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    I loved this book from the moment I read the description I m a sucker for YA post apocalyptic and dystopian novels like the Hunger Games, the Legend series, and the Giver so I couldn t help myself when I read this book s description The book itself doesn t disappoint either One of the things I really liked about this book is that the author is able to draw you into this incredibly complex world without using a lot of exposition to explain the world Instead you learn just enough as you go along to understand what you need to know From the Papas to contraptions like the Food Jeni or the new modified alphabet and the curious city of New Frisko, it s obvious that every detail, large or small, doesn t go unnoticed.So, if you re a fan of novels with top notch world building AND if you love the thrill of post apoc and dystopian genres, this book will not disappoint The twists and turns are surprising and kept me at the edge of my seat I hope I can read a sequel in the near future That s a wink to you, Mr Garrett

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    This was a great book A combination of sci fi dystopia YA, it had enough action in it to keep you reading You didn t know what was going to happen from chapter to chapter and it did make my heart rate go up with the action.This book takes place 100 years after a biochemical attack wiped out 90 percent of the world population The survivors called it the Bug and it could kill you if your heart rate went over 140 To help the survivors watch their heart rate, a digital wrist monitor was developed The Papa puts the survivors asleep when their heart rates get too high.Then you meet Nik Granjer and his friends They like to Push their heart rates to the limit because, well they are 15 16 years old and kids that age like to push limits and buck the system Nik has also figured out how to bypass getting his nightly Knockout from his Papa.I will say that I enjoyed Nik s character I was once a 15 16 year old who liked to push limits and he came off to me as realistic.I also enjoyed the alternative spellings Nik, Tek, Pol.etc It added the right flair of different to the book and kept my attention I will say that there is a huge twist that I didn t see coming Like 100% huge and I was taken aback by it like Nik was and a little shocked Actually, a lot shocked.The story itself was fascinating and very well written If I had to picture a dystopian society, New Frisko would be it Oh, and it takes me a minute to realize what city it was supposed to be.How many stars would I give Beat 5Would I recommend to family and friends YesWould I read this book again YesAge range Teen on up I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book Blog Link

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    So what I liked about this book was the tension it built right away with the heart rate problem Having a cap to the physical activity you could do really limits the actions anyone can do in a story Luckily Nik slight spoiler warning in the book has figured out a way to be immune to that He first tampers with his Papa they re devices that inject the wearer with a kind of sedative if thier hear gets too high That s what enables him to figure out that he won t die But then some things happen right away that twist that assumption on its head so it s really a back and forth as they try to figure out what is really going on That s what s cool is the story is complex enough that there are many different facets for Nik and his friends to explore I think that if you are a fan of the dystopian craze, or if you like stories like Gattica or hunger games, then you would be into this book.

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    It s been a long time since I ve read a YA novel I forgot how much I really like them.I m a fan of dystopian stories I love Animal Farm, 1984, The Giver, Atlas Shrugged, etc And Beat threw me right into the middle of a believable and futuristic world, a world where a virus had all but decimated the human population Those who lived did so because of the great minds of man.Beat is action packed and creatively engineered I love the descriptions of the technology I can picture it in my head I also love hearing how the main character Nik looked to the past and wondered about things that are all to common place to us, such as cars, music and choices.I give this book 5 stars because it not only keeps my attention where others do not, but it leaves me wanting to know after I put the book down Well done Would love to see it made into a movie

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    I received a free Beta copy of this book a while ago.This is a story of high adventure and nonstop action, with near escapes, getting caught, breaking out, and breaking in If I d read it as a teen, I would have read it over and over As it started, I thought I could tell where things were going, but I was wrong So it ended up being unpredictable enough and kept me up too late too often The ending felt a tad rushed the scenes could have been drawn out some .In this future, some spellings have been altered to make sense, like eliminating the letter c and making some words phonetic I can see this really bothering some people while other people will think it s a great idea.Content is appropriate for all ages.

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    Enjoyable readI read this book on a recommendation of a friend and was pleasantly surprised by the Quality of the story I would recommend it to anyone.

