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    There s so much wrong with Dean Koontz s The Good Guy that one might wonder how the universe did not implode on the day of its publication However one might realize that books by Koontz published after this one are even worse, so the universe would have to implode several times.Or maybe the universe doesn t give a crap about Dean Koontz s latest turd I wonder why I have read it Maybe because he wrote books that entertained me in the past Or maybe because I couldn t believe how lazy, idiotic and unsatysfying this book is Koontz seems to have set a new goal for himself release shit after shit and then see how long it will take people to notice that he s just laughing all the way to the bank.I assume most readers know the premise of this book In case you don t, here it is A stranger walks into a bar and mistakes an ordinary guy for his client, a killer hired to kill a woman The stranger leaves a photo of the woman, her adress and some money.Then he cleans out wish I did the same stupid stupid stupid Moments later, the killer himself walks into the bar Tim Carrier that s the name of the good dude tells the killer to call this off and gives him the money The killer gets out of the bar, gets into a cop car and from then all hell breaks lose.Does this sound interesting Of course it does But that s when all interesting stuff stops existing What, you came looking for relentless suspense, riveting storyline, sharp dialogue and overall a page turning experience You ve got the wrong adress, pal You ll find none of this in this Koontz book but you ll find plenty of Koontz himself and of his other works.See, the book is one big, unshameful rehash Did you really think I ll create new, original characters and story just for you, you dumb prick No way says Dean Koontz as he introduces a beautiful, well spoken lady, a hero with a tainted past who are on the run from, surprise surprise, one dimensional killer is coming right up to get them sir Man, thinks Koontz, this works great I ve been doing that for decades and these idiots still hadn t caught up.The hero, Timothy carrier, is a mason with a haunted past I told you not to play with bricks, Tim Tim Tim The woman who s chased is named Linda Paquette Linda likes action movies although she doesn t own a TV , cars and other manly stuff Oh, and Tim She says during their first meeting I don t interest me You interest me Within 24 hours of their meeting Tim and Linda are talking about moving in together.Speaking of talking, Koontz s dialogue is idiotic than ever Consider this little chit chat our couple shares during the midst of being pursuit by a cold blooded killer Trim as you are, I was sure you d order a salad Right I m going to graze on arugula so I ll feel good about myself when some terrorist vaporizes me tomorrow with a nuke Does a coffee shop like this have arugula These days, arugula is everywhere It s even easier to get than a venereal disease Isn t it just the conversation you ll have with a man you ve met only hours before while being chased by a relentless killer NO DEAN.IT S NOT Dating isn t easy any Tim said Finding someone, I mean Everybody wants to talk about American Idol and Pilates She said And I don t want to listen to a guy talk about his designer socks and what he s thinking of doing about his hair Guys talk about that He asked dubiously I put this quotation here because it s double funny Personally I don t care about people s hair, but since the author of this book had a hair transplant himself which made him look just weird should he really bitch about people talking about their hair It s just silly.Oh, and not everybody watches American Idol If Dean Koontz want to whine about the crumbling state of American society, why doesn t he f ing move out of there and try to have a career elsewhere Oh, I forgot He wouldn t have one So maybe try writing something that will contribute to American literature Hahaha man you crazy says Dean I will cash on these pricks till my fake hair falls outand then some.But I forgot about the villain Krait he s called and he bears the title of the biggest non entity in the whole manuscript of this monkey typed wretchedness He considers himself a prince, which basically means he goes into people s houses, masturbates into their underclothing and leaves them random notes about maybe washing the sheets because they stink a bit He also dreams about going through mirrors, and here s where Koontz ran out of ideas See, the bad killer doesn t have a past, and I mean it literally Koontz usually loves to conjure up some wicked shit about how the bad guy was ass raped as a kid by his sister with a strap on made out of his plush bear, but here he doesn t even try and decides to use the excuse of AMNESIA Yup, that s right But don t worry, he will make it up to you in about a thousand chapters of the killer breaking into people s houses and raping their bougainvilleas Rewind and repeat approximately fifty thousand times, so the greedy and stupid American reader will get how truly bad and vile the killer is It s not that Koontz is setting some sort of grand build up to an explosive finale no no, nasty Americans don t deserve a cohesive ending The killer gets shot and evaporates in about three sentences, he dreams about mirrors or something and that s it As a hitman who supposedly always delivered, he sure screws up a lot along the way Not that the good guys are awesomely smart They check in into a motel using a CREDIT CARD.The biggest fallacy in the book is the actual setup See, the killer is employed by a big and shady organization controlled by the Government, of course, how could it not be a governmental affair that supports him with cars, credit cards, weapons and all sort of killer stuff The whole concept falls like a statue of Lenin because the exact same organization demands his services They are his clientsand also his employers If the mentioned organization is able to support the killer with basically everything he wants, why would it set up a meeting in a bar if he was their employee in the first place And not even check if the person is their killer Why would they offer him only 10 000 if they are going to supply him with services that will cost them much, much Also, why would you need to employ some moronic psychopath when everyone in the organization works with efficiency far surpassing the one of the masturbating weirdo This is stupidity of such awesome proportions that I m sure somewhere in the outer space galaxies are exploding just at the mention of it.The whole thing is written with some of the most forced and dull prose I ve read in years And it s sad, because Koontz is actually trying to be imaginative his imagination seems to end at everything that doesn t include jerking off into underpants though Every line is so overblown, flat and sad at the same time because he really tries hard to get his message and metaphor across, but it s all so complicated, out of place and boring that it simply fails to deliver Consider this She won t get far without you, the killer said Maybe she will She s tough Do we have a deal Out beyond the trees, a boy and his dad were flying a tubular kite The kite was a raging dragon The dragon undulated in the sky, its roar as silent as the silence on the phone line Get it dumb reader Raging Dragon Danger Bad guy It s intrusive and annoying and tries too hard to be smart Compile such deep moments with dumb dialogue and endless rants and you have the most souless works of fiction ever Sold for 23 in hardcover Koontz is a genius for milking out America.And if you made it here, do you wonder by any chance how it ends Let me spoil it for you Tim is a war hero, calls the President of the United States who then tells the organization to back offwhich it does Since Dean already had the Hand of God come up and kill the bad guy, next time maybe he ll open the earth itself to just conveniently swallow the cardboard nemesis DOH Overall, The Good Guy is pure, unsalvageable crap For someone who bitches so much about the current state of America s youth Dean Koontz surely doesn t contribute anything by releasing these abominations Robert McCammon took ten years off from writing because he was disappointed by the publishing industry Dean Koontz pretends to be disappointed, but he likes meeting with the dead too much old George, Abe and Ben are too good of a company I can t believe the same man wrote Intensity and this but then I look at the back photos and wonder.

