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The Wishing Year chapter 1 The Wishing Year, meaning The Wishing Year, genre The Wishing Year, book cover The Wishing Year, flies The Wishing Year, The Wishing Year d2d3a50512d54 Someday You Ll Look Back At This And Laugh That Was What People Said But Nothing Could Make Cheryl Believe It This Was The Most Important Event Of Her Life Her First Sorority Rushing Tea At Hunterford High The Select Groups Were Supposedly Banned, But They Continued To Fourish Underground These Were The In Groupsey Had Fabulous Parties, Drove Big Cars, Held School Offices, Wore The Nicest Clothes And Had The Most Popular Friends And Of All Cheryl S Wishes, This One The Wish To Belong Was The Closest To Her HeartOf Course There Were Others She Wanted To Be Thin And Interesting Looking And To Have Bill Meyers Notice Her But These Would Come, Surely, When She Joined A Sorority

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    This is one of four forgotten Whitman books for teens from the early 1960s, and it s easy to see why they were forgotten.definitely not as good as some of the others.Re read November 1, 2009 Not as bad as I remembered.Re read June 2012 Weird ending.

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