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A Match Made in Texas files A Match Made in Texas , read online A Match Made in Texas , free A Match Made in Texas , free A Match Made in Texas , A Match Made in Texas ecf9fbfbf Welcome To Two Time Texas Where Tempers Burn HotLove Runs DeepAnd A Single Woman Can Change The Course Of History There S A New Sheriff In TownAmanda Lockwood Gets Than She Bargained For When She S Elected Two Time Texas S First Female Sheriff Anxious To Prove Herself, She Sets Out To Stop Crime In Its Tracks Taking Down Wanted Man Rick Barrett In The Process But There S Something Special About The Charming Outlaw Common Sense Says He Must Be Guiltybut Her Heart Keeps Telling Her OtherwiseSo What S A Sheriff To Do Gather An All Female Posse And Ride To Save The DayThings Sure Don T Look Good For Rick If He Doesn T Convince The Pretty Sheriff To Let Him Go, He Ll Soon Be Pushing Up Daisies But His Plan To Woo Her To His Side Backfires When He S The One Who Falls Head Over Heels Now He Must Choose Between Freedom Or Saving The Woman He Lovesand The Clock Is TickingWho Knew A Match Made In Texas Could Be Such Sweet, Clean, Madcap Fun Two Time TexasLeft At The Altar Book A Match Made In Texas Book How The West Was Wed Book

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    Just when I think Margaret Brownley s books can t get any better, A Match Made in Texas rides in on a jaw breakin wagon stirring up the town of Two Time and takes this reader on a journey of guffawing, swooning, and blubbering Suffragist and self declared forever spinster Amanda Lockwood, has one goal To accomplish something positive and meaningful for women s rights to report at the next Suffragist meeting Towards that end, Amanda runs for the position of Two Time s sheriff, never expecting to win with so much opposition against her Before she knew it, she was wielding a gun and locking up an imposing murder suspect But what is she to do when she starts to have traitorous feelings for this wild man, Rick Rennick Worse, Amanda begins to suspect he just might be innocent although all evidence points to the contrary Rick arrived in Two Time with some incriminating secrets His plans have gone askew and now he needs to choose between his life and the feisty, independent Sheriff s future Author Margaret Brownley writes some of the most endearing and hilarious characters in print Aside from the hero and heroine of this story, the standout for me was the exuberant young deputy that endlessly spouts judicious and amusing quotes from his old Grandpappy The hilarious, rampaging posse of women comes in a close second There s so much to love about this Wild West tale On the romance front, there s this one scene Well, I won t divulge details but it involves a jail dance and let me just say, it rates as one of the most sigh worthy, romantic scenes I ve ever read Queen of fascinating western facts, Margaret Brownley cleverly weaves these nuggets throughout this unpredictable and comedic, mystery romance This story that keeps on giving also includes a gentle reminder to commit our plans to God as ours aren t always the wisest Fabulous reading I was provided with a copy of this book by NetGalley for review purposes Opinions are my own.

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    I ve been waiting for this one to read listen to The first was good and this one is about a female sheriff Errr yes pleaseeee The story follows Amanda who gets elected as the first female sheriff for Two Time Her first night on the job she saves Rick Barrett from being lynched for murdering someone She tosses him jail for the murder though and now he must wait for justice However, did he really do it Amanda has no idea Rick s plan Woo the lady sheriff and maybe she ll let him go so he can clear his name Howeverreal feelings muddy up the plan I liked Amanda a lot She was a fun character She jokingly puts her name down to be sheriff thinking no one would vote for a woman, but she wanted to make a point Wellshe gets elected and the town is pissed Grr screw those males Jerks the lot of em Her all female posse was a hoot I legit clapped and huzzahed when they all stepped up and volunteered to help Amanda out Loooooved Amanda s deputy I want him to get a HEA Maybe someday Rick was okaywe didn t really get to learn about him much Sure he had some limelight and got to have his say in his POV But he was behind bars 95% of the book, so he didn t get to interact much I really do think this book was mainly for Amanda, so I m okay with that The ending ALMOST made me mad However, the author fixed it last second and made me respect Rick and allowed me to keep my respect for Amanda A nice compromise I didn t want Amanda to completely give in That isn t her to do so But yes wipes sweat from brow the ending squeaked by As much as I did enjoy the mystery and the story itself The romance was lacking for sure I didn t really feel their chemistry and that stinks They were both intriguing characters and I wanted to really feel their love It seemed like lust only and then convenience at the end there Who else would want to marry a crazy suffragette And plus he was locked in prisonso there was no real chance for them to kiss and hug and really get to know each other She was sheriff and he was on trial for murder The narrator did well I enjoyed her voices and they fit the characters especially Amanda All in all, I did enjoy the mystery and the story itself However, the romance was lacking for me I am curious to read book 3 when it comes out I hope the deputy gets his own book He deserves one I ll stamp this with 3 stars.

