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Broken prince summary Broken prince, series Broken prince, book Broken prince, pdf Broken prince, Broken prince 5c70f87bf9 From Wharf Fights And School Brawls To Crumbling Lives Inside Glittery Mansions, One Guy Tries To Save Himself THESE ROYALS WILL RUIN YOUReed Royal Has It All Looks, Status, Money The Girls At His Elite Prep School Line Up To Date Him, The Guys Want To Be Him, But Reed Never Gave A Damn About Anyone But His Family Until Ella Harper Walked Into His LifeWhat Started Off As Burning Resentment And The Need To Make His Father S New Ward Suffer Turned Into Something Else Entirely Keep Ella Close Keep Ella Safe But When One Foolish Mistake Drives Her Out Of Reed S Arms And Brings Chaos To The Royal Household, Reed S Entire World Begins To Fall Apart Around HimElla Doesn T Want Him Any She Says They Ll Only Destroy Each OtherE MIGHT BE RIGHT Secrets Betrayal Enemies It S Like Nothing Reed Has Ever Dealt With Before, And If He S Going To Win Back His Princess, He Ll Need To Prove Himself Royally Worthy

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    Please note that this review contains curse words If you don t like the F word then please don t read on.It s MOTHERFUCKING LIVE FUCK OFF FUCK OFF RIGHT FUCKING NOW I can t fucking even HOLY FUCKING SHIT I M LOSING MY SHIT I mean if I could calm myself fucking down and take a few deep breaths I could probably get my emotions in check and actually make fucking sense of my fuckin self but NOOOOOOO Elle Jen Are you trying to fucking kill me This is how I m going to fucking die isn t it I thought I would go in a freak accident or at least with a cock down my throat but now you decide to kill me off this way Oh but what a way to go No word of a lie my hands won t stop shaking The adrenaline pumping through my veins is probably going to give me a bloody heart attack REED Oh my Reed I never thought I could love any than I did in Paper Princess but FUCK MY FACE you fucking OWN ME Oh fucking hell I m still in shock Like FUCK How these authors do it is fucking beyond me Motherfucking geniuses the pair of them Yep I m ruined ROYALLY FUCKING RUINED My heart is beating out of my fucking chest and I just want to whip my boobs out and SCREAM Don t fucking leave me hanging like this My anxiety is all over the place and I m so happy I could fucking DIE READERS Get off your motherfucking arses and READ PAPER PRINCESS DO IT It will fucking ruin you and make you stabby but the adventure will be one heck of a ride Read it and then read BROKEN PRINCE One of the BEST SERIES I ve EVER READ Give me TWISTED PALACE NOW I need to calm down Fuck you all I m out

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    5 STARS SPOILER FREE My instincts had screamed at me that she was trouble My instincts were wrong She wasn t trouble I was Still Am.Reed, the destroyer. Oh my god.Oh my god.Oh mylanta I swear to all that is holy, that cliffhanger gave me heartburn, anxiety, and a massive case of the eye ticks How the hell am I supposed to keep sane until OCTOBER HOW I ASK YOU babbles incoherently He told me to stay away He told me I didn t belong If only I d listened to him. This trilogy is the worst sort of book crack and I hope it never ends And this is coming from a self professed trilogy avoider.because attention span of a rodent But I am beyond hooked and can t wait for Since this review will be entirely spoiler free, allow me to sum it up in the only way I canan imaginary conversation I had with Erin Watt in my head as I was reading this That s the best I got and I m not sorry You re lucky my brain is working enough for even this.Me So Erin, you left readers on quite the cliffy last time Are you even a little sorry for making us all suffer the way that you have Erin Me Right then Moving on So Broken Prince picks up immediately where Paper Princess ended Ella is on the run and Reed is dealing with the fallout Speaking of Reed and what took place at the end of Paper PrincesErin Me Ah Ok backs away slowly We won t talk about that thenLet s talk about the Royals There s quite a few revelations that happen with this family in the book and my mind is still reeling from it Who knew there were that many skeletons hidden in their closets The Royal men are all kinds of screwed up and I love it Erin Me True True Though not for lack of trying, eh Especially EastonErin Whatever girl takes on Easton is going to have to hold a whip in one hand and a pistol in the other.Me Well look at you, quoting from your own book Yeah, Easton really did go off the rails in this one, didn t he pervy sigh But I digress Can I at least tell readers if Reed grovels for everything that happened Erin Me OK OK No spoilers Sheesh No need to get violent And will you put that shot gun away already I swear I won t say anything.But admit it You re actually a closet sadist and get off on making your readers suffer in such a way Erin Me I ll take that as a yes then Now Broken Prince is told in dual POVs from Ella and Reed, any hints what Twisted Palace will bring Erin Me And the long answer Erin Me I really should have seen that coming.Anyway, let s talk about Brooke because that woman is one twisted little bErin Me Sure Right I supposed anything goes in her world and trying to get what she wants Now onto the important business, if I offer up both my ovaries and my first born, any chance I can get my hands on Twisted Palace now Erin Me Well, can t blame a girl for trying There s one crazy as heck cliffy here that I never saw coming in a million years I m talking soap opera proportion sort of cliffy Holy hell it was utterly delicious Will you take mercy and give us just one teenie tiny clue about what it is Erin Me That s rough You really are a sadist.Well, thanks for chatting with me while I rock myself in a dark corner at the institution that I was quickly rolled away to after finishing reading I should have seen the fallout coming considering the state of drooling anticipation you left me with the first book, but alas it is what it is I m gonna go babble incoherently some And there you have it, folks Broken Prince in a nutshell.But if you are curious about spoilers and what happened with Reed, I ll take pity on you view spoiler You sure you want to know view spoiler It s a pretty big spoiler view spoiler Psych I m just bluffin with my muffin You ll get no spoilers outta me, so don t even try hide spoiler

