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Publishing Dreams files Publishing Dreams , read online Publishing Dreams , free Publishing Dreams , free Publishing Dreams , Publishing Dreams 95ffb8519 Publishing Dreams Is The How To Book For Those Who Want To Publish A Book Someday In Approximately , Words, Award Winning Author Gina Duke Lays Out A Solid Plan For Anyone With Dreams Of Publishing A Book Someday This Is A Comprehensive Guide For The CluelessBy Spring Of , Gina Duke Had Went From An Unknown, No Agent No Platform Writer To The Award Winning Author Of Organizing Your Prayer Closet A New And Life Changing Way To Pray Abingdon Press In Less Than Months Along With The Step By Step Guide, Gina Shares Her Mistakes And Lessons Learned Along The Way With Humorous Stories And Helpful TipsHere Is What You Will Learn From Gina I Lessons From My StoryII How To Turn Your Book Idea Into A Unique IdeaIII How To Get The AdvantageIV How To Research, Research, Research Add The FactsV How To Network, Network, Network Get EndorsementsVI How To Become A Strategy Based Platform BuilderVII How To Start Writing Your Book Proposal Right NowVIII How To Get In Front Of A PublisherIX How To Start The Writing ProcessPublishing Dreams Is An EBook Accompanied By The FREE Downloadable The Right Now Workbook That Will Help The Reader Start Their Publishing Journey Right Now The Workbook Also Includes A Dictionary Of Publishing Terms And Need To Know Publishing FactsGina Would Love To Facilitate The Process For Helping Make Your Publishing Dreams A Reality Whether You Feel Clueless About Becoming An Author Or Would Simply Appreciate A Step By Step Guide To Keep You On Track, Publishing Dreams Remedies Both It S Time To Get Started On Your Someday Book, Right Now

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    You want to write a book and have it published by an established publisher Can it be done without the process of getting an agent Duke says it can She had her first book, Organizing Your Prayer Closet, published by Abingdon Press without the intervention of an agent She shares in this ebook what she has learned about writing and getting a book published.She helps choose a topic and how to make it unique enough to be recognized as an original idea Next is the title and book premise with ideas to make the book stand out She has practical suggestions for doing research, for identifying the felt need for the book, how to network and get endorsements She gives ideas to create a platform, including blogging She has a good book format proposal included too.This little book is full practical ideas with an emphasis on what you can be doing right now to get yourself into a position to be published I really liked her suggestions for how to do a fifteen minute interview with a publisher, should you get one at a writing conference.She reminds readers over and over to have patience Her first book was accepted quickly but Duke is finding that is not the case with her next books.To help readers get to work on the suggestions she makes, a link to download a free fourteen page workbook is included That way, as you read you can actually begin working right away on the process.Did you know that if you re writing fiction, the book must be written before a contract is signed but not with nonfiction For nonfiction, a proposal, chapter titles, etc., is all that is needed You write the book after the contract is signed That s just one of the tips I learned.There is loads of information in this book and I recommend it to all who desire to write a book and have it published by a recognized publisher.I received a complimentary digital copy of this book through The Book Club Network for the purpose of an independent and honest review.

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    I don t know if any of my readers are hoping to be writers one day, or maybe you already are But I do find that writers are readers so I hope many of you will find this review helpful.I haven t read a book on writing and publishing in way too long If I am being honest I have let my writing slip, I rarely ever do it and that makes me sad.If there were two things in life I really want to do it would be lead worship and write I enjoy teaching in the public schools but it isn t my passion.This book reminded me of my love for writing It lit a fire that I have allowed to go out The book itself isn t really a pep talk of any sort but just reading about Gina s journey, reading her advice pumped me up She reminded me why I wanted to write.I will say I felt like this book was geared towards non fiction writers, because the is what Gina is, but she included fiction in her book as well But that too might have been good for me, because there is a part of me that wants to write non fiction and tell my story to help others.This book has forced me to my knees and seek God s wisdom with my writing Now, this is my experience, others who read it will probably just get some sound advice, which is what the book is meant for, but for me it went deeper and I am so grateful.A copy of this book was given to me through The Book Club Network Inc in exchange for an honest review.

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    Publishing Dreams by author Gina Duke is a book for any writer It gives practical information and encouragement from a successful author It is the story of the author s struggles and finally triumph in getting her book, Organizing Your Prayer Closet , published by Christian publisher Abingdon Press This is a short approximately 20,000 words but extremely informative book.Author Duke provides inspiration and guidance to authors using her own method so that they might achieve publishing success Her first book was published without even having an agent She tackles issues such as choosing a topic, making it unique, deciding on a title, researching, networking and endorsements.Next is the title and book premise with ideas to make the book stand out She has practical suggestions for doing research, for identifying the felt need for the book, how to network and get endorsements She even includes a proposal format.This is an interesting book for any reader wanting to know what authors go through to get their books publish It is a fabulous help tool for writing wanting to get published I would highly recommend it and definitely keep it as a reference I rated it a 5 out of 5 stars I received a copy of this book from The Book Club Network in exchange for my honest review.

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    I was intrigued by this book simply because I had a dream that someday I would write a book that everyone would wait in line to buy Ok it was a kid s dream growing up, but I haven t forgotten that desire I admire authors for their hard work and know they give their heart to each story hoping it will become life changing for someone I loved this short but imformative book with its step by step details of how to get a book published It is encouraging and well written The author was very transparent as she shared her mistakes and never gave up Patience is a key to all things, and getting a book published is no exception The author has also included a workbook that is very helpful in writing down your thoughts and keeping yourself organized Thank you for reminding us that it is Gods timing not ours We seem to want to rush things, but move out ahead of Him Take a deep breath and allow God to guide you as you follow your dream of getting published For those looking for a direction to take in their quest to get published, I highly recommend this book I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.

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    Publishing Dreams is an easy to comprehend how to book for new writers seeking publication For those with dreams of becoming a published author, the task may seem daunting Ms Duke provides personal experience from her pre published days and advice on navigating through conferences, one sheets and proposals The book is geared mainly toward non fiction writers, however, it also provides information for fiction authors Gina Duke also provides a workbook to use alongside Publishing Dreams to cement the teaching It s a good resource for those who are new to the publishing side of the world and especially in regards to Christian standards.I received this book from the Book Club Network and the author and have provided my honest opinion here.https wordynerdyblog.wordpress.com

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    Gina Duke has written a great guide to the process of getting a book published Her experience in the publishing industry is transferred to the pages of this book in a format even the most inexperienced author can use and benefit from I found her suggestions on platform building very enlightening and her advice of starting now is very applicable I believe non fiction writers might benefit from this book than those aspiring to write fiction, but it is applicable to both categories as well as in the various genres Christian writers will find this book especially appealing It has made me want to read her book titled Organizing Your Prayer Closet Ms Duke certainly has some very unique and usable ideas and I appreciate her generosity in sharing them with others.

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    This book is a great start to making a dream come true The author gives step by step instructions on how to achieve a book deal But I also liked how she explains that it takes patience We all have to understand we want instant gratification but things happen when God wants them to not on our schedule I also appreciated the parts where she shared her mistakes and lessons that she learned I have had a pipe dream of writing my own book for years and now with Gina s book it may come true There is also a workbook that is free to download It is helpful in keeping your thoughts and ideas organized for getting started.I recieved this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.

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    As a reader I found this very enlightening as to how an author gets published She covers very well the process she followed and what she recommends and what she would change from her first published book journey I think someone who is wanting good solid advise will appreciate this book..I was gifted a copy by the author and the Book Club Network for an honest review.

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