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Deadly Class, Volume 4: Die for Me explained Deadly Class, Volume 4: Die for Me, review Deadly Class, Volume 4: Die for Me, trailer Deadly Class, Volume 4: Die for Me, box office Deadly Class, Volume 4: Die for Me, analysis Deadly Class, Volume 4: Die for Me, Deadly Class, Volume 4: Die for Me 1c23 It S And Marcus Lopez S First Year At Kings Dominion, The Elite Academy Where Damaged Teenagers Are Forged Into The World S Deadliest Assassins, Is Coming To A Close, And The Final Exam Pass Or Fail, No One Survives The Freshman Finals Without Getting Blood On Their Hands Collects DEADLY CLASS

  • Paperback
  • 136 pages
  • Deadly Class, Volume 4: Die for Me
  • Rick Remender
  • English
  • 23 January 2018
  • 9781632157188

About the Author: Rick Remender

Rick Remender is an American comic book writer and artist who resides in Los Angeles, California He is the writer co creator of many independent comic books like Black Science, Deadly Class, LOW, Fear Agent and Seven to Eternity Previously, he wrote The Punisher, Uncanny X Force, Captain America and Uncanny Avengers for Marvel Comics.

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    Wow, that was a crazy ride Marcus, Billy, and Petra have been singled out as rats and have to stay alive for the next week while the entire freshman class tries to hunt them down Remender creates some bats t crazy backstories for these kids that will depress the hell out of you Tons of action while our heroes are on the run and Shabnam turns into the Kingpin.

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    Where do I even begin This volume made me go through so many emotions, I can t even think properly I needed to take a few days to think about what I read before I could even begin to write this review and I m still struggling to find the right words.Die For Me picks up right where The Snake Pit left off The Freshman Finals Basically, it s the Legacy s pinned against the Rats The Legacy s are the privileged students who have ties to Kings Dominion Atelier of the Deadly Arts and the Rats are those who have no ties to the school whatsoever The students must kill as many of the opposing group as possible within a certain amount of time and those who survive get a passing grade.The amount of blood, gore, death and betrayal within this volume was absolutely insane The action was constant, from start to finish with absolutely no time to catch your breath which worked well with the nature of the story, being a race against time and death and all The entire time I was reading this arc, I was just waiting for something terrible to happen as is tradition with Deadly Class There are endless twists and an epic amount of death, especially within the last issue, that had me feeling all of the emotions The swans Man, the swans I m crying.Honestly, it s really hard to talk about this without spoiling the hell out of it All I want to do is rant and discuss everything that happened I m still in shock over what did happen and for the first time ever, I think I might start picking up single issues as I can t possibly wait until the next volume comes out.In other amazing news, Deadly Class has been picked up as a television show and I am beyond excited I ve always dreamed of this series becoming a television show or film and now those hopes and dreams are finally coming true I ve seen a lot of comics being adapted into television series lately, and they have all been pretty darn great.From the beginning, Deadly Class has been one of the best graphic novel series I have ever read I picked up the first volume on a whim based on the front cover alone and I m forever glad that I did It has turned out to be my all time favourite series and I absolutely cannot wait to read Initial post reading thoughts shut the fuck up I m in shock holy hell, that was action packed and gory as shit oh my god I can t

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    It s the end of the first year at King s Dominion and time for the Freshman Finals The test Kill all the rats For a book whose story is predicated on a Royal Rumble esque non stop battle between teenagers, the fourth volume of Deadly Class is mega boring Marcus and co have to survive as their classmates turn on one another, stabbing, shooting, and poisoning their way throughout the night, racing towards the dawn and victory And yet meh It s not interesting to read Some characters you might remember die, others you won t also die, and it feels weirdly static and dull for the most part Things pick up in the final issue though with a very unexpected final page whether Rick Remender and Wes Craig will stick to it or whether it s a lame bait and switch is the question But honestly this volume was so disappointing I m not gonna be picking up the next one to find out Wes Craig s art is good as ever but this is the first Deadly Class volume without colourist Lee Loughridge, with Jordan Boyd stepping in Boy, does a good colourist make a difference The art of the first three books stood out because of Loughridge s expert eye with Boyd, the art is rendered flat and unexciting, much like Remender s script The contrast between the colourists is so stark Deadly Class was a good series while it lasted but this fourth volume, Die For Me, continues the title s descending quality A boring, unrewarding slog.

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    Damn That was awesome.While this volume is truly a wild and crazy blood fest, there s still plenty of reflection and emotional intensity to balance it out When you have those oh shit, did that really just happen moments, you know you re reading something special One of the best things Remender has done in a while Wes Craig s illustrations, Jordan Boyd s colors, and Rus Wooton s letters and design continue to be shockingly beautiful And that s really saying something with the grotesque level of violence The design is just super clean, and I can t wait to read this in oversized format like volumes 1 3.

