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The Virtual Point of Freedom chapter 1 The Virtual Point of Freedom , meaning The Virtual Point of Freedom , genre The Virtual Point of Freedom , book cover The Virtual Point of Freedom , flies The Virtual Point of Freedom , The Virtual Point of Freedom f44cfaa2186d4 The Principal Motif That Runs Throughout The Virtual Point Of Freedom Is A Confrontation With The Discourse Of Freedom, Or, Specifically, The Falsely Transgressive Ideal Of A Total Emancipation That Would Know No Constraints Far From Delineating A Supposed Subject Of Freedom That Would Allegedly Overcome Alienation Once And For All, The Seven Chapters In Chiesa S Book Seek To Unfold An Innovative Reading Of The Dialectical Coincidence Between Dis Alienation And Re Alienation In Politics, Aesthetics, And Religion, Using Psychoanalysis As A Privileged Critical Tool Topics Include Pier Paolo Pasolini S Attack On The Visual And Biological Degeneration Of Bodies Brought About By Pleasure Seeking Liberal Consumerism, Giorgio Agamben S And Slavoj I Ek S Conflicting Negotiations With The Christian Tradition Of Poverty And Inappropriateness As Potential Redemption, And Alain Badiou S Inability To Develop A Philosophical Anthropology That Could Sustain A Coherent Politics Of Emancipation The Book Concludes By Sketching Out The Figure Of The Partisan, A Subject Who Makes It Possible To Conceive Of An Intersection Between Provisional Morality And Radical Politics

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