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Graven Idols (Order and Chaos, #2) chapter 1 Graven Idols (Order and Chaos, #2) , meaning Graven Idols (Order and Chaos, #2) , genre Graven Idols (Order and Chaos, #2) , book cover Graven Idols (Order and Chaos, #2) , flies Graven Idols (Order and Chaos, #2) , Graven Idols (Order and Chaos, #2) 17bedf01f1601 Once Palmer Tash And Brier Chastain Found Out They Were The Incarnations Of Order And Chaos, Their Lives Were Turned Upside Down Living In A Battle Scarred Area, They Begin To Feel That Their Blessings Are Like CursesReports Of Cults Taking Over The Countryside Begin To Filter Into Their Starving City But Brier Is Slowly Losing Her Mind, And Palmer S Abilities Are Becoming Increasingly Erratic The Pair Must Work Together To Maintain Harmony, Or Their Out Of Balance Powers Could Destroy The World

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    Thank you to the author, Jessica Dall, for giving me a free digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.The story continues as Palmer and Brier go on another adventure to save the world and themselves.When Brier gets kidnapped, Palmer and Nico need to work out their differences meaning their love for Brier to find and save Brier.The story alternates points of views between Brier, Palmer and Nico, and Rosette, a young girl Brier and Palmer took in Each one is going their separate ways all trying to find each other.This novel was another fun adventure between the characters I think the strongest part of the novel is the dynamic between all the characters They re all fun to follow and they each have a unique personality giving them free will to clash or get along at their own discretion.There was a lot of build up to the end and I felt as though there could have been to the ending, especially with the battle But it was good enough that kept me interested and reading.Overall, this book was another fun journey and I enjoyed revisiting these characters again.Graven Idols by Jessica Dall gets 4 out of 5 stars.Favorite Quote If she stopped and let her mind catch up to everything that had happened, she might not be able to keep going on Jessica Dall, Graven Idols

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    I was going to dive right into Graven Idols, read the first page, then realised I didn t have a clue what happened in the first book any So I went back to Raining Embers and skimmed through it to figure out what was going on Graven Idols takes off right after the end of Raining Embers, with Brier and Palmer holed up in the Augarian palace along with Nico and Rosette Tensions are high it s a war zone, supplies are low, the army is in charge especially between that strange triangle of Brier, Palmer and Nico Nico and Brier are struggling through the remnants of their estranged engagement Nico and Palmer relate best when they don t see each other and Brier and Palmer are trying process what they ve been through for that past year and what it means to them even whilst struggling through the fact that as Brier s mental condition deteriorates, Palmer s powers grow increasingly erratic and neither of them know why.There s a lot to take in, with multiple threads running through the story, making nothing as simple or as innocent as it seems Dall gives you a running start, dazzles you with all the things that are happening and then peaks, before dropping you into a strange in between, where it feels like everything has slowed down Maybe it s ending, you ve climaxed, so the denouement is next, yes Only there s another 20% left to the book this is the part that lost it a bit for me It felt a little too slow, like I know something is coming up, but it s taking too long And when the final end came, it felt a little flat Tense, but not gripping enough sweet, but not satisfying enough Maybe it peaked too early Comparison Tolkien does this in Return of the King He reaches an end, and then meanders on, tying up loose ends to come to a final conclusion that hits home Then again, that s the end of a trilogy This isn t There s something to come I hope so it felt a little draggy What I m especially curious about though is Rosette It seems like there are many gods blossoming up all over the place, each tied to an ancient god or order, but no one seems to know exactly who or what Rosette is yet Maybe in the third book Overall, I enjoyed Graven Idols Note I received a digital copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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    3.5 5

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    Graven Idols by Jessica Dall is a sci fi and fantasy and general fiction adult read Once Palmer Tash and Brier Chastain found out they were the incarnations of Order and Chaos, their lives were turned upside down Living in a battle scarred area, they begin to feel that their blessings are like curses Reports of cults taking over the countryside begin to filter into their starving city But Brier is slowly losing her mind, and Palmer s abilities are becoming increasingly erratic The pair must work together to maintain harmony, or their out of balance powers could destroy the world.This was a fantastic read with brilliant characters Brier was my favourite character I loved how they stuck together Highly recommended 5 I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book from netgalley.

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