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    This book sucked ass It actually licked it, swallowed it, and smelled ass Who s worse than Pitiful Kara and Bitchy Jordan Oh, I know Self absorbed Zoe.This book made me so angry Every single character except Shannon pissed me off There wasn t a single likable thing about Zoe She calls everyone a tramp, she criticizes a homeless girl thinks she s dumb and has no fashion sense , and is a complete hypocrite.The writing was terrible I saw a lot of punctuation and grammar mistakes If I have to see the words I mean one time I ll just I ll just .The book was highly unrealistic and stupid Zoe is just there to make everyone look like a slut Including Shawna Okay, maybe she is a slut view spoiler She purposely infects her STD to someone else And that someone else already had a girlfriend hide spoiler

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    Short end of month Review Almost rape scene Trigger Warning.Sorry girls but if a guy YOU HAVE BEEN WITH FOR 3 WEEKS is asking for SEX, you need to walk away quickly.If you find out YOUR BEST FRIEND S BOYFRIEND IS CHEATING, you need to tell her right away If your new BF is the only cheating with your best friend s boyfriend, you NEED NEW FRIENDS sigh Glad it was all wrapped up when Jesus was found.

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    The book Torch Red was good but weird at the same time.In this book the main character s name is Zoe and she is in high school.Why the book was weird is because I could not relate to any of the things the characters did or thought.I could not relate to their actions at all.One reason why is because the main characters Zoe and Justin are in a relationship and they mostly do relationship things.I m not even in a relationship.Now,why the book was good is because the of the conflict and how it was solved.What the problem was that Zoe was dating a kid named Justin and Justin did lots of things that Zoe didn t like.At first he was a gentleman but then he became angry and stubborn.What the solution was is that Zoe broke up with Justin and committed herself to God and made sure she was focused again.Another thing that was interesting in this book was one of the main characters which is Zoe.Zoe had a personality full of heart and helped people at the church.There was one time where she actually let a homeless person stay at her house for a night until she got herself on her feet.Also,Zoe is very wise and clever.Before doing anything she thinks.Overall this book was a very decent book.I recommend this book to anyone that likes reading drama.

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    This book is probably one of the best books I have ever read The beginnings are always kind of boring though Once you get to the middle and the very end of the book you always want to read the next one in the series Zoe feels like she is the last virgin left on earth, always hearing all the other girls talking about sex and other things like that All of a sudden a girl named Shawana comes to Zoe s high school She s done it before but she has a secret that may change everyone s ideas about sex That really isn t til the end though Zoe meets a guy named Justin in the school play The minute they meet they hit it off When they first start dating he seems like the perfect guys even though bible thumping Nate says to look out Other students say to look out and be careful around Justin too but Zoe doesn t listen Until one night when she has to the choice to remain a virgin or lose iteven though it may not be in the best settingsSo far after reading this review you might think This book is all about sex, why would I want to read that Its not all about sex Its about teenage girls falling under pressure and finding their way out with the help of some special people Who are those special people You may just have to read the book yourself

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    SHORT REVIEW 1 Torch Red Color Me Torn is a realistic fiction written by Melody Carlson It is about a girl named Zoe who feels like she is the only virgin left on the planet She soon gets a boyfriend named Todd who has a questionable past Throughout the book, Zoe is very torn about whether or not she should give up her virginity to a guy she hardly knows but feels so connected to At the end of the book, Zoe has a life changing experience that will push her over the edge, whether it be good or bad, you ll have to read it to find out

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    That Shawna Frye Here she is, Taking her slutty self to another high school and causing havoc and disease there as well All kidding aside, was Carlson s intention to keep teenagers virgins by implanting the idea that sex is nasty and disgusting I lost track of how many times Zoe squealed EW Gross when confronted with matters of a sexual nature Or that you are doomed to a life of disease and shame Staying a virgin as long as you want is a good, good thing, but this was so heavy handed and preachy

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    Issue Teen sexSub issues teenage love, boundaries, consentZoe is a high schooler, and Shawna Frye from Dark Blue and Deep Green has transferred to Zoe s school Zoe is a volunteer welcomer at the school, so she introduces Shawna to various things, including the school drama department This year, the drama department is doing the musical Oklahoma Shawna tries out and gets a part Zoe tries out and gets another part Zoe wanted the lead, but Shawna is described as a much better actor This leads into two different relationships, Todd and Emily, with Shawna doing unmentionable things view spoiler oral sex and hide spoiler

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    The book Torch Red by Melody Carlson is a really good book It s a good book to read because it is all about suspense on who Zoe will pick in the end Over half of the book she chooses Justin and then things start to change and you are surprised I would definitely recommend this to a friend because it s all about drama and suspense It s also about how God can help her through certain situations and those are always good books to read about.

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    I felt this book okay because their was not much moments where I was surprised But, I still think that it was very good because it did have a lot of drama with her and the girls in her school and I was making me wonder what was going to happen next.

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    It was an interesting book to read I enjoyed reading this book as I have so far on all of Melody s books I like the Christian aspect and how she brings it alive in her books I was a bit shocked to see how far into the book before Zoe, but kept in suspense.

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Torch Red: Color Me Torn (TrueColors Series #3) download Torch Red: Color Me Torn (TrueColors Series #3), read online Torch Red: Color Me Torn (TrueColors Series #3), kindle ebook Torch Red: Color Me Torn (TrueColors Series #3), Torch Red: Color Me Torn (TrueColors Series #3) 486b5b1f9c9c Zoe Is Certain She S The Only Teenager On The Planet Who S Still A Virgin Okay, Except For Maybe Abstinence Queen Casey Renwick The Talk In The Locker Room Makes Sex Sound So Great And Maybe It Is But Zoe Isn T So Sure The New Girl In School, Shawna Frye, Has Done It, Although She S The One Girl Who Doesn T Say Much About ItMaybe I Should Just Do It And Get It Over WithWhen Jock Boy Justin Clark Asks Zoe Out, She Wonders If He Could Finally Be The One Nate, A Die Hard Christian And Real Friend, Encourages Zoe To Consider Exactly What It All Means Before She Makes A Life Defining Decision Behind The Scenes, Shawna S Dark Secret Threatens To Change Everyone S Perspective On Sex But Will Zoe Find Out Before It S Too Late