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The QPB Companion to The Lord of the Rings pdf The QPB Companion to The Lord of the Rings, ebook The QPB Companion to The Lord of the Rings, epub The QPB Companion to The Lord of the Rings, doc The QPB Companion to The Lord of the Rings, e-pub The QPB Companion to The Lord of the Rings, The QPB Companion to The Lord of the Rings 27539127989 This Handy Volume Is Than Just A Footrest To The Snug Club Chair That Is THE LORD OF THE RINGS It Is A Friend Who Drops By To Share Choice Gossip About One Of Your Favorite Subjects The Storied Reality Behind The Classic Fantasy Curious Creator, The Sword Crossing Critics, The Deplorable Cultus Will Not Capative Tolkien Enthusiasts But Amuse Those Who Just Don T Get It The Book First Introduces Us To The Author, Whom The New York Times Described As The Tweedist And Most Persnickety Of Oxford Philologists A Man Who Said Of Himslef, I Am In Fact A Hobbit In All But Size We Then Hear From A Host Of Other Critics

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    First of all, it s hard to review a compilation some essays were good, some were okay, and some were bad, in my opinion One even made me wonder if the author had even read LOTR Overall, I m giving this two stars because the majority of the essays were not outstanding, though admittedly I am biased since I did not agree with said essays The one outstanding essay was the one by C.S Lewis which fully merits five stars He miraculously captured the entire essence of LOTR in just over three pages of gorgeous writing The Middle Earth themed recipes in the back were a fun touch.

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    A slim yet valuable addition to any reader s Tolkien s collection This book gathers the writers and critics who have come to some estimation of Tolkien s influence as a writer and cultural figure.If the reader would like to read my full review, they can follow the link to my site White Tower Musings below

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    2.5 stars Picked this up at a thrift store in town on a brief excursion to escape the post election doldrums Ironically, it has the kind of starry eyed giddiness to it that Tolkien is quoted in this book as having disliked about his fans, particularly the American ones It s a quick collection of essays about the trilogy s place in literary history, its public reception, and its creative legacy some were decent Asimov and Le Guin , some were superficial and or curmudgeonly, most weren t very illuminating except to give a very brief overview of the multitude of ways one can appreciate Tolkien s major works I was honestly hoping for something a little scholarly Delving into place names and inspirations from real mythology and stuff Instead you get seventy pages of people over the decades expressing their opinions about What It All Means, plus a few random Middle Earth themed word puzzles, some very book clubby sets of questions, and recipes that could have been pulled from anybody s grandmother s favorite cookbook But the collection of maps and magnified regions was really good I d say those, plus a few of the essays, make the book almost worth paying 2.64 for.

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    It is a pleasure to find a popular anthology of critical essays that are not all smiles It actually gives a balanced introduction to the critical issues surrounding The Lord of the Rings Few books, even the greats, have united positive feedback So the spectrum in this book is refreshing.It is odd though that it seems somewhat too balanced For a book that purports to be a Companion it is sometimes almost a detractor I guess that s ok, but it would have been nice to see some actual analysis, perhaps that s a bit too much to expect in a book with short essays However, the give and take between writers was fun, but out of character for a book that includes recipes and crosswords I recommend this book for anyone who wants a little taste of the book before a re read Just remember, all opinions are not created equal.

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    A rather breezy 2001 attempt to present a variety of critical reviews of several essays on The Lord of the Rings and Tolkien s influence on the second half of the 20th century This is worth reading for the full 1954 C.S Lewis review of the Fellowship of the Ring, the 1956 Edmund Wilson slam of a review of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and the 1974 Ursula LeGuin memorial essay to Tolkien and his works The brief Tom Shippey interview is all right, but you re much better off reading his book, J.R.R Tolkien The Author of the Century On the other hand, there is a mish mash of rather marginal articles, a list of discussion questions, Middle earth maps, a couple of crosswords, and some hobbitty recipes It s a mixed bag, and intended to be, but there are some prizes in the bag as well as some gag gifts.

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    This is a book of seemingly endless reviews of the LOTR Trilogy, good and bad At this point, I have only seen the movies so I knew what they were talking about One of the things that I came away with from this book is you either hate it or love it I am not one to believe critics anywaythere is a 90% chance that if the review is bad, I ll see the movie or read the book Critics tend to ignore 1 thingit will appeal to someone.I WILL try some of those tasty recipes at the end, though YUM

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    I honestly just enjoy anything to do with Tolkien anything that allows me to delve into his universe or mind Plus, Tolkien based acrostic crosswords Who could ask for

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    Not the whole book, just the Tolkien essays.

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