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10 thoughts on “The Way Things Work

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    This book taught me about technology than my first five years of school, and that isn t intended as a criticism of the public educational system I m betting my dad got tired of the perpetual, Why and How s, and decided this book would be the best way to simultaneously teach me and maintain his sanity.Where else can a child be taught to understand the simple machines, fission, and how to pick a lock

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    the mammoths in this book are very funny this appears to be a engineering textbook, it probably is, but IF it is, than it s a heckuva lot better then the stuff they feed us in science textbooks these days don t read it till your OUT of stuff to read or you ll think this is actually a novel trust me, on this one, it s not

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    Absolutely love this book An all time favourite The illustrations and the mammoths in the book make it quite interesting and fun, not only for children, but for grown ups too Books like these make learning so much fun

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    Me and brockli s favorite part was the toilet Our toilet was broken and so we learned how 2 fix it After it was fixed.

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    As a child, TWTW was endlessly fascinating, provoking scores of questions that no doubt annoyed my parents.

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    OMG yuck Millions purchased, dozens read.

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    One of my favorite books as a kid

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    It took me eight months to read this book, not because it wasn t interesting, but because it was very interesting to me I spent a long time poring over some of the drawings making sure I really understood how and why the item worked the way it did, and since the book covers about 200 different machines, it took a while I d read bits and pieces of it back in grade school when we covered simple machines in science class, but I d never read it start to finish A few of the machines are dated since this book is 30 years old, but most stuff is still very applicable The running joke with the mammoth experiments is also a nice touch.

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    This is a fun way to better understand how things work around us I teach technology education and so many of the concepts that I teach are found in this book, but are presented in a playful way that makes even the abstinent reader curious about how the technology works The book is well researched I recently discovered it and look forward to reading the current version The way things work now.

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    In the Way Things Work, Macaulay depicts many machines and tools and gives explanations of how they work and how to use them It is separated into sections of movement, elements, light and sound waves, and electricity and automation I give this five stars because it is a very simple starter book for children, and even adults.

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