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    5 stars These Royals will ruin you The saying is TRUE These Royals will ruin you and I have been Royally Ruined, my friends I ve been trying to write this review for about 2 3 weeks now and every time I start it I can t get past being ruined After I finished Paper Princess earlier this year, I had the biggest book hangover ever That cliffhanger about killed me and I was dying to see what happened When Broken Prince showed up on my kindle, I couldn t wait to read it I had to know what happened I thought I was ruined after the first books cliffhanger, but let me tell you this books cliffhanger OMG I can t even think about this craziness I don t know how I ll survive the 3 months till we get the next book in this series Reed, the destroyer It would be a cool nickname if it wasn t my life and hers that I m taking down After book one, it was pretty obvious that Reed screwed up everything Things between Reed and Ella are pretty messed up At the end of Paper Princess we are left with Reed making an colossal error in judgment and Ella skipping town Things in the Royal house aren t good With Ella gone, tension is at an all time high between the Royal brood I m really hesitant to talk much about this story I want readers to go in and be shocked by all the revelations and storylines just like I did, so I ll leave out any about the plot of the book Just know it takes a few wild and crazy turns and many things I didn t expect to see happening did It was so great to see the Royal family again I love all these brothers Even the ones I wasn t so sure of have grown on me My favorite by far is still Easton There is something about him I just adore I love his relationship with Ella and how he cares for her so much, in a brotherly sort of way Then there is Reed Reed Royal Oh, Reed The first book, I didn t know what to think about Reed I loved Reed Some of the time, I hated Reed Going into Broken Prince I wasn t sure how I d feel about him After finishing, there is only one way to feel You will love Reed Royal I can t see anyone not loving him Ella is one tough cookie I loved how she handled all the situations she was put in Her life is so different now than it used to be, and she really is a great heroine She handles everything with grace and keeps things together What else can I say about these books They are by far the most addictive books I have read in a long time When you pick them up, you will get sucked into this Royal world and not know what hit you I love the writing, the characters, the story line, the shocks, and surprises Once you pick up this book, be prepared to stay up all hours of the night finishing it You won t want to put it down This book will jack you up in the best way possible My heart was beating fast, my palms were sweating and I was on pins and needles while reading This is by far one of the best series I ve read this year If you re looking for an all consuming read, pick this series up

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    All I can say is.HahahahahahahahahahahahahaOh le giggle This book continues the soap opera that is this series, although with a little lessmagnetism than book one possessed Everything about this book is geared to make us lose our soap operatic shit and do the old Followed by the classic With a side of this Now, while a part of me finds all this fabricated drama silly And fucking hilarious, quite frankly I am at heart but a small childand thus endlessly fascinated by shiny objects And train wrecks Can t forget the train wrecks.So, of COURSE I will will checking out the catastrophe that I m sure book three with prove to be Find me at

