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Timing txt Timing, text ebook Timing, adobe reader Timing, chapter 2 Timing, Timing ba1a34 Nd EditionTiming Book OneStefan Joss Just Can T Win Not Only Does He Have To Go To Texas In The Middle Of Summer To Be The Man Of Honor In His Best Friend Charlotte S Wedding, But He S Expected To Negotiate A Million Dollar Business Deal At The Same Time Worst Of All, He S Thrown For A Loop When He Arrives To See The One Man Charlotte Promised Wouldn T Be There Her Brother, Rand HollowayStefan And Rand Have Been Mortal Enemies Since The Day They Met, So Stefan Is Shocked When A Temporary Cease Fire Sees The Usual Hostility Replaced By Instant Chemistry Though Leery Of The Unexpected Feelings, Stefan Is Swayed By A Sincere Revelation From Rand, And He Decides To Give Rand A ChanceBut Their Budding Romance Is Threatened When Stefan S Business Deal Goes Wrong The Owner Of The Last Ranch He Needs To Secure For The Company Is Murdered Stefan S In For The Surprise Of His Life As He Finds Himself In Danger As WellFirst Edition Published By Dreamspinner Press,

About the Author: Mary Calmes

Mary Calmes believes in romance, happily ever afters, and the faith it takes for her characters to get there She bleeds coffee, thinks chocolate should be its own food group, and currently lives in Kentucky with a five pound furry ninja that protects her from baby birds, spiders and the neighbor s dogs To stay up to date on her ponderings and pandemonium as well as the adventures of the ninja

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    AUDIOBOOK REVIEW 1 10 2016 2 StarsI m still figuring my way around this whole audiobook thing The majority of times, I listen to books I ve already readand that s been working for me It s a new dimension to the story Now here s a new lesson I ve learned DO NOT listen to a narration of a book where one of the characters is a TOP 3 BOOK BOYFRIEND HEED THIS WARNING Why not Well, when a character is that beloved, it s risky as f ck to hear someone put a spin on him And wellit s likely to fail Rand Hollowaymy main cowboy squeezewas read like asmall town high school play version of John Wayne I justcould NOT take it seriously It was sobs just awful And I was mortified Not to mention that the narrator also read a side character Ben like Kermit the Frog And every female character sounded like they were in their 70 s Oddly enough, the narrator s regular voice, the one he uses for the main POV, is pretty good I just couldn t accept his reading of Rand So for that, I was disappointed REREAD 7 29 144 Stars While searching for a new book to start, I randomly opened up Timing And though I rarely reread, I just wanted something to get lost in I still enjoyed it I think Stef irritated me this second time around But Rand took my breath away x1000000 this time, so it all evens out I ll stick with my original rating of 4 stars Yes, ridiculous Yes, over the top And YES YES YES.RAND ORIGINAL REVIEW 3 11 11 4 StarsI don t care.I don t care that Mary Calmes is the queen o fluff.I don t care that every one of her books is a form of the other I don t care that I may have cavities after reading this I JUST ADORED IT Timing aka Jory Sam go to Texas was everything that I want and need from Calmes The equation is simple Stef aka better than Jory, aka the most beautiful man in the world that can do no wrong that women and men straight and gay alike all want Rand aka cowboy Sam, aka uber alpha male not totally gay until Jory Stef comes into his life and he calls him mine Sex aka sex, aka rough and tumble bang him as hard as I can while folding him in half and making him scream Trouble aka guns shit, aka Jory Stef trying to save someone while getting into a mess while Sam Rand tries to save him Happy Susan aka sap, aka sucker who drinks this shit up I LOVE RAND God, I love that man

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    Kindle freebie 11 17 16 This book is classic Mary Calmes Mary Calmes books are like chicken soup for the gay soul Perfect men that everyone love, toppy tops and bottomy bottoms, insta love, cowboys, and hot sex I mean, it is just what the doctor ordered The perfect M M pick me up However, this isn t my first Mary Calmes rodeo While I enjoyed this, I also found myself growing a bit irritated at the out of nowhere love, the over the top gregarious MC, and the sex that was the same time and time again I want some variation, Mary, pretty please Her books remind me a bit of Kristen Ashley s M F books They are always the same characters in other character s bodies Invasion of the body snatchers, yo.Though this book made me smile, the angst free simplicity just didn t completely satisfy me today.

