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    It s Very Helpful for homework on Ancient Greece And it gives all the facts.

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    I love reading books like these I ve always had a fondness for Greek Mythology and culture because of my family my sister studied it in high school and would tell me the stories she s learned from school then there were my parent who were fortunate enough experience the culture in real life having lived in Greece for a few years I know right I m so jealous Anyhow, this book was chock full of pictures of ancient artifacts and information about Greek society, customs and lore, it was like getting a history lesson without having to go to school or taking in a museum tour without leaving the comfort of your own home although, truthfully I would rather go to an actual museum and see the real things, but for the spend thrift reader, I guess, this was the next best thing Also, the language of this book was reader friendly, it does have some technical terms but not so complicated that it goes over ones head even a kid can appreciate this book because there s not a whole lot unusual words especially now a days with Percy Jackson and the Olympians type of films and young adult books out there being read by or to third graders, almost everyone should have some familiarity with most of the contents of this book It s a great book, a little light reading for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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    You just can t go wrong with the DK Eyewitness books They feature vivid photography and amazing illustrations Young readers will enjoy learning about Ancient Greece A great book to add to your youth non fiction collection.

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    I will never not praise an Eyewitness Book These things are fantastic resources, not simply because they provide overviews of topics, but because they allow readers to disappear entirely into whatever topic they are invested in I ve begun reading and about ancient Greece lately, and when I accidentally forgot to cancel a hold on this book at the library I decided to check it out It was the first time I ve read an Eyewitness book in years, and it actually took close to an hour to read as there was simply so much information to ingest and process.Anne Pearson provides a bountiful wealth of information and facts about Ancient Greece, and anyone interested in the subject should take the time to read this book.

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    good book

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    Reading Log 7English 6 1 Lina Ryadi Ancient Greece is an interesting historical book Edited by Michael Anderson This book mostly talks about how they lived, their origins, and what they did back then It was founded between 800 B.C and 500 B.C Did you know that the first Ancient Greek civilisations were formed nearly 4,000 years ago The Ancient Greek Empire spread from Greece through Europe and in 800 BC, the Greeks started to split their land into city states All of the city states had its own laws and rulers Also, The Greeks had fears about food, some wouldn t eat beans because they thought they contained the souls of the dead Also, The Greeks often ate dinner while lying on their sides The Ancient Greeks had lots of stories to help them learn about their world and culture, they had a lot of tales about their gods and monsters like Cerberus, a three headed dog that guarded the gates to the underworld, Medusa, a monster whose look could turn people to stone, and the Cyclops who had one eye in the middle of its forehead Also, did you know that events at the Greek s Olympics include long jump, wrestling, javelin, boxing, discus and chariot racing, and there were hardly any rules, and they had to be completely all naked The best part of the book Ancient Greece was The Achievements of the Ancient Greece I liked it because it told us about all the achievement and growth of Ancient Greece Well, did you know that Ancient Greece were the ones that discovered Literature, Poetry, Drama, Tragedy, Comedy, History, Philosophy, Art, Sculpture, Painting, Architecture, Mathematics, Theatre, the Olympics, The Hippocratic Oath, Geometry, the screw, the marathon, and science From the information of the book, the reader learns a lot about Ancient Greece and how they used to live thousands of years ago I also learned a lot of strange facts about them and the strangest one was the fact that they didn t eat beans because they thought that they contained the souls of the dead The most exciting episode in the book was when I read about The Achievements of the Ancient Greece because it had this list of all the things that they discovered Also, their achievement and their success However, the most disappointing moment in this book was when this book had ended because honestly, I really enjoyed the book It also inspired me to read historical informational books I would recommend this book to all the people who love history because this book showed a lot of fantastic facts about Ancient Greece and it was really interesting to read Also, I would recommend this book to all ages because it s an informational book and it was very fun to read.

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    A little repetitive in places, especially if you read the pull out poster first before the book, but with lots of difficult to remember Greek words, names and places, this isn t such a bad thing The photos are all very relevant and interesting I learned a fair bit, such as Pythagoras not eating beans because he believed people were reincarnated as seeds, and I m far older than the target audience, so I guess a school pupil would find lots of interest therein Immaculately proofread too I bought this book along with the Ancient Rome volume for 50p the pair, which is a sad indictment of modern children s phone obsessed era.

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    This DK eyewitness book is laid out nicely than many I have seen before The information, while not jumbled is still pretty sophisticated, so, even if it looks like a nice picture book for kids, it is still for older readers I enjoyed this one immensely, even though it glossed over some of the topics of Greek society that can get a little sticky The book also comes with a cd of clip art, which would be great if the kids reading this book were doing a school Powerpoint project For ages 11 15.

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    I felt this book did a great job at capturing what Greece has to offer I did not feel like I was reading a social studies book but I was just learning about Greece and with that the history of Greece and the traditions held I especially loved learning about the olympics and how they started There are so many great lessons that could be taught with that subject because all students have some understanding of what the olympics are so it could be easily related to them Overall I think this is a great book to use in the classroom.

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    I don t know why we didn t LOVE this book It was good I loved the primary source photographs instead of drawings of artifacts But for some reason we just weren t thrilled Was it because it was the hard Februaryish part of the year or the writing just wasn t as good or perhaps it was a bit beyond where we are at I don t know, all I can tell you is that we were THRILLED to read it or rediscover it and I would have been content to get it from the library and return Nonetheless, it is a solid resource and we will keep it in our home library.

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