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    My instincts had screamed at me that she was trouble My instincts were wrong She wasn t trouble I was Still am.Reed the destroyer These Royals have ruined me I thought, I ll just keep after him Eventually I ll wear him down, convince him we re a beautiful fairy tale But we re not We re nothing We re smoke insubstantial and meaningless We aren t even a tragedy We re less than nothing Broken Prince is a sick fairytale It s the story of a broken boy who met a broken girl, fell in love with her and then crashed her The Royals are the most fucked up, twisted family and yet instead of disgust all I felt towards them was sympathy, devotion and love.Broken Prince was so much better than Paper Princess It was a tad dark, and the dirty secrets of the royally messed up family that were revealed shocked and hurt me, but they made me understand better why these boys were so lost and dealt with their pain and abandonment issues using sex, alcohol and drugs I can t help but blame their parents for that I am not angry at Gideon, Easton and the twins for the slighlty disturbing things they did I just feel sorry for them.And then there is Reed.Ok, that s a big fat lie But luckily my faith in him was restored, and I witnessed with eagerness and hope his attempts to win Ella back In fact I enjoyed his perspective than hers, because it shed light to his guilt, his self loathing and the ugly things he did but later regretted I believe that deep down he is a good guy, it s just the battle against his demons that wears him down She s mine and always has been From before we even met, she was mine and I was hers I fought it too long, but I m giving in now I m all in now. Tension, steam, greed and malice are Erin Watt s ingredients of writing a gripping story you can t help but read in one sitting Yes I did find some incidents extravagant and questioned my sanity for loving characters whose issues would make any therapist rich beyond imagination, but the thing is, I became attached to them I want them to be happy because that will make me happy In the end, I felt exhausted after this emotional roller coaster and the cliffhanger from Hell, and I wondered how on God s green earth I will survive until October.

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    Actual rating 1.5 Buddy read with Sarah We were planning to have a massive buddy read with humor and all, but ended up angry and tired of this book.MAJOR SPOILERS ALERT But we re we re not We re nothing We re smoke insubstantial and meaningless.We aren t even a tragedy We re less than nothing Let me present to you Orphan Stripper, Douche and Creepy Dad, Volume two Ta dam This book will blow your mind with its genius ways and make you reevaluate your whole life, because you ll understand you weren t living till the moment you took this precious book in your hands, and a miracle happened Oh crap, let s cut this shit I was trying to be witty above, but I don t think this book deserves witty It was boring as fuck and it was dumb as fuck What kind of review can you write on such books So, in a nutshell that is what happened in there Ella the Stripper runs away She is quickly handed back to Royal Douches One of the Douches either the second son or the creepy dad impregnates the Creepy Girlfriend Creepy Girlfriend wants a ring on her finger or she ll tell the world she was screwing both Royal Douches gasp This is such a strong motive for blackmailing Of course, you must comply or your life will be over that was actually sarcasm here. But look, Douche decides to follow up with the demand even though he knows for sure the baby isn t his They don t demand Creepy Girlfriend makes a DNA test and verifies the baby is actually Douche s There s a hint for you, Douches Creepy Girlfriend could ve slept with any man in town and presented his baby as yours That idea ever crossed your mind Nope Orphan Stripper finds out about the baby She breaks up for the thousandth time with Douche but she still can t forget his abs Douche can t stop thinking about his girl says my girl all the time Every girl is a slut compared to her literary a slut because there s no girl in this school or this town who hadn t had sex or talked about sex or constantly obsessed with sex Even the Orphan Stripper s best friend after breaking up with her boyfriend can t stop thinking who she wants to bang next, now that she is a free woman Hm, have you ever thought that a girl could be single and feel a whole person No again This book is practically glowing with warning slut shaming everywhere But Orphan Stripper is special and a virgin Is this some kind of a horror movie where virgins survive the ending and the rest of the girls die Ella, The Final Girl, huh What I can t hear what you are saying Nope it s not a horror movie Are you sure Because the setting s just right Oh, ok, let s move on After the major slut shaming part with Orphan Stripper s v card still intact I swear, v card was mentioned like a million times here , we are nearing the culmination part Ella the Stripper decides to get Douche back, because, let s be honest, who wouldn t want a boy with a living breathing dick, which can sit, stand and bark no worse than any cute puppy Oh, don t forget about Douche s magical fingers he can stick them inside Orphan Stripper all night long and never tire of that and I am saying nothing about his tongue, which is another epic story After sticking fingers for a while and probably breaching Orphan Stripper s brain with them , suddenly Ella the Stripper has a brilliant idea to give her inheritance to Creepy Girlfriend so she could get out of their lives for good I still can t understand why to give her money Douche decided to come clean to his Creepy Dad about his fucking sessions with Creepy Girlfriend, but turns out Creepy Dad knew all along about them and that his Douche son sticks fingers down Orphan Stripper s you know, magical place Creepy Dad did you just become creepier And oh, the baby is not his for sure, because he was sterile for a while now and can t have kids thank God The Rapist appears in the next scene and cuts Douche with a knife No one dies unfortunately Some time passes, some boring shit happens Then someone rings on the door It s the police What happened Someone killed Creepy Girlfriend yay, finally someone died Ella the Stripper suspects Douche I guess his magical fingers weren t as magical after all, huh Police take the Douche away.Silence Someone rings on the door again Royal Douches are popular today Who may it be Oh look, it s Orphan Stripper s dead father zombie movie, huh I guess I shouldn t call her Orphan any longer Steve , they say and the screen goes blank That was the major cliffhanger if you hadn t guessed yet Here, I have some bonus scenes for you The older Royal Douche brother was banging Ella the Stripper s Creepy Stepmother She blackmailed him into sex by threatening to publicly expose his and his girlfriend s sexting obviously she hacked his phone and found those Genius Hacker Creepy Stepmother In this country wherever the characters live they burn people on stakes for sexting because I don t see other valid reasons for dropping your girlfriend, because of that blackmailing and continuing banging the Creepy Stepmother for a year or so. Meanwhile, younger Royal Douche brothers continue banging their shared girlfriend The middle Royal Douche brother continues banging his brothers exes End of the bonus part I ve probably missed some other important events from this book, but, you know, all I left to say about the Royal Douches is this You should be strung up by your nuts and hung out to dry Don t read this book crap