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    Another Koontz book full of flaws and than a little silly, but damn good fun for a cold winter s day The beginning is especially good, some tight writing and snarky wit It doesn t quite hold for the rest of the book but it s enough to keep you page turning, even if, like me, you could do without the inevitable romance Still, he has a talent for creating some of the coldest, most violent villains imaginable, and this one has that underlying conspiracy feel to crank it up a notch, though you always know they re going to get what s coming to them Koontz s books are like a murderous hug, you know what you re getting into, a bit stabby but it ll all be alright in the end.Thanks to Dean for the recommendation, this made my day at work pass super quick.

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    Keeping with the Koontz theme I finished The Good Guy over the weekend The cover front and back doesn t tell you much I didn t read the inside part of the dust jacket I just picked it up I figured Koontz Good read I was right.At this point in my Koontz reading extravaganza I ve made a few generalizations about his books Someone or something will have special powers Meaning, if the lead character doesn t have special powers, then that character has a pet usually a dog that does Or they the lead or the pet have extra ordinary senses or something If the lead character isn t witty or funny then the secondary character is And, well, that s just about it Odd Thomas, my favorite Koontz character, has both, super powers and wit That s why I like him best Anyway this book No special powers, not really anyway And, really, only the smallest dabs of wit splashed here and there Still I think it s one of my favorite Koontz books.Most of his books you get the lead character s, er, characteristics and background laid out right from the get go Not so much on this one At least not for the two characters you are supposed to be pulling for The antagonist you get to know, or less, right away The other two, their secrets are kept as such for most of the book And that drawing out doesn t get boring It s wonderfully strung along Well, I liked it I m the type that loves to hypothesis and try and figure things out before they happen This book certainly let me do that I was pretty much right about one of the characters Way off for the other And it s not without its moments of heart string pulling either Just a tiny bit Not teary stuff, but if you don t feel a tiny pull at your heart, well, you probably already know that you re all dead inside.So, if you like a good suspenseful novel, one that keeps things moving, with interesting characters and plot lines, then this is your book.