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    A collation of my status updates Read as single issues Very mild spoilers, read at your own discretion Initial thoughts A little bird told me this is going to be good cough Jay cough Punny or what Thoughts after reading issue 17 Dramatic opening A panel of empty corridor and My name is Marcus Lopez Arguello I m probably about to die Durp Flumpdunger That s his real name The cheerleaders rhyming whilst trying to kill is great I love Kendal and wish he was a bigger character Shabnam I m not sure if I hate him or love his evil genius Kendal was right he is the real enemy here Thoughts after reading issue 18 Who even is Pauly Viktor didn t want to kill him There s a real focus on Shabnam He s the star of this vol I feel I loved the blatant reference to Piggy in Lord of the Flies One of my fave books Except I loved Piggy and I don t love Shabnam Shabnam don t mess with Kendal I love Kendal Master Lin at the end wow Guy knows how to threaten Thoughts after reading issue 19 Billy vs Viktor What a showdown, it was great Thought a certain someone was dead and then turns out he s not Man, I really wish Marcus, Billy and Petra could just run away from it all Billy, WHY Don t be a desperate rat Also, Shabnam is repulsive Can t believe I ever felt sorry for him Still can t deny he s smart tho Thoughts after reading issue 20 What a haunting image considering everything that s happened Genuinely felt sorry for Marcus during this BILLY WHAT HAVE YOU DONE Kendal You re doomed I like that he s trying tho Someone needs to show Shabnam what s what Willie deadweight The ending doesn t change that Thoughts after reading issue 21 WHAT THE HELL How do I even respond to all of that Aaw heart to heart between Petra and Billy But NO ONE is who they say they are guys Death everywhere Not even a spoiler, the comic is called Deadly Class, death is assumed How things are going to move on from this I have NO idea Fave quote Maybe we ll get lucky Maybe we ll see the swans Extra thoughts not included in my updates Major spoilers, beware view spoiler ISSUE 21 WAS SO SHOCKING First of all Kendal my poor baby Then Petra ends up actually being crazy like her dad I thought she gassed Billy because she realised he snitched on them.I spent the whole issue wondering what would happen when Marcus met up with Petra again and how she would explain Billy s death but then that ending Saya actually slicing Marcus through the heart all the way with her sword There s no way he can die but there s no way he could survive that I mean even Willie was shot dead right at the moment when I thought things could maybe be going right for Willie and Marcus but nope Not at all I am genuinely intrigued as to how they will come back from killing lots of major characters Killing just Maria was ok it was just one character but now it s like 3 major characters and one minor character and PAULY STILL LIVES hide spoiler

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    I m in shock That ending was so UNEXPECTED and my mind is still reeling from it Shit got real in this volume I can t say anything about the plot so that I don t spoil anyone who hasn t read the previous volumes, so let s just say that vol.4 involves a lot of action, violence, betrayals and completely unexpected twists and turns.It hits you right in the feels and doesn t let you off the hook until the final page and even long after that.People are dropping dead at every corner and there s a genuine bloodbath out there if you thought that the previos volumes were violent and intense, you haven t seen anything yet.However, there are some truly touching moments amidst all that viciousness moments of friendship, and some incredibly sad and heartfelt backstories of these kids.The moment when I realized what the title of this volume means, I swear that I had tears in my eyes Some scenes from this volume will haunt me for a long time, they broke my heart.Whether you are already familiar with Deadly Class universe or you haven t started with the series yet, you will love this It s the best issue yet and I Am Not Okay after all that has happened.Now where is the next volume Also this drawing is everything

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    A 85% Extraordinary Notes Review pending re read Collected review for volumes 4 6 can be found here

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    Well I read this last night before I went to sleep I then had nightmares of everyone I know dying Then I woke up and said I had to review this Deadly Class Volume 4 is one of the most intense, fucked up, lovely comic ever made This is the red wedding of comics, this is the NOOOOOO moment of comics, this is the Well what the fuck now of comics Deadly Class is both sad and beautiful in some ways The final pages are touching and wonderful and made me feel so many fucking emotions However, everything before that is nail biting, scary, and it s like The Warriors meet The Departed I mean this shitthis was some amazing shit I can t even talk about it cause of spoilers but be prepared If you read volume 1 3 this is what it all leads up to, and it doesn t let you down.

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    Bullet Review STUFF HAPPENS LOADS of people die And still Remender does his thing of great 1st issue, boring middle issues then intense final issue.Honestly, this was the best of the series so far All those previous issues FINALLY built up to something other than whining about who is effing who and who is gay.There is nothing better than a bunch of hormonal, angsty teenagers armed to the nines and set loose to kill each other.

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    4.5 An emotional gut punch.World The art has always been amazing in this series and this frantic and insane arc is just the same, the framing, the colors, the sense of motion and the raw emotion that comes out of the art and sets the tone of the world is stunning The world building is very simple this time around, this is the fallout of the last book and this entire arc is just the culmination of that, the culmination of the actual end of the school year, the culmination of relationships that have developed since issue 1, the culmination of the personal story and development of Marcus himself All the pieces here come together for this pretty amazing fourth arc.Story The story is frantic just like the events of this arc, it s relentless and paranoid and just insane This arc is about action but within all of the action this creative team has weaved together all of the emotions and the plot threads that have been building since issue 1 and it all comes to a head This is the end of book 1 in Harry Potter, the end of the school year when everything comes together for a fun finish, but here the fun is in the amount of blood that s spilled The emotions are raw the character interactions heated and tense, just like high school I love that even in the chaos Remender was able to depress us, make us feel sad and give us all these other moments that mattered Where this book goes, I m gonna be really interested.Characters Marcus has been going through a lot of change and emotions since the beginning of the series, and the exploration of self inflicted pain due to past trauma is done well here, how he sabotages his relationship was on full display last arc, this one is the result and the self realization of it, sure it s wrapped in a bloody story but it s done so well The rest of the cast are also superb, this group of friends that Marcus has surrounded himself with are deep and complex and real making for a really emotional roller coaster of a book this time cause so much stuff does go down Willie is great, Billy is great, everyone is amazing Even the story obstacles that Remender throws at Marcus like Viktor are done well, great stuff This arc was hard to read cause of how raw and intense it was, it was amazing.Onward to the next book

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