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    Hello 2nd edition cover boy Rand

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    I ve read this charming book so many times and for some reason have never sat down to review it properly This is the book that made me a fan of Mary Calmes and one I return to often.This is easily one of my favorite M M romances ever written, showing economy, precision and fierce sexuality that rewards multiple rereads Mary Calmes has a well deserved reputation for writing delightful contemporary gay romance, and in truth this book may be the best single expression of her many talents for a reader who hasn t taken a look at her work The simplicity of the setup is deceptive, and a lot of the book s success relies on Calmes mastery of category romance It s a stunner, but in a completely understated way.EVERY time I read it I learn something about romantic craft This get cited in hundreds of M M lists as a comfort read for a reason The dialogue is hilarious, the dynamics are warm and believable, even the suspense subplot is handled deftly Calmes affection for her two heroes Rand in particular cooks off the page The blistering sex scenes and the complex family around these characters only add to the experience The first time I read the book I felt like I KNEW these characters and their world, and having grown up with a family ranch, that s saying something Even better, every reread has revealed telling detail and rich specifics Not only do I recognize these people, I feel like they would recognize me LOL What s most satisfying, is that when I revisit the book, the subtlety of the relationships seems to shift and refract and change Stefan and Rand get me every fucking time, but they seem to change tactics, too, while I ve been off reading other books Amazing.The sex is insanely hot, obviously That s a given with this author but it s also heartbreaking and visceral and human Mary Calmes never gives any of her characters hollow fucktimes but in this book their escalation of intimacy is architectural and mindful Calmes uses words and images to assemble kinks and vulnerabilities for both her men and other characters besides.Rand is an idealized cowboy and Stefan is an idealized hipster, but in a way the idealization is the point Above all, this is a book about assumptions, romantic and otherwise The thing that some reviewers seem to miss is that this book s two gorgeous, charismatic, beloved heroes may LOOK perfect, their appearances create all of the tension and conflict that makes this story so rewarding Rand and Stef are NOT perfect and grow exponentially over the course of the novel The story isn t about a seduction that takes place in one weekend, but rather of a courtship that takes over a decade to complete TIMING, indeed.Moreover, the rich backstory between the lovers makes for some heartrending intimacy Stef and Rand are anything but generic or bland how could they be Each man comes with baggage and pain and a keen sense of time slipping away, of opportunities missed Their growth is not external or blurb friendly, but it s unforgettable Both men are also cranky, blinkered, and hemmed in by their looks The irony of readers making the same mistakes about these men that they make about each other is not lost on me Beautiful people rarely find their lives made easier by bone structure and breeding.Cleverly, Mary Calmes gives herself two intensely charismatic characters and then makes that charisma a source of anguish Fucking brilliant and impossibly romantic In one neat dart the book s heroes can have charmed lives AND can be troubled by those charms And their weaknesses and expectations reflect their upbringings and the fabulous people who populate the pages around them, an organic commmuity that keeps reminding them how charmed they are, for good or ill.Those minor characters deserve mention as well each cast member is memorable in voice, appearance, and actions from the groom s mis dressed mother to an uncle who likes his women plump And each one of those minor presences drive the story forward beautifully.If you read gay romance you should have read this book already If you haven t read gay romance before, this book is a fabulous starting point A must.

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    I absolutely love Mary Calmes writing style More often than not it is ott, ridiculous and one of the heroes always seems to be worshipped by everyone It s what I call classic Mary and I adore it Which is why I also own the paperback version and why I re read it all the time It s like a comfort food that never fails to make me feel better.What Jory is to the Matter of Time series Stefan is to Timing Just like everyone else in this bookyou can t help but love him Jory is still my fave though I ve got to say that I really love this new edition cover and it is exactly how I picture Rand to be Handsome broody cowboyyummy Stefan and Charlotte meet in college and become roomies and the best of friends Stefan is gay and when Charlotte s rancher brother Rand shows up one day to check up on her, the snide comment he makes to Stefan sets the tone for their relationship for the next years to comeStefan goes out of his way to avoid being in proximity of Rand, but he is shit out of luck when Charlotte gets married Guess he will finally have to come face to face to the man and guess what.things aren t always as they seem It doesn t take too long for Stefan to convince Stefan to ride the cowboy This book had me rolling my eyes so many times, they were starting to hurtbut so did facefrom smiling so much I can t help but like the crazyness, Mary Calmes creates I have read this book so many times already, I can not give it less than 5 stars Highly recommended to fans of Mary My reviews are posted on Wendy s Wycked Words Follow me