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    Timothy Carrier is minding his own business in a bar, when he is approached by another man and offered a packet containing 10,000 to kill someone Soon thereafter, another man, the real killer enters and mistakes Tim for the client Tim tries to buy off the killer with half of the money only to discover the hitman is a cop He contacts the victim, an unusual lady, and the cat and mouse games begin Nothing supernatural in this book which is great because when I read anything with supernatural stuff, my crap detector goes into overload Lots of foreshadowing and one suspects that Tim has other skills besides masonry and that Linda, the woman he is helping, may have additional secrets Koontz builds suspense very nicely as the killer seems to anticipate their every move leading one to suspect that he is only part of a very large team with many connections.Some nice humor There scene where Linda is trying to escape from a restaurant by going through the kitchen and out the back door and is confronted by an assistant manager is worth the price of the book alone Of course, there is that element of macho fantasy the ostensible ordinary guy who comes to the defense and rescue of the damsel.What really sets this book apart from so many ordinary thrillers is the dialogue The banter between Tim and Linda as they become closer is marvelous, and the scene where Krait, the killer with extraordinary connections, assumes a personality to allay the suspicions of a nosy mother of a couple whose house he is temporarily using as a refuge is terrifically believable even while being most improbable Krait is the ultimate evil guy, so out of control that even his handlers begin to question his sanity Enough said Set aside an evening I especially recommend the audio version with Richard Ferrone Excellent.

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    Timothy Carrier, having a beer after work at his friend s tavern But the jittery man who sits next to him tonight has mistaken Tim for someone very different and passes to him a manila envelope full of cash Ten thousand now You get the rest when she s gone The stranger walks out, leaving a photo of the pretty woman marked for death, and her address But things are about to get worse In minutes another stranger sits next to Tim This one is a cold blooded killer who believes Tim is the man who has hired him.Thinking fast, Tim says, I ve had a change of heart You get ten thousand for doing nothing Call it a no kill fee He keeps the photo and gives the money to the hired killer And when Tim secretly follows the man out of the tavern, he gets a further shock the hired killer is a cop.Tim enlists the aid of his friends, even those in his mysterious past, and sets out to help save the woman marked for death On meeting her, he is surprised at his reaction to her and finds himself becoming involved as they run from the fast approaching, seemingly relentless killer with many tricks up his sleeve The woman herself claims not to know why she has been marked, but Tim feels that she too has secrets.Befoe the explosive ending, all secrets will be revealed and relationships will be forged.

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    Bah.Bah I say.I decided to read some Koontz to get into a Halloween type of mood Why do I do this to myself Besides having a ridiculous premise dude thinks guy at bar is hired hitman and guy the so called Good Guy decides to do what it takes to stop a woman he does t know from getting killed The development of the good guy and woman is woefully inadequate Koontz spends most of the book giving us the hitman s world view and it sucks One chapter was enough But nope we keep going back to him The dialogue between characters was awful and the ending ludicrous Also a freaking dog appears but at least it s not a golden retriever.The good guy in this book, Tim is dark and mysterious, but sorry I pegged him as former military within ten minutes I am getting fed up with Koontz writing every character now is military and former military Guess that s the only way he can explain them using weapons proficiently And I m sorry, I don t buy why Tim is hell bent on getting involved with this whole thing cause he sees the woman he s paid to kill, face Linda the target is a writer and man oh man she s irking She s Gillian Flynn s cool girl brought to life She can t answer questions or act like a regular human being, just talks in puzzles for most of the book before pushing a big reveal onto Tim about her life that I didn t buy for a second.The other characters are barely in this and we just follow Tim and Linda as they hide from the bad guy.Tim and Linda also make stupid decisions so that was fun to read no it wasn t The writing wasn t great I don t know what else to say besides that I feel like Koontz has forgotten how people speak to each other not in cliche form Also it s creepy for a man to pop up and be all hey I may be falling in love with you as you run for your lives The flow was awful There s a distinct difference every time you shift from Tim, Tim s friend who is trying to help and the hired killer.The ending was a joke I won t even get into it besides it just made the book worse than I thought was possible at that point.