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    After finishing Paper Princess , I dived right into Broken Prince I had to know what would become of Ella and all of the Royals after that ending Talk about a cliffhanger I was pulling my hair out with the way the first book ended Luckily, I didn t start this series until all three books were out, so I didn t have to wait for long I feel for my friends that had to live with that anxious anticipation for long.Picking up where Paper Princess left off, Ella is on the run This time around, the entire Royal household is furious with Reed They d grown to love Ella as much as they had originally despised her and nobody is happy to have her gone No one feels her absence than Reed, who knows that he is to blame for her disappearance As angry as everyone is with him, it could never compare to the anger he feels toward himself.In comparison to the first book, Broken Prince is told primarily from Reed s POV It was nice to get his viewpoint and fitting for the situation After everything he did in the first book, I needed validation of his feelings.While Paper Princess highlighted the unity of the Royal brothers, Broken Prince spotlights their decline Easton is falling deeper into his dangerous addictions The twins have kind of broken away from their other brothers Reed has stopped caring about school or anything other than finding Ella.Meanwhile, the school has turned into a war zone Without the Royal brothers to keep things in check, Jordan and the other bullies have unleashed a reign of terror on anyone they consider beneath them In her absence, the rumors about Ella have been vicious and plentiful, ensuring that she ll have her work cut out for her upon her return.Eventually, Callum is able to locate Ella and bring her home Although she s not happy about it, she has to admit that she had begun to think of the Royals as her family and their home as hers While she is not looking forward to facing Reed after his betrayal, she realizes that her actions have affected others as well Ella has to make amends for the pain that she caused when she left abruptly Aside from Easton, Val was also hurt by her lack of communication Not to mention that she up and left her bakery job without any notice Just as Ella has some pologizing to do, Reed is doing his best to work his way back into Ella s good graces As determined as he is to win her over again, she seems equally determined not to be fooled by him again His betrayal is not something that she s willing to easily forgive or forget.Like the first book, Broken Prince ends with another huge cliffhanger This book has several twists and turns that keep this story interesting I never knew what would happen next, but I couldn t wait to see.Finishing this book, I immediately started Twisted Palace This series has consumed me I cannot get enough of the Royals and the dysfunction that surrounds them They re my latest guilty pleasure

