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Blade Silver: Color Me Scarred (TrueColors Series #7) summary Blade Silver: Color Me Scarred (TrueColors Series #7), series Blade Silver: Color Me Scarred (TrueColors Series #7), book Blade Silver: Color Me Scarred (TrueColors Series #7), pdf Blade Silver: Color Me Scarred (TrueColors Series #7), Blade Silver: Color Me Scarred (TrueColors Series #7) e5be556994 Ruth Wallace Knows She Can Only Hide The Scars On Her Arms For So Long Cutting Herself Doesn T Make Her Problems Disappear, But At Least It Helps Her Cope Ruth Needs To Find Some Way, Any Way, To Heal Her Scars The Ones She Hides And The Ones She Can T Before Something Terrible Happens The Seventh Book In The TrueColors Teen Fiction Series, Blade Silver Deals With Cutting, Guilt, Psychology, And Healing Includes Discussion Questions

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    I found this in a public library one day while I was browsing the teen section I was happy to find a book that dealt with self injury and hoped that I d maybe understand myself better if I read the book I thought the book was pretty good until the boy swept in to save her and she went to cutter rehab I was really disappointed by the ending because they were using the traditional 12 step program for self injury which involves putting your trust in higher powers In the end she doesn t really do much work on herself but instead becomes a Christian and magically recovers They also made it sound as if the ONLY way to fully recover was through religion and that just isn t true.

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    How can you understand the searing desire to open a vein unless you are one of the many who use SI as a coping method For those uninitiated who wish to see into the mind of a cutter, Melody Carlson has crafted an amazing glance into one branch of SI Ruth Anne is a brilliant student, with a close group of friends, and a family that looks normal on the outside however, once through the doors of her parent s ranch style house it is revealed that her father is verbally abusive, her mother is ghost than person, and Ruth and her brother Caleb are struggling to cope with the chaos their life has become As a former member of the SI community, I really enjoyed how clearly this book portrayed the emotions and thoughts that can go through a cutter s mind before, during, and after breaking skin My single complaint with the book was the rather sudden appearance of God in the storyline while I was aware of the fact that the book was classified as religious, I was still slightly disappointed by Carlson s need to get the message of God out as the only way to truly quit cutting However, I still believe that this book can be a wonderful resource for creating a bridge of understanding between a teenage cutter and their parents, and for giving all involved a sense of hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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    I think this was a really good book It was super sad but i loved so much it was super interesting on how everything ended up working out with ruth.

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    I ve gone back and forth on what to rate it so I ll say 2.5 stars.The book was a quick read and surprisingly, it was really engaging The writing wasn t all that great but there was something about the story itself that drew me in Things that annoyed me 1 I don t know how to explain it but I feel like Carlson could have done with the story Something was really lacking It s going to sound weird but there was she could have done with the verbal abuse storyline 2 Carlson didn t quite capture a teenage voice in this one She tried way too hard and it ended up being annoying I wish I kept track of how many times Ruth said I mean and Like 3 I had expected this book to be really preachy about religion and God right from the beginning, so I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn t But then towards the end it started kicking in Ruth just suddenly believed and suddenly everything was about God It got preachy My mom grabbed me a few books by Carlson from the library so I ll probably read those and be done with the author, to be honest.

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    A Light read Light but has a heavy content.Not too amazing of a book but it does give a flicker of hope at least for people who self harm for people like me.It just became a bit preachy in the end but I have already expected that And some of it are too good to be true, like a whole month in Promise House stopped her from cutting, but then it s fiction And like I said, it kinda gives hope A little something to believe in that someday, we cutters will all be healed

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    I don t feel quite right putting this book on my read shelf as I didn t finish it, but oh well I only got about three chapters in before I just couldn t read any This book seemed like a how to on cutting yourself than anything else Maybe it s because I can t relate to the self mutilation problem that the main character has, but that s how the book came across to me, and I felt no desire to read any further When I was reading how she swiped one of her brother s blades, how she kept it clean so it would last longer, how she knew just how to cut, how she taped a blade into the Altoids tin at school so as not to be picked up by the metal detector, how she was careful not to cut too deep at school because she was unable to change bloody clothes there, it all just came across to me as a guide on what to do and what not to do and way too detailed If this book helps young women and men or even adult women men who cut, then that s fantastic, but I wonder how many will read these details and think oh, why didn t I think of that before instead of getting any other message this book might be trying to convey And this is just what I got from three chapters There s no telling what was to come.

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    Overall I think that the book is okay I personally have delt with sef injury for many years now,7 this year, so I do believe that I know quite a bit in the matter I think that she described the cutting scenes pretty good except for one detail The fact that she only makes one cut everytime she cuts which is very unrealistic I have NEVER made just one cut and I don t know of anyone who ever has In the whole 7ish years I ve delt with this issue I ve cut from 4 10 times in a sitting if it s a good day to 25 50 cuts if it s a bad day Never just one Another thing that I didn t like about the book was how she magically became a Christian Never happens like that in real life The ending itself was also very unsatisfying I felt like there should have been to it I also found this book very triggering I had to stop in the middle of it and cut So yeah not the best book on self injury, but not the worst I really wouldn t recomend it to anyone.

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    This book had a good message, and would probably be beneficial to young teenagers who are struggling with similar feelings of anxiety and depression as Ruth On the whole though, the book was unrealistic and poorly timed It failed to accurately portray a recovery from depression and domestic abuse, and after Ruth s stay in a mental health facility which she was checked into in entirely unrealistic circumstances , made the recovery process over simplistic In terms of themes, and general message that help is out there and available, and recovery is possible, the book does well However, showing the way to recovery it fell short significantly.

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    I love this book s honest, unflinching look on the sensitive issue of cutting It is not just something goths do it happens to people with deeply sensitive natures I should know I ve been there This is a book I d encourage anyone who loves teens to read Excellently written, told with sensitivity I love it

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    Of the books that I have read from the True Colors series, this is the least inspirational to me I know that Ruth was a cutter and her mom has mental issues, but there are verbally abusive parents around the United States and many of them do not get help.

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