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    Koontzland Group Read May 2018 On this read, I added a theme of the simple picture of Linda writer the real reason to kill Linda she was in the wrong place at the wrong time She was in a photo with a politician, a terrorist group, but she was innocent in the background Krait the hit man captured her mom, but an undercover US organization enters to save them The end has a twist I did not expect Tim returns to his fianc e, instead of staying with the relationships gained with Linda in the chases Can they continue life with their previous strong life goals And not each other My first read November 2014 The story is mostly a suspense chase story Timothy Carrier sits at the Lamplight Oar bar his friend, Liam Rooney, is the owner , a envelope is delivered to him while sitting at the bar with 10,000, a note that says 10,000 will follow after the kill of Linda Paquette picture in envelope Tim tells Linda and they try to run away from the hit man, Krait A twist when reading is Krait has aliases names, Kravet, Robert Kessler, Ron Kutter The end to Krait is what you would expect But at the end it could have closer with Tim Linda after all they experienced What was the real reason to kill Linda Koontzland Group Home

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    Dean Koontz has a distinctive style in the thriller genre, and I have always liked it I haven t read a book by him in a while, and realized that it s been long enough that a good half dozen new ones are available Of them all, this one sounded the most intriguing, so I tried it first, and I am very glad I did This is trademark Dean Koontz a page turner from the very first paragraph I could not put this book down, and read the whole thing in three days despite being on vacation and visiting relatives.The book s strength, as with many of Koontz s, resides in a tight, twisty turny plot, and in very well drawn characters The villain is suitably threatening, and the two main characters Linda and Tim are wonderfully drawn Koontz will have you caring about them both from the get go, and you will be hard pressed to put this book down without making sure they are both safe.If you have never tried a Dean Koontz book, this is as good as it gets, and a reasonable one to get you started If you have read Koontz and you like his style, you will love this one It is up there with False Memory, Watchers, and Lightning as one of my all time favorites.

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    This book is a favorite of mine I ve read it over and over and every single time I do, I pick up another little nuance Dean Koontz is known for his realistic fantasy, taking ordinary people and putting them into extraordinary predicaments, usually with a touch of the supernatural for good measure The supernatural is missing from this book, but in my opinion, it s what makes it so good There s something so sparce and poetic about Koontz s writing, something about the way he reveals his characters in bits and pieces that really adds to the drama of the story In this particular story, the main characters deal with a case of mistaken identity, one man s rigid sense of goodness and honor, and another man s disregard, or even disdain, for human life Koontz is brilliant at revealing the characters slowly, carefully, while still giving the reader the feeling that they know these men inside and out.The drama played out is intense, nonstop, but Koontz takes time to ensure that the characters feel real and do real things in the midst of all the intensity I honestly could talk about this book all day It s got harsh humor, humanity, drama, action, horror, intrigue and a little good old fashioned conspiracy thrown in for good measure You ll want to wear your seatbelt for this wild ride.

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    As a writer, Koontz is improving I found that this novel had very little rambling about his characters and scenes His development of characters was amazing I found that even though I despised the evil character, Krait, I was just as attached to him as I was the main characters, Tim and Linda.This novel had a very interesting and scary plot What made this Novel so intensely frightening was that it was a plausible situation It is a plot that could very well be happening or could happen to anyone that unknowingly was in the wrong place at the wrong time.Krait had received payment by his people numerous times previously to kill This time, the payment was for Linda In a strange mix up, Tim was given the money to perform the hit on Linda and refused to give it to the killer, Krait Instead, Tim took it upon himself to save Linda from the determined killer A cat mouse chase ensues where Tim and Linda are unable to escape Krait and eventually they must face him I do not think the reader is totally surprised by the ending, but what is surprising is what we learn about the characters and why the mission to kill Linda took place Anyone that enjoys crime novels, mystery, and suspense will find this a very entertaining read.

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The Good Guy summary pdf The Good Guy, summary chapter 2 The Good Guy, sparknotes The Good Guy, The Good Guy b26bb70 One Man One Choice Someone Must DieFrom New York Times Bestselling Author Dean Koontz Comes This Pulse Pounding Thriller That Starts With A Terrifying Decision We All Might Face One Day Help Or Run Timothy Carrier Is An Ordinary Guy He Enjoys A Beer After Work At His Friend S Tavern, The Eccentric Customers And Amusing Conversations But Tonight Is No Ordinary Night The Jittery Man Sitting Beside Him Has Mistaken Tim For Someone Else And Passes Him An Envelope Stuffed With Cash And The Photo Of A Pretty Woman Ten Thousand Now You Get The Rest When She S Gone Tim Carrier Always Thought He Knew The Difference Between Right And Wrong, Good And Evil But Tonight Everything He Thought He Knew Even About Himself Will Be Challenged For Tim Carrier Is At The Center Of A Mystery Of Extraordinary Proportions, The One Man Who Can Save An Innocent Life And Stop A Killer As Relentless As Evil Incarnate But First He Must Discover Resources Within Himself Of Which He Never Dreamed, Capacities That Will Transform His Idea Of Who He Is And What It Takes To Be

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