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    It s official..I AM IN AN MM BOOK That s two DNFs in a row And I haven t loved the few before that DNF 41%You know, I actually quite liked this one to begin with The premise was interesting Stefan and Charlotte are long time BFFs Rand is Charlotte s brother Rand and Stefan seem to hate each other I usually dig the whole enemies to lovers thing Too bad they went from enemies to lovers faster than the speed of light.IDK, I just didn t buy it And after a while Charlotte and Stefan s relationship, while just friends, started to annoy me Charlotte was too clingy and dependent on Stefan I think it s me Something s wrong with me.

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    Re read November 2018One of my favorites of Mary A few things I learned from Mary Calmes books Mary Calmes does NOT like condoms I m sure she has a latex allergy or she is traumatized by a bad experience Because no one is using them in her books There is always some excuse as to why they should skip it, even the first time together Come on, let s just have unprotected sex NOW One of the characters is a man with such charisma that everyone likes him, all the time And this person is so beautiful that everyone wants to touch him all the time And of course he lets them If you re over there feeling Stefan up, then we should all get a turn Well, then, come here There were hands in my hair, under the back of my shirt, on my chest, my biceps, and Kristin s fingers sliding over my eyebrows I was drowning in women. There is the alpha male that s so possessive he d like to tie his lover to the bed and never let him out And we still love him, no matter how ridiculous he acts Everyone is crying All the time I JUST LOVE MARY S BOOKS I love how ridiculous everyone acts all the time I love how everyone always has these intense talks like the world is ending right that moment And I just love how possessive the alpha dude is and how he acts like the ruler of the world.I can t get enough of it all.

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    ETA BTW Can I just gush over the new cover for a minute I love it so much The sheer number of times I ve reread this series makes me have to bump it up to 4 stars Damnit, but Stef and Rand get me every time.Stefan is damn near perfect he s gorgeous, has inexhaustible charm even when he s being sarcastic and snarky , everyone loves him and wants to touch him and both men and women want to be with him His ineffable beauty and personality effortlessly wins over parents and strangers alike He s beautiful and sexy and the sweetest guy I ve ever met in my life His only real flaw is that he tends to disappear if someone tries to get to close, or conversely, appears to not need him any In your head, everybody s going to leave you, nobody sticks around, and so the second you think somebody s bored with you or that they don t need you, you do the patented Joss disappearing act and are never seen again Rand is a practical, salt of the earth, pillar of the community who s always got all the answers and a single minded focus Rand has always wanted Stef, but royally screwed up their original meeting, which set the tone for the rest of their time together Though Stef has always viewed them as enemies, Rand s actually wanted Stef for years and has now lined everything up in his life in order to finally make his play Their passion is explosive and Calmes makes the sex scenes scorching hot He bent and kissed me, sucking my bottom lip into his mouth, biting it gently The result was instantaneous I forgot about everything but him My brain emptied nothing mattered except Rand Holloway and the way I was being kissed, like if he didn t, he d die He made me feel like I was all he needed He bent and kissed me hard, his hand wrapped around my throat, holding me but not tightly, with just enough pressure so I couldn t move The mere hint of restraint was very arousing This is a fun enemies to lovers romance with humor, low angst, HOT sexy times, some suspense, and a smooth flow.Recommended Galley copy of Timing Timing 1 provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange of an honest review. This review has been cross posted at Gay Book Reviews. UPDATED for audio book on 01 15 2015, 05 2015 I was thinking the audio might up the stars, but, no, it remains a solid 3 star for me Read 08 24 2014 This, though still enjoyable, is not, for me, one of Mary Calmes best.

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    4,25 starsMy first book by this author and I couldn t get enough I really loved this one I ve read it in one sitting The action was engaging, the characters were great Loved the chemistry Looking forward to reading the next book

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    What s not to love about this Nothing.

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