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    This book started so wellIt was fresh and interesting and I had such high hopes for it.But then it started fading slowly into a flat recounting of each and every move the main character takes, told in painful detail, down to individual body parts Everything is in first person and all that happens involves Nik s body or is something he did, saw or feel The story turned into an enumeration of little facts and deeds that I couldn t care about Page after page are just a slow motion description of what Nik personally did with his own two hands I eased forward, reaching as far as I could , I grabbed a rung as tightly as I could with my right hand , I pushed, felt some give, and pushed harder , I found a helpful piece of metal Don t think I had to look through the entire book to find these examples They sit very close to each other on on page the middle of chapter 20.The entire second part of the book is either this or continuous chase They run around getting hurt and or shooting people with little sense of purpose I have no idea what they intend to do, and I have a feeling the author didn t either I didn t halt I spun and ran, making for the door I d just come through A quick, loud explosion behind me I flinched and dodged then I ran through the Prime Administrator s office then I ran down the hallway, glancing behind me for other guards or robots then I closed on the elevator door quickly Again, all these examples are from just one first page in chapter 22.Not awful I mean I was able to finish it I usually throw away books I don t like Life is too short to read through a book you don t enjoy I don t think I ll read Push.

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    How to suspend disbelief.This is a great book for a teenager who wants an exciting book with action and tension For a teenager who is analytical or an adult who is marginally familiar with statistics it could only be considered an average read too many plot holes and far too many bullets for a fifteen year old boy to survive.I ll try to avoid spoilersThe premise is fun but a little too simple to work Ninety percent of humanity is wiped out by a bug that kills when a victim s heart rate exceeds 140 to 150 beats per minute This happened about 100 years before Nik Granjer rides his bike through New Frisko, a calm and controlled reproduction of the former, but now dead, city I got the impression that the infection came during out current era By my calculation there should have been over 700 million people left on earth many than seem to be left in this society.This was the first thing that challenged my ability to suspend disbelief With only ten percent of humanity left there would not be enough infrastructure left to not only continue the existing level of technology, but actually advance way beyond that.The story is told in the first person point of view I m not a big fan As a result, the middle twenty percent of the story drags as Nik notices and realizes things, and processes his thoughts over and over, and develops his theories.Finally hooking up with a friend, the story picks up its pace again and becomes interesting.The author alters some spelling conventions under the pretense that these letters have been outlawed to simplify communication I found these misspellings distracting and inconsistent.

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    I received this book in exchange for an unbiased review This is a very clean dystopian novel After only one chapter in, I was reminded of The Giver from the chosen professions of the people to everything being regulated in the peoples lives to taking an injection daily for their own good The people didn t know how the real world used to work and everything was gray and colorless I was also reminded on Divergent because there was an outsider group called the Wanderers who weren t subject to all of the rules of The New Chapter.I thought it was clever how they spelled things because they didn t want to make the same mistakes as the old world They took out letters that made than one sound and replaced them with the letters that made sense.The middle of the book started to drag though and it seemed like he was repeating himself a lot in his monologues There were weird unnecessary measurements of things in meters and used the term scrubbed my face way too much.Overall, a clever book that follows the story line of most dystopian novels but clean fake swearing Good work.

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    Dystopian books are one of my new favorite books to read lately and this is a nice twist on a genre that gets the same story copied and copied time after time I will try not to add any spoilers to this because I don t want to ruin it for anyone.At first it took me a while to get in to the book, the misspellings and odd words had me thrown off for a while After I realized the intentions of them it went a lot better I enjoyed the character development of Nik, the main character He is a young teen that likes to push his luck for an Adrenalin fix when ever he can.I was very please at the story line and how it ended, it was well written and provided enough action and adventure to keep me interested in the book with a great twist to blow your mind away as well It was fast paced and if you can get past the different word spellings it goes fast and before you know itYou will have to read it and find out what happens, it is so worth the read and is a must for any YA, Dystopian fan.I received this book for free in exchange for my honest opinion and review.

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Beat (Beat, #1) download Beat (Beat, #1) , read online Beat (Beat, #1) , kindle ebook Beat (Beat, #1) , Beat (Beat, #1) 56dbf2fc6eb6 Better Safe Than Sorry Better Calm Than Dead Nik Granjer Hates The Bug It Was The Bug That Destroyed The World When It Wiped Out Than Ninety Percent Of Humanity A Hundred Years Ago Even Now, The Bug Kills Anyone Whose Heart Rate Goes Over Beats Per Minute That S Why The Prime Administrator Gave Everyone The Papas Digital Wrist Monitors That Put People To Sleep When Their Heart Rate Gets Too High The Papas Saved Humankind But One Night On The Border Of New Frisko, Nik Tampers With His Papa And Discovers A Dreadful Secret The Bug Might Not Be There After All When His Experiment Takes A Terrible Turn, A Brutal Enforcement Squad From The City Forces Nik Into Hiding On The Run And Searching For Allies, Nik S Only Hope Is To Discover The Truth About The Prime Administrator S Regime And The Origins Of The Bug If He Doesn T, Humankind May Never Break Free From The Conspiracy Holding It In Its Grip