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    Book Info Mass Market PaperbackExpected publication June 6th 2017 by Sourcebooks CasablancaISBN 1492608165 ISBN13 9781492608165 Edition Language EnglishSeries A Match Made in Texas 2Other Editions 1 Source Netgalley EARC Buy book from BN BOOK BLURB Welcome to Two Time Texas Where tempers burn hotLove runs deepAnd a single woman can change the course of history There s a new sheriff in town.Amanda Lockwood gets than she bargained for when she s elected Two Time Texas s first female sheriff Anxious to prove herself, she sets out to stop crime in its tracks taking down wanted man Rick Barrett in the process But there s something special about the charming outlaw Common sense says he must be guiltybut her heart keeps telling her otherwise.So what s a sheriff to do Gather an all female posse and ride to save the day.Things sure don t look good for Rick If he doesn t convince the pretty sheriff to let him go, he ll soon be pushing up daisies But his plan to woo her to his side backfires when he s the one who falls head over heels Now he must choose between freedom or saving the woman he lovesand the clock is ticking.Who knew A Match Made in Texas could be such sweet, clean, madcap fun Two Time TexasLeft at the Altar Book1 A Match Made in Texas Book2 How the West was Wed Book 3 My Thoughts In the 1800 s of Two Time Texas it was still very much a man s world Women were however finally starting to join together and implement changes that would allow them of the privileges the male population took for granted as their due Owning or running a business, voting, having a voice in town planning or making decisions that would affect females all over the state.Amanda Lockwood is one of those forward thinking women, she has from childhood fought for the right to stand on her own two feet when it comes to how her life should be lived This did not include marriage, children and a white picket fence Things that other women her age embraced fervently and with great pride.The fact that she won the bid for sheriff was as much a surprise to Amanda as it was to Mayor and Town Council of Two Time The execution of the job duties themselves were taxing than she expected as well However in true Amanda fashion she does not give up and in fact finds she has the backing of every woman in town, creating the first female posse to go along with the first female sheriff.Outlaw Rick Barrett is her first hurdle, saving him from a necktie party was only the first step in keeping the man alive Proving his innocence however is another matter altogether.Trouble seems to plague Miss Amanda Lockwood from an early age Trouble she mostly brings upon herself with her unladylike conduct and firm belief that females deserve than marriage, children and keeping house All reputable aspirations but not appealing for Amanda.At least she has not seen the appeal until lately.This was a different type of Western Romance and in a lot of ways it reminded me of one of my favorite James Garner movies Support Your Local Sheriff Not sure how to explain that other than saying like those movie characters the book characters have the ability to inspire the readers loyalty and root for them to prevail in their efforts to find justice EArc from Netgalley in exchange for honest review

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    I m loving the Two Time Texas series by Margaret Brownley The stories are fast paced and the characters are laugh out loud funny I was fascinated with Amanda in the first book and simply adore her in this one As a suffragist she s fair minded and not a shrinking violet When she runs for sheriff it s rather comical since women had no voting rights at all and she s the lone female running, so it s not like she has a chance of winning, right She s just as shocked as everyone in town when she finds out she s the new sheriff She needs a deputy, a posse and learning to shoot is a top priority, too Rick is her first and only prisoner so she has quite a bit of time to investigate his case She has a young, inexperienced deputy who quotes his old grandfather constantly, along with her all female posse to help What could possibly go wrong As it turns out, quite a lot. Amanda soon realizes the enormity of her situation especially as her fondness for Rick grows Rick was so easy to like He s brave, handsome and witty That s the whole package as far as I m concerned This is one that can be read as a stand alone, but I suggest you read them in order to fully appreciate the residents of Two Time Texas.I received a copy of this book from Netgalley and have given my honest opinion.

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    Note I received this book for free through Goodreads Giveaways Did Not Finish at 70%I want to start off by saying that this is a case of me personally not caring for the story but someone else could very well love it That being said, the main reason that I didn t care for this story was that the mental maturity level was fitting for an 8 10 year old instead of an adult Constantly the characters in the story would do something that I m sure was meant to be funny and yet it only came off as supremely annoying at best I was never able to connect with the characters for that reason Also, even though I got to 70% through the book I still didn t care about the outcome of the story and instead was only relieved to not have to spend time with the story Another aspect I had a problem with was the fact that nothing much had happened at 70% of the book and I was pretty bored as a result The final nail in the coffin of this book was that it claimed to be a romance but at the point I stopped reading there still hadn t been even a hint of romance between the main characters I hope this review will be helpful to someone else looking into whether or not they d like to spend time on this book.

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    In the 1880s, Two Time Texas had long known that Amanda Lockwood, a young suffragette, didn t mind doing the unexpected but never expected she would decide to run for sheriff and accidentally become the first woman sheriff The men are in an uproar because she won t resign and many of their wives join her as members of the Red Feather Posse The town will never be the same One of her first acts as sheriff is investigating a murder and she saves the suspect from a lynching mob Throw an attractive young, independent and unpredictable woman and a handsome, possibly innocent murder suspect together and you get an endearing, funny mystery western romance when they fall in love A Match Made in Texas is definitely an entertaining romance filled with laughs, some sighs, quirky characters and bizarre happenings I received a copy of the book from Goodreads.

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    Oh my, Margaret does it again Oh my goodness, I know better than to start a book of Margaret Brownley s in the evening Once you ve read the first word, she weaves you into the page turning web as only she can Every single book not only pulls you further into the story line, but also provides you with awesome historical facts Thank you Margaret

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    This is one of Margaret Brownley s best yet It has everything romance, history, mystery, humor, action, great characters, and heart A woman fights for women s rights, becomes the sheriff, then fights for the innocence of her prisoner I rate it at least a 6 out of 5

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    A tad disappointing in that it didn t QUITE measure up to LEFT AT THE ALTAR but again set in TWO TIME TX with spunky heroine and a great hero One of my fave time periods set in 1882 in a quaint town Brownley s humor is alive and well here Good romanceNeat premiseFUN READ

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    This was an interesting western story It s interesting how times have changed, thank goodness Women were so limited in what they should could do and what they could wear, etc There was some drama, wondering how poor Rick would turn out, their justice system left a lot to believe in.

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