt of the early 1800 s Descriptions given very well portray the flavor of the people and places, while additional mysteries present themselves for Lacey to solve This is another very enjoyable journey through part of the life of Lacey and those around him and the book lives up to the high regard I have for the previous books in the series.

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    Captain Lacey finds mystery wherever he goes Captain Lacey finally gets his chance to visit Egypt with his friend, Grenville, leaving his pregnant wife at home with her parents Before they even reach Egypt, they discover that the mysterious man who has been threatening Captain Lacey has followed them abroad In addition, James Denis has instructed Lacey to obtain a rare papyrus for him while he is in Egypt They also become embroiled in the murder of a Turkish soldier and have an opportunity to hunt for antiquities in the desert It s a race against time to see if Lacey and friends can check off all of the items on their to do list and still make it back to England in time for the birth of Lacey s child.This installment contained lots of adventure as well as interesting details about Egypt at the time Captain Lacey s character continues to develop and it s fun to see the diverse friendships he makes along the way.

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