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The Mermaids Carol (Last Chance Romance, #5) chapter 1 The Mermaids Carol (Last Chance Romance, #5) , meaning The Mermaids Carol (Last Chance Romance, #5) , genre The Mermaids Carol (Last Chance Romance, #5) , book cover The Mermaids Carol (Last Chance Romance, #5) , flies The Mermaids Carol (Last Chance Romance, #5) , The Mermaids Carol (Last Chance Romance, #5) 3dfd1ed826b27 Piper Hathaway Has Discovered That Her Husband Joel Is Thinking About Leaving Her And Their Two Preteen Children She Loves Her Husband And Doesn T Want To Lose Him What To Do Desperate To Reconnect With Her Husband, Piper Arranges A Christmas Vacation At The Last Chance Motel In Key Largo, Where It S Been Said Miracles Happen And Piper Prays For One, But Everything Seems To Be Turning Out Wrong The Children Get Into Trouble With The Law And Joel Is Rude And Distant Piper S Vacation And Her Plan Are In Shambles Piper Is Ready To Throw In The Towel And Ask Joel For A Divorce But Something Holds Her Back Perhaps It Is The Ethereal Singing Piper Hears In The Lagoon Each Day At Dawn Eva Hanover, The Motel S Owner, Says The Magical Singing Comes From A Siren Of The Sea Legend Has It That Whoever Catches The Mermaid Singing Will Have Something Wonderful Happen In Their Life Piper Doesn T Believe That Mermaids Exist, But She Is Still Drawn To The Water S Edge Each Morning In Hopes The Old Sea Tales About Mermaids Are True, Because She Does Need A Miracle And Piper Needs One In A Hurry

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    The father is a major jerk, the children, especially Trevor is out of control and love is on the rocks, so let s go on vacation and see how many other lives we can ruin I love when Hattie, his mother, shows up She is quite the character and a tad manipulative Can the Last Chance Motel work its magic Is that a mermaid I hear singing I loved this refreshing romance and definitely want to visit The Last Chance Motel again.See at fundinmental

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    I have read a few books by this author, and found them quite pleasant, but this Last Chance series seems to get and distressing as it moves forward In this last story the heroine is a complete doormat who tolerates terrible behavior and view spoiler her husband breaks up with his girlfriend and reluctantly returns to her due to family problems hide spoiler

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    Much betterNow this book was almost as good as the first and second A story of determination, love, patience, and forgiveness that I probably would not have shown myself A very good read with a tiny touch of magic at the end.

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