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    NOW LIVE There will be minor spoilers for those of you who HAVE NOT read the first book Paper Princess If you HAVE read PP, then this review should be spoiler free of Broken Prince spoilers You were warned 5 stars He told me to stay away He told me I didn t belong If only I d listened to him OMG Erin Watt you lovely ladies You outdid yourselves This was an amazing follow up to Paper Princess and I loved it I couldn t ask for a better sequel to book one.Basically I have so many feelings about this book I need to express them in gifs So this is gonna be a giftastic review Here we go When the arc hit my kindle Me after reading this book Let s start from the beginning, or I should say the end of book one Ella has left the Royal household heartbroken and alone The Royal family desperately wants to find her as she is the missing piece of the puzzle that held their dysfunctional family together Reed has a past he needs to explain to Ella and he needs to make amends for wrongdoings.That s all I will say about the plot, really What I can say is, I LOVED THIS BOOK Paper Princess is already one of my favorite books of 2016 and I am so happy that Broken Prince was just as amazing, it lived up to all of my expectations and My instincts had screamed at me that she was trouble My instincts were wrong She wasn t trouble I was Still am Reed, the destroyer These characters, they are what make the book so special Flawed, raw, and maladjusted they may be, but they stick to your heart with an iron grip and do not let go My favorite character Easton Is that really a surprise This bad boy steals the show in any scene he is present in and I love how the authors continue to peel back the layers and show who he is beneath his tough exterior Whatever girl takes on Easton is going to have to hold a whip in one hand and a pistol in the other I also adore Ella as a heroine She s such a good person through and through She defends the weak and stands by her friends when they need her With all the craziness going on with some of the side characters, I can honestly say I personally would have tried to blend into the shadows Instead Ella faced those who bullied and fought them head on She s an admirable girl, and an amazing heroine for us to read about Ella Harper doesn t forget Ever Delicious angst is present in this book as well, intricately woven into the story without being overwhelming And this book was FUNNY There were several moments where I laughed out loud and then was so glad I wasn t reading in public and no one could see There were also so many plot twists and turns, this book will keep you guessing Never a dull moment in the life of a Royal.There are some characters in this book, I really hope they get what s coming to them in Twisted Palace.That ending There were some plot points I had guess at timidly, but I didn t see that ending coming at all When is Twisted Palace coming out I cannot wait Overall I think fans of the first book will love this second installment It s a book I was unable to put down and I never wanted to leave the Royal world And if you haven t read Paper Princess yet, what are you waiting for Get it and start reading now She s the best thing to happen to the Royals I a long time ARC kindly provided by authors in exchange for an honest review Before receiving the book You have no idea how much I am dying to read this book.

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    On a scale of 1 to 10 how happy and shocked am I I think an even 20 would aptly explain my current emotional status I inhaled this book If you thought Paper Princess was amazing, you re going to be blown away by Broken Prince I can t even begin to explain all the awesome in this book.First of all welcome back to Astor, land of the Rich and elite members of society I m sure you remember the Royals They hold the most important role in Astor But I digress, because the most important and my favourite Royalahem by that I mean Reed Royal, is going to steal your heart and blow your mind Prepare to be ruined.I keep trying to compare this series to other books I ve read before, but honestly there is no comparison This is on another level of book crack, addictive, emotional roller coaster level of goodness.Broken Prince, surpassed Paper Princess You ll have all those questions you had answered but it ll give you new ones too It s a perfect blend of push and pull, love and hate, bittersweet and everything in between This writing duo, has a knack for writing excruciating cliffhangers and I m starting to think these authors take a perverse pleasure in making me insane I do love that insane feeling though.The Reed boys once again stole my heart, I obviously have a soft spot for Reed and Easton and they both didn t disappoint Ella proved what an absolute badass heroine she is None of that whining and self hate we normally get from teenage heroines you d expect This book and series isPerfection My instincts had screamed at me that she was trouble My instincts were wrong She wasn t trouble I was Still am.Reed, the destroyer.It d be a cool nickname if it wasn t my life and hers that I m taking down. ARC kindly provided by authors in return for an honest review

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    LIVE LIVE LIVE BRILLIANT STARSOmg what I just read There are no words to express how much I loved it SERIOUSLY I haven t read a book before like this The story is original and many things happening in this one I have to calm down first and then write a little bit about the story.But I don t want to give anything Love these boys they have stole my heart And Ella one of the best heroine I have ever read about All of them make the story unique And the endingwow omg I want the next book now I m super excited for the next book An advance reading copy was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

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